15 Minecraft Temple Ideas You Must Try

Paulina Rodriguez
Paulina Rodriguez
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Few things in life are as satisfying as placing the last block of your Minecraft building and admiring your hard work and effort. Especially when playing in Survival mode, you always need to be on the lookout for hostile mobs and environmental danger as you start planning your latest creation. If you’ve run out of ideas, why not build a temple? We explored the internet and came up with 15 Minecraft temple ideas to test in your game. Note that some of these showcased ideas can be a bit more difficult to achieve in a Survival world if you still haven’t visited the Nether. From Greek pantheons to Aztec pyramids, we probably have the perfect choice for you! 


Japanese Temple

Best Minecraft Japanese Temple Idea
Screenshot by DiddiHD

Watch Tutorial

The charm and distinct look of traditional Asian constructions can also make an appearance in your game. This tutorial by DiddiHD will guide you every step of the way into creating an exuberant Minecraft Japanese temple with steep stone stairs and using Oak planks as the primary building block. You must choose an area that’s at least 17 x 17 blocks to lay the foundations properly. What’s so interesting about this video tutorial is that it features a simple yet nifty Redstone contraption for your enchanting table– but you can decorate the interior with any furniture idea you prefer. Note that the author has published the second part of their video, breaking down the first and second-floor tutorial.


Greek Temple

Minecraft Greek Temple Idea for Minecraft 1.17
Screenshot by Lytezcraft

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Lytezcraft has come up with a rendition of a colossal Minecraft greek temple, where you’ll need to allocate 31 x 43 blocks to fit into your game. The outer structure will require more than 2,000 Quartz blocks and more than a thousand Red Nether slabs, just to give you some perception of the number of resources necessary. You may want to place this gigantic construction on top of a hill to make it stand out even more as you continue terraforming the land and adding more structures. We love the combination of blue fire from the Soul Sand and the smooth whiteness that characterize this construction style!


Desert Temple

Desert Temple Idea for Minecraft 1.17 with Nether Portal
Screenshot by A1MOSTADDICTED

Watch Tutorial

Do you want to try a new approach to your building projects? A1MOSTADDICTED took the vanilla Minecraft desert temple naturally generated with every world and reimagined it into a more complex building and adding some extra blocks to add variety into it. Gather some Sandstone, Acacia Wood and Orange Terracota to follow along as they include water sources, gardens, and a top floor where you can create a Nether portal, place some crafting stations, or decorate with a Beacon for a more spectacular finish. We cannot help but note that using Campfires to create a smoke effect is a popular choice among content creators and players alike due to how much it adds to the scenery. Write that down, Mojang!


Underwater Ancient Temple

Minecraft Underwater Temple Survival Base Idea
Screenshot by Spudetti

Watch Tutorial

Even though Ocean Monuments naturally spawn underwater, most players prefer repurposing them for farming purposes. It’s understandable– after all, with all those Elder Guardians roaming around, setting a permanent base seems a crazy endeavor. We have already featured this building idea by Spudetti in our 15 Best Minecraft Underwater Base Ideas list precisely because it’s such a great concept to add to your game. Building your sea temple in Minecraft may require additional efforts due to obvious underwater constraints, but believe us when we say that it’s 100% worth it!

Note: If you plan to do this project in Survival mode, you have several ways to avoid drowning. You can wear a helm with a Respiration enchantment, use a Water Breathing potion, create an air bubble underwater, or strategize the number of bubbles your character has left to return to the surface. Good luck!


Simple Japanese Temple

Simple Japanese Temple Build Idea Minecraft
Screenshot by SEVEN

Watch Tutorial

Maybe you don’t have much time to build your Minecraft temple, and that’s okay. Sometimes, there’s no need to go overkill with rare resources to come up with a beautiful building. We have a simple rendition of a Japanese-styled temple by SEVEN, where you mostly need Stone and Oak logs to emulate their idea. It requires less space for its foundation in contrast to other more extravagant renditions, so it’s an excellent choice for your Survival world, even if you’re still at the early stages of the game. And who knows?– maybe you can reconstruct a village and use it as a central piece!


Simple Greek Temple

Simple Minecraft Greek Temple Building Idea Survival Base
Screenshot by Goldrobin

Watch Tutorial

Perhaps you loved the idea of building a Minecraft greek temple in your world, but you don’t want to spend so much time placing each block. The good news is that you can rely on the following tutorial by Goldrobin to create one in more manageable dimensions. Even if you still need to gather Quartz and Blackstone from the Nether before starting, you will only need a few stacks to complete it, and the result is just gorgeous. The base contemplates two floors and includes an enchanting room, a bedroom, and storage areas for all your items. Of course, you can always decorate the interior as you see more fitting to your game, but Goldrobin’s suggestion works wonderfully in any Survival world.


Castle Temple

Castle Temple Minecraft Building Idea
Screenshot by Greg Build

Watch Tutorial

Greg Builds has come up with a refreshing take on this topic because their temple’s interior includes a maze to deter intruders, which you can make as complex or simple as you desire. The castle temple requires a 43 x 43 blocks area to place its foundations, and note that it will reach 22 blocks high once you finish the project. You can stash away your diamonds and other valuable objects into a storage room located in one of the pyramid’s corners and hope that intruders will get frustrated as they try to traverse the maze!

