15 Best Minecraft Underwater Base Ideas

Discover the Depths: Unveiling Top 15 Minecraft Underwater Bases

Paulina Rodriguez
Paulina Rodriguez
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Welcome to the aquatic wonders of Minecraft! In this article, we’re exploring 15 of the most innovative Minecraft underwater base ideas. From serene coral sanctuaries to formidable deep-sea fortresses, these designs showcase the thrilling possibilities of underwater construction.

Whether you’re a building novice or a seasoned architect, these ideas are sure to spark your creativity and challenge your skills. So, take a deep breath and dive into a world of submerged beauty and adventure!


Double-Pod Underwater

This construction idea has already made a special appearance in our list of the ten best Minecraft base ideas for a good reason! If you have some spare Glass (let’s say about +600 blocks), then you’ll be all set to start this beautiful Minecraft underwater house created by SheepGG. The best spot to build this base would be at a coral reef biome located in any ocean to add those aquatic details on the outside. You can decide whatever depth you want to place the construction, as long as you place a high enough ladder to reach the surface. If you wish to know the approximate size of this Minecraft underwater base, expect to allocate about 19 x 25 x 8 blocks in width, length, and height, respectively. We fell in love with the fish placed at the chests as decoration!

Did you know that you can use Bone Meal underwater? This tutorial relies on this mechanic to decorate the top of the pods with seaweed. Pretty cool!


Modern Underground House

Zaypixel always amazes us with their incredible building ideas, and this time they came up with a nice twist to the underwater base formula– the entire thing is also underground! You will need to dig 16 blocks down in any body of water of your liking as you follow along with the tutorial, featuring several floors decorated with dark oak and concrete and even a tiny Nether portal so that you can hop in and out as you please.

Our favorite building hack featured in this tutorial must be using Sea Lanterns behind the paintings to add extra light, followed closely by the water elevator with Soul Sand and a Magma block to get in and out of your home. Don’t forget to decorate the surroundings with any aquatic items taken out of the coral reef biome or improvise with some seaweed to enhance the underwater atmosphere. 


Underwater Mountain House

The following tutorial is another tremendous underwater house for Minecraft brought to us by Zaypixel, this time placed against a mountain underwater. Mine your way through the stone to create a cozy home featuring a beautiful glass wall facing the water. Instead of having underwater access, you can dig your way through the mountain to make an entrance to your base, entirely depending on its location.

Again, gray concrete and dark oak are the primary materials used to cover the walls and floors. However, there are always beautiful floor design ideas available if you want to customize them to your liking. Zaypixel went ahead with a minimalistic approach to this underwater base, but you can always add some storage mods to your game if you don’t want to modify the original concept and make the best out of the small space available. 


Secret Underwater Base

The following base idea is the perfect solution for creating a beautiful secret base hidden inside a body of water. Brought to us by Kiyoshi, you will need to find a 16 x 16 flat area underwater to start digging and building with terracotta, wood, and concrete. We love this concept are the Sea Lantern rings placed on both extremes and how all the essentials needed for any Survival experience are organized around the base. There’s even enough room to set up an enchanting table with enough bookcases to obtain the most potent enchantments available.

To top it off, you also get a breathtaking open glass ceiling to admire the aquatic creatures swimming by and always know how much sunlight is left outside. Of course, you can always customize this hideout to your liking with other wall design ideas if you want to steer away from the grey Concrete.


Modern Ocean Base

Do you want your Minecraft underwater house in the middle of the ocean? Say no more! Random Steve Guy has created a fantastic tutorial showcasing a beautiful modern-looking place that you can only access after traveling long distances into your preferred location. The top features a blissful sunbathing area with a pool, and underwater, you’ll have several floors with creative furniture ideas to add life to your base. Note that you will need a lot of smooth quartz and glass to build the outer area. Hopefully, you already have easy access to the Nether to collect all the necessary resources. We love how the stairs are made with slabs instead of relying on the regular ladders or wooden blocks!

Fun fact: did you know that you can get a water bucket from drying up the Sponges at the furnace? Just place the empty bucket at the fuel slot while the arrow is filling and you will get the dried Sponge and your water bucket!


Underwater Seabase 

Watch Tutorial

Goldrobin presents us with a remarkable underwater base that reminds us a lot of Subnautica’s structures. It features a base pillar on the bottom of the ocean and a 360° view underneath the water. We all know that using a ton of glass blocks for your underwater hideout is a must-have! We always appreciate finding Minecraft underwater base ideas incorporating the new wooden blocks available at the Nether biomes (all thanks to the 1.16 update), especially if the color palette perfectly fits the scenario. This structure is the living proof there’s no need to go big to create a unique residence for yourself.

Pro tip: If you don’t have Sponges to empty the water inside the structure, another option available is to build the outer frame, seal it completely and start filling the inside with sand or gravel. Several YouTube content creators have used this method in their Survival worlds to drain Ocean Monuments!


Simple Starter Underwater Base

You’ve started a brand new world, and you don’t have many resources available to create the hideout of your dreams. But don’t worry! We present you a starter underwater base by Folli, who went the extra mile by recording themselves building the entire structure in Survival mode and without any aid to breathe underwater. As shown in the video, you just need to allocate a 10×10 area for the cube and follow the instructions. 

