Modern Warfare 2 Best SO-14 Loadout, Class Setup, Attachments

Outplay your enemies with this SO-14 Loadout guide

Abdul Wasay Farooqui
Abdul Wasay Farooqui
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Modern Warfare 2’s Multiplayer features the new and enhanced gunsmith. Players are getting overwhelmed by the infinite choices of attachments they can use, so we have created this guide that will allow you to have the best SO-14 loadout, class setup, and attachments.

The SO-14 is an excellent gun, especially for long-range scenarios, as it can act like an LMG. with tremendous damage and great stability. Compared to the M4, it is a solid contender and packs absolute power. This guide will explain the best loadout possible for the SO-14. So, let’s get into it!

Gun SetupClass Setup
Barrel: Chrome Lined RFX-40Secondary: Expedite-12
Optic: Teplo Clear ShotBase Perk 1: Overkill
Muzzle: Zulu-60Base Perk 2: Double Time
Stock: SO R55 AdapterBonus Perk: Fast Hands
Laser: Schlager Peq Box IVUltimate Perk: Ghost

How to Unlock The SO-14

How to Unlock SO-14

In order to unlock the SO-14, Players will have to grind and level up their base EBR-14 receiver to level 12. After the EBR-14 Reaches level 12, the SO-14 will automatically be unlocked.

Gun Setup

Everyone can unlock and install attachments on their weapon, but the combination is what matters the most, as the new gunsmith in the Modern Warfare 2 can get overwhelming at times. We have curated this guide to help classify the best varieties of attachments that complement the weapon, not fight against it.

With this setup, your play style will be stealthy. You will be behind cover and looking to prey on unprepared enemies, increasing your chances of winning.


SO-14 Stats

The SO-14 Is a Battle Rifle which is a combination of an Assault Rifle and an LMG. It is suited for medium to long-range combat, as you can switch between firing semi-automatic rounds for long-range or fully automatic rounds for an up-close encounter.

It has good damage stats and an average firing rate, but the recoil control is terrible because it is a Battle Rifle.

So we will look at attachments that will help us decrease the overall recoil and have a stable weapon.

To fully maximize your chances with this SO-14 loadout, you will have to grind and increase your weapon level to 15, which will unlock all the best possible attachments for you to use.

Barrel: Chrome Lined RFX-40

Barrel: Chrome Lined RFX-40

The Chrome Lined RFX-40 is a short chrome-lined barrel designed for speed, faster aim down the sight speed, and better hip fire control.

It increases ADS speed and Hip Recoil. While slightly decreasing the damage range, hip fire accuracy, and bullet velocity. 

Laser : Schlager Peq Box IV

Laser : Schlager Peq Box IV

The Schlager Peq Box IV is a laser that improves ADS speed. This laser does not give away your position because it isn’t always on, which is a big plus.

Muzzle: Zulu-60

Muzzle: Zulu-60

The Zulu-60 is a big bulky silencer that increases bullet velocity with moderate recoil control. It has many pros, such as sound suppression, bullet velocity recoil smoothness, and recoil control. 

And it decreases movement speed, aim down the sight speed, and overall aiming stability.

Stock: SO R55 Adapter

Stock: SO R55 Adapter

The SO R55 Adapter is a stock that increases the overall crouch movement speed, sprinting speed, ADS speed, and aim walking speed. Because of this attachment, you will have to compromise on the recoil control slightly.

Optic: Teplo Clear Shot

Optic: Teplo Clear Shot

The Hybrid thermal optic features the 5x Teplo-DP3 Thermal Scope and a canted Cronen Clear Shot Mini Red Dot Sight. Having a 5x thermal scope paired with a Hybrid Red Dot Sight can help you outplay your opponents, which is perfect for this weapon as it can be beneficial in both long and medium ranges. However, it has a small sniper glint and slightly reduces your walking speed.

