10 Best Minecraft Xbox Seeds (2024)

Explore New Horizons: Unveiling the Top 10 Minecraft Xbox Seeds

Ryan Day
Ryan Day
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With unlimited world seeds to explore, it can be hard to pick one for your next adventure. 

To help out, we have selected some of the best Minecraft Xbox seeds that offer unique experiences, breathtaking landscapes, and loads of treasures. 


Biomes Overload

Biomes Overload
Biomes Overload Seed Screenshot

Seed: -5148958870720495301
Screenshot Coordinates: X: 840 Z: -152

Let’s start our list with a seed that offers you a generous amount of biomes to work with. This spawns you in an eroded badlands that is surrounded by desert, savanna, stony peaks, forest, and a massive mangrove swamp northwest. 

This seed also offers dozens of features to help you get started like desert temples, desert villages, a pillager outpost, and ancient cities. 

But what sold me this seed is the world generation at coordinates: X: 840 Z: -152. 


  • Desert Village (X: -824 Z: -840)
  • Desert Temple (X: -200 Z: -456)
  • Ancient City (X: 488 Y: -51 Z: -296 / X: 488 Y: -51 Z: -632)
Biomes Overload Seed Map
Biomes Overload Seed Map


The Line

The Line
The Line Seed Screenshot

Seed: 6942694259176815774
Screenshot Coordinates: X: 1000 Z: -1000

This seed spawns you on a decent island with plains and forest biomes. This offers you a great starting point to gather resources. For an additional boost, there are four buried treasures on the island waiting for you to discover. 

However, the main attraction of this seed is the island found at X: 1000 Z: -1000. 

What makes this island unique is that it is a mushroom field and it’s shaped like an almost perfect straight line. 


  • Ocean Monument (X: 792 Z: -824)
  • Taiga Village (X: -328 Z: -520)
  • Pillager Outpost (X: -936 Z: -904)
  • Trail Ruins (X: -376 Z: -472)
The Line Seed Map
The Line Seed Map


Plains Country

Plains Country Seed Screenshot

Seed: -584332208288641645
Screenshot Coordinates: Spawn Point

If you love plains and villages, then this seed is all you’ll ever need. 

At spawn, you’ll be pleased to know that you’re in the middle of a plain island surrounded by four villages with great potential for expansion. To break the flat plains, there are two small cherry groves on the island.  

If that’s not enough, there are over five nearby shipwrecks on the ocean surrounding the island and one ocean monument. 


  • Plains Village (X: 184 Z: 104 / X: -184 Z: 72 / X: -152 Z: -136 / X: 120 Z: -152)
  • Ocean Monument (X: -280 Z: -440)
  • Woodland Mansion (X: -1,944 Z: 584)
  • Ancient City (X: 120 Y: -51 Z: 1,240)
Plains Country Seed Map
Plains Country Seed Map


Mountain Range

Mountain Range
Mountain Range Seed Screenshot

Seed: 5604536942354129104
Screenshot Coordinates: Spawn Point

If you love dwelling on mountain ranges, then this seed is the one for you. 

While this seed doesn’t offer extreme terrain generations or unusual structures, it offers a great starting point for any adventure. You spawn on a plains biome that is great for building your initial base and there are plenty of forests to explore for your resources. 

There are also over 6 buried treasures near the spawn point if you plan on some treasure hunting down the line. 


  • Ancient City (X: 72 Y: -51 Z: 136)
  • Pillager Outpost (X: 488 Z: -584)
  • Taiga Village (X: -264 Z: -744)
  • Trail Ruins (X: 1,192 Z: 648)
Mountain Range Seed Map
Mountain Range Seed Map


No Man’s An Island

No Man's An Island
No Man’s An Island Seed Screenshot

Seed: 1490238757808097826
Screenshot Coordinates: Spawn Point

If you love challenges, then this seed will surely bring out the best in you. Spawning on a very tiny island with a few blocks, you’ll be forced to be crafty in using your resources to survive the coming days. 

The nearest land from spawn is a few minutes away and swimming there is no easy feat. 

I’ve personally tried this seed and I immediately gave up. If you’re up for the task, try it out yourself. 


