Modern Warfare 2: Tarkov-Inspired Mode To Release 2023 Free-To-Play

Ralph Valve
Ralph Valve
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With the absence of news concerning Infinity Ward’s rumoured ‘Tarkov-inspired’ mode, it begs the question of when we should see its release; here’s the scoop. 

The rumoured RPG title, currently termed ‘Project Nexus’, has since become high priority across Infinity Ward; virtually every Activision-owned studio is contributing towards the free-to-play project, acting in auxiliary to the online title. As originally reported:

The mode has been in production for approximately four years and has seen a number of changes throughout development.  

What To Expect

At launch, players will see a traditional Call of Duty release, bundled with 3 modes: Single-player, Multiplayer, and an all-new Co-op experience; followed by Warzone 2.0 reportedly set to release in December of this year. 

Modern Warfare II’s rumoured ‘DMZ’, is being described as an ‘Open-World’ title, following an elaborate storyline in continuation from the Campaign: chronicling particular Characters, Fronts, and Quests, incorporating aspects of PvE and PvP events. An associate suggested that the mode would be released independently in BETA, given its current pre-alpha stamp in development. 

Development for the title has been shaky, seeing numerous delays in development as a result of Treyarch’s delayed premium title. Now, given the two-year space, Infinity Ward wiped the slate clean and revisited their content schedule; assigning the rumoured, ‘DMZ’ to release Q1, 2023, on the condition that Modern Warfare II, and Warzone 2.0 meets expectations. 

Official details for the online title remain scarce, though with an announcement allegedly coming in August, we should get a clearer look at their aims and intentions regarding the brand new mode.

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