Featuring an incredible amount of Spruce Trapdoors, it includes all the Survival basics. You can place crafting stations, furnaces, and an enchanting table located on the lowest floor. To access the interior, just go down the ladders from the surface platform, and you’re set! This base will likely get too cramped as you progress in your game, but it marks all the boxes in our essentials as the ideal starting base.


Underwater Cube Base

Watch Tutorial

While some players like to take their constructions to the next level, sometimes it’s good to go back to basics. The following underwater base for Minecraft is brought to us by JUNS MAB, with a 12 x 12 x 6 cube crafted with Spruce planks and glass. The bridge entrance is made out of extinguished Campfires– We always appreciate creators showcasing their creativity with these smalls details!

There’s no need to go use a wide variety of resources to create a stunning base concealed from other players’ eyes, and the video tutorial is so easy to follow, you only need to worry about gathering enough resources to start building at once! The inner setup takes full advantage of the cramped space available, including an enchanting table and a lovely kitchen.


Ultimate Underwater House

Watch Tutorial

Once you’re at the late-game stage, it’s time to upgrade your constructions and find more significant projects to work on… And we have the perfect suggestion for you! The following tutorial is a majestic construction project by IrieGenie, featuring a fantastic double-pod house that includes a bedroom, dining room, brewing area, living room, smelting room, storage, farm, kitchen, enchanting room, and bathroom. Phew! 

With such a gigantic task ahead, this particular project will take some time to complete, considering that you will need +2,000 blocks of Smooth Quartz alone and a 35 x 35 area to start placing everything together. However, no one can deny the insane results and how well-organized each room looks. With this Minecraft underwater base, you get some bragging points in front of your friends!


Modern River Base

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Some of us don’t feel comfortable building in the ocean biome. After all, it’s far more likely to get attacked by a Drowned and get killed by a Trident shot! For someone who still wants to remain relatively close to the land, we have a modern river base building created by Minecraft Today that you can easily emulate in your world. There’s something about modern architecture that inspires many creators for their underwater bases in Minecraft, and this base covers everything you may need during your Survival experience. It even includes a central spot for an End Crystal, which looks super cool from the outside. Perhaps you want to replace it with a Beacon to mark your home from a distance? The choice is yours!

Bonus: If you want to expand your world beyond underwater bases, check out our ultimate list with 50 Minecraft building ideas!


Submerged Crater Base

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As we’ve mentioned before, there’s no need to go deep into the ocean to build a great underwater base in Minecraft. It’s even a viable option for more shallow waters with as little as a couple of blocks of water, like this base idea created by Archelaus. They decided to go with a submerged crater design, where you’ll get an insane view from the sky as the sun goes down and start shinning in the skies. We cannot help but love any base idea that puts the new light sources into good use, and the Lanterns are easily one of the most popular additions to any construction– the submerged lamp posts look stunning! If you decide to set your base in the Swamp area, you should go with this base idea.


Underwater Mountain House

Watch Tutorial

Some of the best base ideas out there don’t necessarily require you to submerge the entire building fully, and you can have the best of both worlds. Random Steve Guy makes yet another appearance on our list thanks to this beautiful construction using yellow Terracotta for the interior walls and a spacious layout for all your Survival needs. Your bedroom will have a direct view of all the fish and mobs passing by the river with a black Stained Glass window, and you can customize the idea as you see fit. 


Underwater Piston House

Watch Tutorial

By now, if you’re already deep into the rabbit hole of Minecraft building ideas, the following name must sound familiar. Mumbo Jumbo is a well-known YouTube content creator who is always creating the craziest Redstone contraptions and flexing his immense knowledge of the game’s mechanics to come up with ingenious systems. This time, he decided to self-impose a challenge: how much can you build inside an underwater piston house in an hour? Even if you’re not a Redstone expert, following what Mumbo does in this video to the letter will still yield an outstanding result in your game.

Side note: Learn how to allocate more RAM to your Minecraft server to continue building great bases and structures with your friends!


Ruined Ancient Pyramid

Watch Tutorial

Minecraft is filled with generated structures containing interesting loot at different biomes. With Ocean Monuments, Jungle Temples, Desert Pyramids, and much more available, why not take some inspiration from these abandoned places for your underwater base? Spudetti brings us a creative rendition of a ruined ancient pyramid, using almost a thousand Smooth Sandstone blocks as the primary resource for the outer frame. With some Sea Lanterns and basic aquatic decoration, your base will seamlessly blend with the environment. Your home will always look incredible with a cute texture pack, some shaders, and Optifine to top it all off!


Underwater Glass Dome

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If you want to have a full view at the bottom of the sea, why not go with a glass dome to not miss any detail? The last Minecraft underwater base idea in our list comes yet again from Random Steve Guy, and it’s super easy to craft. As always, the biggest challenge would be not drowning as you build the glass rings to close off the dome.  A good complementary idea is to find a Shipwreck nearby to blend it with the wooden interior seamlessly.


And that’s a wrap-up! As a final note, while most of these underwater base ideas require Sponges to empty water pockets inside the structures, you can always rely on your Bucket to slowly get rid of water. If you’re building in a shallow area, another great option is to surround your working area with sand or gravel. That way, you create a temporary bubble of air and work without worries. After you’re done, just break the blocks and let the water cover your base again!

Which idea was your favorite? Do you have your own suggestions on the best underwater homes? Let us know below in the comments. We will surely be quite busy trying to recreate all of these ideas in our games!

Don’t forget to check out more Minecraft articles if you’re looking for more recommendations and ideas for your world. 

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