Minecraft Sniffer 1.20: All We Know (2023)

The mysterious Sniffer is surfacing back to the world soon. Here's everything we know!

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If you missed it, the Sniffer would enter Minecraft 1.20 since it won the 2022 Mob Vote during Minecraft Live. This ancient creature is said to dig up new seeds and bring new plants into Minecraft. The catch? They’re extinct.

To bring Sniffers back to Minecraft, you’ll need to find their eggs, nurture them, and wait for the dinosaur-like eggs to hatch.

While there isn’t much information about the Sniffer in Minecraft 1.20, here’s everything we know.

What Is A Sniffer in Minecraft 1.20?

From what we heard on Twitter, there’s no surprise that the Sniffer won the 2022 Mob Vote during Minecraft Live. With 55.1% of the 3.5 million plus entries, the mob had massive backing from the community and included a fascinating history.

An exciting mob that used to roam ancient Minecraft, players can bring the Sniffer species back to our world by finding their eggs and caring for them. Soon, Sniffers may roam the world again, sniffing our ancient seeds, which have been long lost.

Perhaps the reason why Sniffers are so popular is that they come with a new plant type.

A screenshot showing a large Sniffer alongside a baby Sniffer.
A baby Snifflet alongside a fully grown Sniffer. We can also see a new vine plant next to Tiny Agnes and Jeb.
Image Via Mojang

Minecraft Sniffer Release Date

At this point, all we know is that we’ll see the Sniffer in Minecraft 1.20. Unfortunately, we’re unsure when the update will be released due to Mojang’s new collaborative development process.

However, we can look at previous release dates for major updates to estimate when the final update will be released.

UpdateTitleDevelopment ReleaseOfficial Release
1.12World Of ColourFebruary 8, 2017June 7, 2017
1.13Update AquaticOctober 25, 2017July 18, 2018
1.14Village and PillageOctober 24, 2018April 23, 2019
1.15Buzzy BeesAugust 22, 2019December 10, 2019
1.16Nether UpdateFebruary 5, 2020June 23, 2020
1.17Caves and Cliffs (Part 1)November 4, 2020June 8, 2021
1.18Caves and Cliffs (Part 2)July 13, 2021November 30, 2021
1.19The Wild UpdateFebruary 17, 2022June 7, 2022
The above table outlines previous Minecraft update releases.

By looking at the table, it’s safe to say that we should see the Sniffer and Minecraft 1.20 around June 2023. First, however, you can play the Sniffer creatively in current snapshots.

A Sniffer in a mansion alongside Tiny Vu.
The Sniffer will be released in Minecraft 1.20
Image Via Mojang

Where to Find Sniffers in Minecraft 1.20?

Here’s what we know about finding Sniffers: the only way to get a Sniffer in Minecraft would be to hatch one.

A screenshot showing Tiny Jeb holding a red and green Sniffer Egg expected in Minecraft Sniffer 1.20
Tiny Jeb emerges with a huge Sniffer egg.
Image Via Mojang

In the Minecraft Mob Vote video, Tiny Jeb emerges from the depths holding a Sniffer egg. The Mob Vote announcement video teased that Sniffer eggs can be found in Ocean Ruins. So whip up a water-breathing potion and get diving. Watch out for Drowned – taking a Trident with you might be a good idea.

However, with new features like Archaeology being added to Minecraft, Mojang has announced that you can also find Sniffer eggs in suspicious sand.

Once you’ve found an egg, you’ll hatch them like turtles, and a baby Sniffer (a Snifflet) will crawl out. You must mind two small eggs and breed the animals to get more Sniffers. You’ll also need to watch out for the Snifflets, as they only have three hearts.

The next question is, how do players breed Sniffers? Let’s find out.

What Do Sniffers Eat?

Sniffers are herbivores, and since the Mojang team has emphasized that the Sniffer loves plants, we know that the Sniffer is likely to eat the seeds it digs up.

Since they’re ancient, and their food source may have disappeared from the Overworld, Sniffers eat Torchflower seeds, which they dig up themselves.

What Plants Do Sniffers Find?

Sniffers find ancient Torchplants
Sniffers find ancient Torchplants

Sniffers find a new plant added to the game called a Torchflower.

The Torchflower is a stunning flower with a green stem, purple leaves, and a bulb that looks like an open fire or torch flame. To grow this magnificent flower, you only need to place the Torchflower seed into farmland and wait for it to grow into a full-fledged plant.

Once grown, the Torchflower stands out among the other flowers already in the game, thanks to its unique appearance and vibrant colors. It’s the perfect addition to any Minecraft garden or landscape, adding a touch of warmth and beauty to your virtual world.

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