Monster Hunter Rise PC Port Coming Early 2022, Capcom Confirms

    The longstanding franchise is finally getting a sequel less than a month from now. We got a lot of leaks, then official info, and now we wait. But, that’s only if you’re on team Nintendo Switch. However, a Monster Hunter Rise PC port is in the making, as confirmed by Capcom producer Ryozo Tsujimoto.

    And why not, Monster Hunter World was an absolute smash of a hit on PC. Foreign markets especially appreciated the PC version of the game. And although the art style and direction of the upcoming title is different from its predecessor, it is definitely a successor in scope.

    Monster Hunter Rise PC Port Is In Development

    In several press interviews (in Japanese) today – 26 March – Capcom Japan Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and Capcom Japan Director Yasunori Ichinose divulged a bit of details about their plans.

    Monster Hunter Rise Presentation on Nintendo Direct

    Producer Tsujimoto stated that they are getting a lot of requests for a Monster Hunter Rise PC port. Overseas fans were especially persistent about it, according to him. So, he assured that the game is in development and will likely release in early 2022.

    That, however, was the limit of what the interviews revealed about the release. We do not have a set release date yet, and it is likely Capcom themselves don’t have one this early in the port’s development.

    There are, however, questions that these interviews bring up. Of the things Tsujimoto referenced during the interview was how the game was designed for the Switch and it mobility. For example, says Tsujimoto, the hunts are geared towards faster tempos than older games. Will a Monster Hunter Rise PC port then be significantly different from the Switch release? How will game design decisions translate from a portable device to PC? And maybe more importantly, how will the game change coming to a far more powerful device?

    Capcom is no stranger to fast updates. The Monster Hunter franchise is not either. Monster Hunter 2 and Monster Hunter Tri both got updated versions not a year after. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate specifically brought about significantly upgraded textures less than a year after the original Wii release.

    With that in mind, its better to wait than receive a half-finished product. Capcom has not disappointed with handling the main franchise before, so there is little to worry about hopefully.

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