15 Minecraft Starter House Ideas

Andreas Ojala
Andreas Ojala
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You spawned in the world, gathered some wood, and made stone tools! Now it’s time to build a shelter for your first night. But what type of house should you construct? In this blog post, I’m going to give you 15 Minecraft Starter House Ideas.

Some of them you can build before dusk, while others might take a few days to build. Either way, you’ll have a starter house that you’ll be proud of. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

What Makes a Good Starter House?

Before revealing any of the house ideas to build in your first days, I want to tell you what makes something a great starter house. A good shelter for the early game is: 

  • Compact. While it would be impressive to build something huge like YouTubers do in Hermitcraft, it’s just not realistic. Your first house should be something you can do in just a few days the most.
  • Attainable Materials. Additionally to its size, the materials must be something you can get effortlessly. That means that superb building materials like quartz, moss, copper, and deepslate shouldn’t be included in the list. Instead, stone and wood are the materials to use.
  • All the necessary. To survive, you need all the bare essentials. These include a bed to sleep in, enough storage to store your loot, and a farm to keep your hunger bars full!

Important! Some of the ideas in this list will not be as beginner-friendly but could be built in a few days if you skip a few parts. For example, with the flower forest house, you can skip building the greenhouse.


Underground Base

starter house Minecraft - Underground Base
Screenshot by Random Steve Guy

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You don’t have to build your home on the ground! Instead, you could just make an underground base. This is designed by Executivetree, which is perfect for starters. It’s a compact base that uses attainable materials. 

It also includes a fantastic roof window, which makes this base look amazing both inside and out. And lastly, if it’s too small for you, then you can expand it later by building additional rooms! Overall, a fantastic build to start off with your survival world.


Underground Bunker

Minecraft Starter House Ideas - Underground Bunker
Screenshot by ItsMarloe

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Speaking of underground shelters, if you’re looking to build something more extensive and impressive, then an underground bunker is just for you. Like with the previous base, this bunker comes with a glass roof, telling you if it’s nighttime.

This build has everything you could need! You get all the basics like a farm, storage, and bed to more advanced features like blast furnaces and stone cutters.


Cave House

Minecraft Starter House Ideas - Cave House
Screenshot by Sv Gravity

Watch Tutorial

Almost everybody has once built a home inside of a mountain. But usually, they aren’t anything pleasing to look at. You usually just mined a room and added chests and crafting tables. 

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way! In this build tutorial, Sv Gravity will show you how to build one that isn’t just practical but also has a lovely design. He’ll show you how to make a beautiful entrance and decorate the inside to make it look impressive!


A Mountain House

starter house Minecraft - Mountain House
Screenshot by JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial

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Not a fan of the cave house? Why not make this jaw-dropping mountain house. It’s one of my favorite Minecraft starter house ideas on this list. The home has two huge incredible-looking circular windows with enough room inside to make it for all your needs!

This would make it a perfect shelter for the upcoming 1.18 mountains (For more information about 1.18, click here)! Plus, getting all materials is relatively easy.


Stylish & Compact House

starter house Minecraft - stylish & combat
Screenshot by csx42

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Now that we’ve shown you some excellent underground shelters let’s check out some simple Minecraft house ideas. Starting with our house list is a house that is both modern and tiny. It’s a 5×5 house that you can finish before sundown. Even though it’s so little, it still has everything a starter house needs, like the bed, crafting table, chests, and a furnace.

Plus, if the house gets too confined, you can expand your build any time by copying the design.

P.S Your house looks as good as its surroundings! Click here to learn how to decorate your garden.


Modern House

Minecraft Starter House Ideas - Modern House
Screenshot by Ayvocado

Watch Tutorial

But what if you’re looking for something bigger and even more modern? Then this is one of the best Minecraft starter house ideas for you! This house has everything you would want from a starter home! These include multiple farms, chests, a crafting table, a bed!

Plus, you won’t have to make any white concrete, making it even more starter-friendly!


Desert House

Minecraft Starter House Ideas - Desert House
Screenshot by Dio Rods

Watch Tutorial

But what if you spawned near a desert with very few trees? Then you could build this amazing-looking desert house! This build primarily uses sandstone and granite instead of wood, which makes it look that amazing! 

