How To Earn Missable Trophies in Frog Detective the Entire Mystery

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery

We recently reviewed Frog Detective The Entire Mystery and were delighted to learn that the game has a Platinum trophy that is fun to unlock as you play through the 3 mysteries the game has to offer. Being a trophy hunter myself, I thought the game has a very simple platinum and the ability to select a scene, makes the platinum even easier. Here are the trophies you need to keep an eye out for in Frog Detective The Entire Mystery that are missable!

Missable Trophies in Frog Detective the Entire Mystery

For reference, here is the list of the missable trophies in Frog Detective The Entire Mystery.

  • Tried to Leave
  • Gross
  • Big Spender
  • Fibber
  • Snitch/Expert Investigator
  • Haunted Photo
  • Graveyard Break In
  • Kiss

We’ll explain below how you can earn each.

The Haunted Island

The first case is the “Haunted Island”, and it only has 1 missable trophy.


Tried To Leave

Interact with the boat to get the trophy

This is the easiest one to get by far. As soon as you are on the island, all you have to do is look for the boat that Frog Detective came on and interact with it. This is the only missable trophy in the case.

The Invisible Wizard

The Invisible Wizard case has a total of four missable trophies.



For this trophy, you have to try and feed one of the Pies you find on the ground to Victor.

Pick the pie up

You have to collect 5 of the Pies for the story progression any way, but before you return any of the pies to Mandy to complete the quest, just offer it to Victor after you have exhausted their dialogue, and you will unlock Gross.

Offer the pie to Victor


Big Spender

In your quest to complete the game, you will have to earn 5 Money by helping the various inhabitants of Warlock Woods. You will encounter Carlos the Zebra who has a little shop. Once you have 3 money, you have the option of buying a picture of Carlos.

Buy the photo from Carlos

This is when the game’s creator Grace Bruxner will break the 4th wall and give you 3 money from her own pocket to make sure you can complete the game.

Make sure you use all of the dialog options with Carlos and have given him the party hat and gotten the money as well.



At the end of the mystery, you will have to tell the town who ruined the parade. You will have to choose between Lola and The Evil Guy. For this trophy, you have to choose The Evil Guy.

Just choose Evil Guy did it


Snitch/Expert Investigator

Repeat the steps above by going to Select Scene from the main menu and this time choose Lola. As long as you talked to all the townspeople and got all their dialogue options, confirming that Lola was the person who did the crime will get you 2 trophies.

Choose Lola did it

Corruption at Cowboy County

The Corruption at Cowboy County case has a total of three missable trophies.


Haunted Photo

You will first have to talk to Bonnie in the Saloon about Ghost Photos and examine all the photos on the wall, a new one will appear. Interact with it to get the ghost photo in your inventory. When you do have it, talk to Pistol the Panda in the Saloon. Exhaust the dialog options with them, particularly the one talking about “a muse …”

You will now have the option of giving Pistol the ghost pic, and doing so will give you the Haunted Photo trophy.

Offer the ghost pic to Pistol


Graveyard Break In

All you have to do is get on your scooter by pressing the Triangle button and pressing X around the fence surrounding the graveyard.

Just try to jump over the fences of the graveyard

It will take a few attempts including going up and down the hill on the fence around the area, but it will eventually unlock.



As Monkey you will pick up the clue-detecting powder. With it equipped head back down to the end of the hallway where photos of Lobster Cop, Frog Detective, and the Supervisor are.

Use the powder on the photos

Spray the powder on all 3 photos and you have the trophy!

That’s all you need to do to earn all the missable trophies in Frog Detective The Entire Mystery. If you have any questions, share them below.

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