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2 Player Jungle Temple

Minecraft Multiplayer Jungle Temple Base Idea
Screenshot by daxar123_builds

Watch Tutorial

You started a brand new world with your friend, and you want to share a single base for your Survival adventures? Let’s assume you have some time to spare gathering the necessary resources and dividing the project into smaller tasks because the following Minecraft temple idea will require a lot of collaboration and patience. In that case, you should watch daxar123_builds’ tutorial to build your stone jungle temple with enough space to allocate two players at once. The interior includes every Survival essential, including storage, crafting stations, enchanting table, and a Nether portal. You and your friend will have plenty of fun gathering all the resources and planning your new base! 

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Simple Desert Temple

Simple Minecraft Desert Temple Building Idea Survival
Screenshot by Arqui Blends

Watch Tutorial

Setting camp in the desert is always a challenging experience because Husks don’t burn when the sun rises, and overall you’re at high risk of dying if you traverse through that biome unprepared. Still, if you’re up for the challenge, Arqui Blend presents us with a functional Minecraft desert temple home featuring six rooms to place all your Survival essentials. The central roof works as a practical way to see the day and night cycles, and we commend the original floor design with underground chambers and glass tiles. There’s enough space to store your items and maybe even plan a library to maximize your enchantments. 

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Aztec Temple

Minecraft Aztec Jungle Temple Idea
Screenshot by Crafting Bench

Watch Tutorial

The mighty Aztecs are known for their complex society and magnific edifications. You, too, can take inspiration from this ancient culture to place your Beacon and hide it as a jungle temple in Minecraft. Brought to us by Crafting Bench, you will need to clear out a 15 x 15 block area to set the Beacon underground. Now you can mine your way through layers of stone for your following projects! Use leaves and vines to add natural details, and don’t forget to place some Lanterns inside to avoid unwanted mobs spawning while you’re nearby. It is also one of those straightforward Minecraft temple ideas that hold great potential for customization depending on what you need in your world.


Nether Japanese Temple

Nether Minecraft Japanese Temple Best Building Idea
Screenshot by KennyZope

Watch Tutorial

Building in the Nether can be a dangerous and challenging project for beginners and veteran players alike. However, if you have enough skill (or Fire Resistance potions) to avoid burning in lava as you gather resources, maybe you’d like to build KennyZope’s rendition of a Japanese temple. This Minecraft temple takes full advantage of the blocks added in the 1.16 Nether update, with resources mostly taken from the Warped Forests to create a majestic structure. It may not be fireproof, but you should mind clearing the area before setting the 19 x 17 block area foundation. No matter what resource packs or shaders you use to customize your game, we can assure you’ll be more than satisfied with the result. Not many building ideas incorporate Soul Lanterns as a primary light source, so we commend KennyZope for that!


Modern Water Temple

Modern Minecraft Water Temple Idea Survival Base
Screenshot by Julious

Watch Tutorial

What if you want to build a water temple without having to actually place it in a body of water? We know that’s a specific scenario, but hear us out– The following video tutorial by Julious shows a more modern approach to a Minecraft water temple base, relying on Quartz blocks for the outer structure and a beautiful waterfall from the sides. Inside, you can easily accommodate all your Survival essentials, and you will only need to set a 19 x 19 block area to start. The outer decoration is minimalist to avoid drawing attention away from the waterfalls, and the interior looks vibrating and colorful. Maybe adding a plastic resource pack and installing Optifine will make it look even better!


Ender Temple

Best Minecraft Ender Temple Building Idea
Screenshot by TSMC

Watch Tutorial

Not many players dare to embark into the End without some solid gear to defeat the Ender Dragon. However, if you’ve already found the End Portal and you feel like remodeling for theatrical effects, maybe this video tutorial by TSMC can inspire you to create a cool-looking temple base. It’s a quick and pleasant construction to add into your Minecraft world since it doesn’t require an insane amount of blocks to complete. Since this was published before Minecraft 1.17 came out, you can replace the Wool with Terracota if you want– the Eye is a crucial element in this Minecraft temple idea, and you should make it look good!


Mayan Temple

Jungle Mayan Temple Minecraft Building Idea for 1.17
Screenshot by Minecraft Ninja

Watch Tutorial

The Mayas are another Mesoamerican culture whose long-lasting architecture is exceptionally iconic, and their pyramids could be one of those Minecraft temple ideas that will catch your attention. Minecraft Ninja has this video tutorial where you only need blocks found in the Overworld to build a survival base. The structure fits perfectly within any biome and will include everything you might need as you continue exploring and gathering resources. The surrounding plantations in the middle part will help you keep well stacked with wheat or any other crop of your liking, and the author includes a nice tutorial for the Redstone system needed for the Beacon’s changing colors.


Quartz Temple

Quartz Temple Construction Minecraft Building Idea
Screenshot by Allesa_De

Watch Tutorial

Quartz is a beautiful block to use in any building, and we can find many examples on this list where you’ll need plenty of stacks available. Now, Allesa_De has come up with an excellent design to decorate your Nether Portal using this material, with some Oak Leaves and Lanterns to evoke a mysterious, ancient vibe. Imagine traversing through a forest biome and stumbling upon this temple– wouldn’t you feel tempted to go in?

We always love showcasing building ideas to inspire Minecraft players whenever they’re looking for new projects. Did you build any of these temples in your world? Are there any other Minecraft temple ideas we didn’t include in our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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