And again, it has everything you need. In the tutorial’s decorating section, the YouTuber filled the house with lots of chests, a bed, furnace, crafting table, and even an anvil.


Winter Cottage

Minecraft Starter House Ideas - Winter Cottage

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If you spawned in a colder climate, then building this small cottage might just be for you! It has all the bare essentials a beginning player needs for his first few days of Minecraft. While it might be small, the builder was able to make it into one of the best Minecraft Starter House designs. You still have a bed to sleep in, furnaces, and storage. And it even has room for an anvil! 

So you will be well protected from the freezing weather in this warm and cozy cottage.


Jungle Treehouse

Simple Minecraft Starter House Ideas - Jungle Treehouse
Screenshot by Mr Mirror

Watch Tutorial

Spawning in the Jungle is great. You can get a feathery friend, farm melons, and if you’re lucky, get some valuable loot in the jungle temple. But with so many giant trees around the place, it’s not the best place to build houses. So why not instead climb on top of a tree and make an awesome treehouse?

This treehouse has everything you need and looks quite cool. Plus, you’ll get a bird’s eye view of your beautiful Minecraft world. So if you’re looking to make a treehouse village, then this design should be for you.


Viking House

Minecraft Starter House Designs - Viking House
Screenshot by AegonCraft GamePlay

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Do you enjoy the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla or the Vikings show? Then why not build a Viking house as your first house. You’ll have that unique “low” grass roof that you can decorate with flowers or berry bushes! This house also has everything you need for a starting player!

Important! This build includes one mid-game item called a brewing stand! If you can’t find one in a village, then just skip this part until you have it.


Medieval House

Minecraft Starter House Designs - Medieval House
Screenshot by FullySpaced

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Do you like the medieval theme but just not Vikings? No problem, I’ve got you covered! This medieval-styled house is impressive, thanks to the amount of detail you get. But you’re going to have to get a variety of blocks. These include birch wood, oak wood, spruce wood, and diorite. So be ready to find lots of materials.

The house has two floors, which gives you enough room for everything, including storage, bed, crafting table, furnaces, and much more. 

P.S If you want some ideas for decorating your home, you can check this article out!


Japanese House

Minecraft Starter House Designs - Japanese House
Screenshot by Ayvocado

Watch Tutorial

Not interested in medieval-styled or modern houses? Then why not build something iconic from the east.

This Japanese house is inspired by the historical and iconic temples situated in Japan. The house has everything you need, including storage, bed, furnaces, crafting tables, and more. Plus, you can live there like a samurai!

P.S Want a bigger Japanese temple? Check out this blog post to build one or another temple.


Farm House

Minecraft Starter House Ideas - Farm House
Screenshot by SheepGG

Watch Tutorial

Maybe you’re just looking to build a lovely farmhouse to spend the night? Then this build might just be for you. While this isn’t the most beginner-friendly house on this list, it is pretty impressive once you complete it.

You’ll have quite a huge house with everything essential inside, two balconies and a massive farm under it. And if that wasn’t awesome enough, then it also has a small pond for you to fish in! What else could you want from a starter house? Just remember that it will take multiple nights before it’s complete!


Flower Forest House

Simple Minecraft house ideas - flower forest house
Screenshot by Dio Rods

Watch Tutorial

Still haven’t found something you like? Why not build this flower forest house? Just like with the farmhouse, this house might take a bit of time, but you’ll get a cool-looking place to stay. Not only will you get all the necessary things, but you’ll also have a greenhouse where you can harvest your wheat without having to go outside during the night!


Simple Starter House

Minecraft Starter House Ideas - Simple Starter House
Screenshot by Sv Gravity

Watch Tutorial

Don’t like any of the starter house ideas? Then this might be for you! The design is simple and isn’t as beautiful as the other ones, but in return, it has everything you need, and it’s easy to get all the necessary materials. It even has a wheat farm under it with a room for extra storage. 

Overall, this house is nothing special, but it has all the things you want! The only thing missing piece is a nether portal!


And these are the 15 Minecraft starter house ideas you could stay in once you begin your survival world. So, what type of house will you build in your next world? Comment down below; I’d love to hear from you. For example, I just recently started a new survival world and built the Viking house!

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