  • Ocean Monument (X: -312 Z: 184)
  • Village (X: -1,448 Z: 792)
  • Ancient City (X: -648 Y: -51 Z: -1,384)
  • Trail Ruins (X: 1,224 Z: 1,144)
Seed Map
No Man’s An Island Seed Map



Minecraft Xbox Seeds
Riverland Seed Screenshot

Seed: -6260761228952867864
Screenshot Coordinates: Spawn Point

Here’s a seed that spawns you in the middle of a plains valley. The land you spawn on is separated from the rest of the valley by a river, forming a small island. The area is also surrounded by cherry groves, allowing you to experience the latest biome at spawn. 

However, what gets me the most are the five ancient cities northwest of the spawn point. 

If that’s not enough, there’s also a plains village and a pillager outpost west of the spawn area. 


  • Ancient City (X: -248 Y: -51 Z: -584)
  • Plains Village (X: 744 Z: -376)
  • Pillager Outpost (X: -1,000 Z: 472)
  • Zombie Plains Village (X: -2,024 Z: -312)
Minecraft Xbox Seeds
Riverland Seed Map


Ideal Start

Minecraft Xbox Seeds
Ideal Start Seed Screenshot

Seed: -4475287337994785446
Screenshot Coordinates: Spawn Point

As stated in this seed’s name, this world offers an ideal start for survival. It spawns you in the middle of a plains biome with three nearby villages. The area is also surrounded by mountain cliffs and cherry groves with snowy slopes. 

If that’s not enough for you, there are also nearby ancient cities on this seed at X: 440 Y: -51 Z: -296 and X: -600 Y: -51 Z: -568. 


  • Plains Village (X: 120 Z: -264)
  • Ancient City (X: 440 Y: -51 Z: -296)
  • Pillager Outpost (X: -872 Z: 40)
  • Jungle Temple (X: 712 Z: 1,624)
Ideal Start Seed Map
Ideal Start Seed Map


Survival Island

Survival Island
Survival Island Seed Screenshot

Seed: 239108312033570566
Screenshot Coordinates: Spawn Point

Compared to the previous island on this list, this seed offers a much easier start for players. 

At spawn, find a taiga village and a nearby shipwreck. This should allow you to get your initial resources and tools. 

However, this doesn’t mean that everything is smooth sailing afterward. Unfortunately, there’s also a pillager outpost near the village, which you need to prepare for if you want to help the villagers fight. 


  • Taiga Village (X: 200 Z: 200)
  • Shipwreck (X: 216 Z: 168)
  • Buried Treasure (X: 264 Z: 200)
  • Pillager Outpost (X: 200 Z: 184)
Minecraft Xbox Seeds
Survival Island Seed Map


Massive Mushroom Island

Massive Mushroom Island
Massive Mushroom Island Seed Screenshot

Seed: 6042315236567296694
Screenshot Coordinates: X: 414 Z: 311

This seed offers one of the largest mushroom islands I’ve seen in Minecraft. 

At the start, you’ll spawn on a taiga biome with a nearby village. You can craft your initial tools and gather survival items in this area. 

Once you’re ready, you can take a short swim to loot the nearby shipwreck at X: 888 Z: 568. You can also explore the villages east from the initial spawn point before going to the mushroom island to set up your camp


  • Shipwreck (X: 888 Z: 568)
  • Ruined Portal (X: 744 Z: 760)
  • Snowy Village (X: 1,864 Z: -296)
  • Ocean Monument (X: -168 Z: 1,224)
Xbox Minecraft Seeds
Massive Mushroom Island Seed Map


Desert Badlands

Desert Badlands
Desert Badlands Seed Screenshot

Seed: -3620289166610301037
Screenshot Coordinates: Spawn Point

This seed spawns in the middle of desert and badlands biomes. This offers a mountainous landscape for you to explore and overcome to find resources and loot. 

However, what I really liked about this seed was the nearby desert temple at spawn. 

You can also explore at least five nearby villages in the area, offering great potential for expansion and growth. 

This seed is an ideal world for players who love the desert biome but want an easier start. 


  • Desert Temple (X: 72 Z: 8)
  • Savanna Village (X: -376 Z: 168)
  • Ruined Portal (X: 168 Z: 232)
  • Shipwreck (X: 648 Z: -104)
Minecraft Xbox Seeds
Desert Badlands Seed Map


These Minecraft Xbox seeds provide a variety of adventures for players, from lush landscapes to challenging island scenarios. Whether you prefer exploring forests or building on mountain ranges, there’s a seed for you here. 

Each seed on our list comes with unique highlights like villages, ancient cities, and hidden treasures, so you’ll have plenty of things to do, regardless of what seed you use. 

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