Class Setup

Class Setup

Now let’s talk about the class setup. Having the perfect loadout with the perfect gun can only take you so far. Excellent perk selection and secondary weapons are also required to be the best. In this section, we will be explaining the perfect class setup possible to complement the SO-14.

We will use two primary weapons instead of a single one, as the SO-14 lacks in close range. We will be equipping a shotgun instead that will provide plenty of help whenever you get pushed by an enemy.

The shotgun we will be using is the Expedite-12

Secondary: Expedite-12

Secondary: Expedite-12

The Expedite-12 is the best lethal shotgun currently available in the game, as it features heavy damage and little to no recoil at close range. It can obliterate anyone at close range, being the perfect companion of the SO-14.

Base Perk 1: Overkill

Overkill is one of the best perks available in the game, as it allows you to use two primary weapons in your loadout as compared to using one primary and one secondary. This perk can change the game’s outcome, as the enemy players will never be able to outnumber you. 

Base Perk 2: Double Time

Double Time is a perk that many love because it allows you to sprint faster and longer. This perk can be beneficial, especially when you are running away from a group of enemies, as they will never be able to catch up to you, and you can safely hide in a corner waiting for them to catch up so you can shoot back at them. This strategy can get you easy kills.

Bonus Perk: Fast Hands

Fast Hands is a perk that is very beneficial in this loadout. It allows you to switch between weapons and use equipment much faster. This perk changes the overall tempo of the game because if you run out of bullets and someone pushes you. You can instantly switch weapons and shoot back. After all, switching is always faster than reloading.

Ultimate Perk: Ghost

Ghost is my favorite perk, as it can mask your overall presence from the game, you are undetectable on UAVs and Heartbeat sensors, and literally, everything that can get you detected fails to detect you. This perk lets you sneak up on enemies undetected and silently eliminate them.

Lethal: Claymore

Lethal: Claymore

The Claymore is the perfect lethal for this loadout. You can plant it on the entrance of the area you guard. And whenever someone decides to push you. They will be in for a surprise because the claymore can not be dodged, even by dolphin diving. This factor makes it the best lethal for defensive players.

Tactical: Smoke Grenade

Tactical: Smoke Grenade

The Smoke Grenade can really help with this loadout, as the optic we are using is Hybrid. You can throw a smoke grenade and turn on thermal vision, and nobody will be able to see you. And you can easily pick off enemies one by one. Letting you get easy kills.

Field Upgrade: Deployable Shield

Deployable Shield will be helpful. You can use it in an open area or on a roof, and give yourself some cover from oncoming enemy fire, pair it with a smoke grenade, and you will be invincible. You can duck down, avoid the enemy gunfire, and shoot back from the cover.

Tips and Tricks

Here’s a quick look at some tips and tricks we recommend you follow when opting for this loadout:

Be Defensive

Be Defensive with this loadout, as being out in the open and pushing aimlessly will only get you killed by those who are well-prepared to engage. Instead, you should be the one prepared to engage first. Camping around in corners and actively checking your surroundings will allow you to get kills from enemies who are carelessly pushing.

Use Field Upgrade

Using your deployable shield will allow you to have a portable cover whenever, wherever you want. As it gets replenished pretty quickly and is infinite, you shouldn’t worry about wasting it. Instead, it should be used whenever required.

Use Secondary

Using your Secondary Weapon will help you whenever you get outnumbered, as you can immediately switch to your shotgun and shoot back, which can make a difference in the game’s outcome. 

Many people will try to rush and outplay you as you play defensive, so having a shotgun will always come in handy. So make sure to use it whenever you hear someone is close to you.


This was our SO-14 loadout guide, and we hope to have helped you find the perfect attachments and perks. This weapon can be deadly when properly optimized. So compare your loadout with ours and see what needs to be enhanced. 

If you have a loadout that you want to be featured on this website and want us to use and share with the world, please drop it down in the comments below. We would love to hear your feedback.

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