10 Best Minecraft Underground Base Ideas

Dig Deep Survivor!

Ryan Day
Ryan Day
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Looking for a safe and smart hideout in Minecraft? Going underground is your best bet!

With an underground Minecraft base, you can easily access caves without stepping outside. Besides, you can store resources and farm ores without messing up the world above. 

In this article, we’re going to give you some of the best Minecraft underground base ideas to implement in your stronghold.


Modular Secret Base

modular base view from the entrance
Modular Secret View Upon Entrance

This secret modular underground base by disruptive builds is nothing but exceptional. From the way you enter the bunker to what you’ll find inside, anyone who visits you will surely be stunned by what they will see. 

This house features a secret door design that uses pistons and Redstone to push and pull stone blocks that hide the entire bunker. 

Inside, you’ll find a massive indoor farm and two-story modular sections that can be used as bedrooms, libraries, storage spaces, and more. 

This secret bunker also features a mine entrance with carts and rails that you can extend once you start mining. 


Underground Survival Base

Minecraft Underground Survival Base
Underground Survival Base Elevator Area

If you’re a fan of secrecy, then this underground survival base by Lomby will surely catch your attention. 

To conceal the bunker, Lomby demonstrated a clever way to use pistons and redstone to make an automated secret door. 

Besides an automated door, this survival base also features an automated wool and chicken farm, an organized storage area, a lava fuel farm, and loads of other stuff. 

What separates this build is the elevator that takes you in and out of the bunker. 


Barrel House

Barrel House
Barrel House Outside View

What I liked about this underground base is that it doesn’t look dull from the surface. With that said, the living space isn’t a slouch either. 

The bunker goes down five blocks, giving you plenty of room to stack chests, furnaces, and other stuff. It’s also set up on a 9×9 grid, so there’s loads of space to put things and move around easily.

If you’re concerned about security, I’d suggest adding extra barriers to the stairs leading to the entrance or narrowing the stairs. 


Radial Cozy Den

Best Minecraft Underground Base
Radial Cozy Den Interior

SheepGG’s underground base breaks the mold with a circular design, adding a unique touch to the usual norm.

From the outside, you’ll clearly see the bunker’s circular shape highlighted by the smooth stones surrounding the glass roof. In the middle, you’ll find a bridge with two separate stairs that leads to the entrance. 

Inside, you’ll be welcomed by a roomy cabin with a huge world map at the center with a hidden beacon.

Now, no need to stress about exploring too far from home. The beacon shoots a bright light through the glass roof and into the sky, making it easy to spot your place from a distance.


Plain Bunker

Best Minecraft Underground Base
Plain Bunker Interior

From the surface, this bunker by RedFlyer looks like any other underground base. However, don’t let what you see on the surface fool you. 

When you go inside, you’ll be amazed at how spacious this underground house is. 

This bunker features a decently sized library with a working enchanting table, a crafting area, a brewing area, and a functioning nether portal. 

With all the amenities in place, you still have plenty of room at the center to put anything you can think of. 

Using concrete or quartz for the floors, walls, and ceiling can add a modern vibe to this design. 


Cozy Underground House

Cozy Underground House
Cozy Underground House Outside View

There’s nothing more cozier than this underground house designed by Blockical

The house features seven sections with different amenities, ranging from a library to a mini farm and stable. The glass roof provides ample natural light, reminding you of the beautiful outdoors, while keeping you safe and protected from hostile mobs. 

However, what gets me the most is the functional nether portal inside the house!

If you’re going with this design, I recommend making a peephole area, so you have a way to check the surface for threats. 


Double Diamond

Double Diamond House
Double Diamond House Outside View

If you want an aesthetically pleasing bunker, check out this underground house design from LastPainTY

The bunker looks like two stacked diamonds and has plenty of space for all your needs. 

Like many underground houses, this one features a glass roof, giving you lots of natural lighting. 

For some changes, I would suggest placing glass or wooden stairs on one of the walls to make it easier for you to get in and out of the bunker. 

You can also put a higher barrier around the glass roof for protection. 


Underwater Base

Best Minecraft Underground Base
Underwater Base Outside View

If you love island living, check out this underwater base by Lomby

Besides being underwater, there are many things to like about this build. 

It has a secret entrance, an automated food farm, a storage system, a super smelter, an armor equipper, an enchanting area, and an incredibly cozy bedroom. 

But what caught my attention is the nether portal inside the house that can be turned on and off. 

This base has everything you’ll need to survive and it’s underwater. 

The only downside about this design is that it can be challenging to build in survival mode. 


Underground Cabin

Underground Cabin
Underground Cabin Interior

Here’s a huge underground Minecraft base that will keep you safe in case of nuke attacks or asteroids. 

The house sits on the foot of a mountain cliff and extends further down. Unlike other bases mentioned here, this survival bunker features a welcoming entrance accessible to anyone. 

It features a massive storage area, an enchanting room, a brewing area, a bamboo farm, and a nether portal. 

As a suggestion, try adding some natural lighting to the bunker for a cozier ambiance.


Super Secret Base

Best Minecraft Underground Base
Super Secret Base Interior

Here’s a super secret Minecraft base with lots of built-in features. From the outside, the only thing you’ll see is a single torch that activates a secret door that takes you to the main entrance. 

Inside, you’ll find a normal bedroom with a bed and some furniture. However, there are hidden paths that take you to different sections of the house, like the farm, library, armor room, and more!

What’s great about this house is that it uses a lot of technology like automated doors and auto farming. There’s also a secret emergency exit to leave the house quickly. 

Since there’s nothing to see outside the house, I recommend adding a beacon or a marker near the secret door. 


Having an underground base in Minecraft ensures a secure haven for your adventures. The base ideas mentioned above offer a variety of styles to suit different preferences, from modular layouts to cozy cabins with hidden entrances. 

Whether you prefer the simplicity of a plain bunker or the uniqueness of an underwater den, these bases provide practical solutions for storage, farming, and most importantly survival. 

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