Most Played Champions of League of Legends, Listed (Patch 14.4)

Find out which champions are in the meta these days.

Umer Cheema
Umer Cheema
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There are more than 165 champions in LoL but not all of them are played equally. Some champions have a significantly higher pick rate than others. So, let’s talk about some of the most-played champions in League of Legends.

Keep in mind that we will only talk about the most-played champions in the current patch. So, you can expect this list to look different when the next patch drops. With that said, let’s dive right in and get started.


Jhin (ADC)

Pick RateWin Rate

Starting the list with my favorite champion, Jhin. He has an 11.1% pick rate with a 49.46% win rate. His win rate used to be higher alongside his pick rate as well in the previous few patches. However, the nerf to lethality items caused both to drop.

Jhin is still a viable pick as you can opt for the crit build and deal tons of damage while zooming around the enemy. Plus, he has high early-game damage as well which makes him a threat in the laning phase.


Viego (Jungle)

Pick RateWin Rate

I was expecting some other jungler to be on this list but surprisingly Viego has an 11.6% pick rate with a decent win rate as well. If you want to play him, you can expect to pick him in almost every game as his ban rate is only 2.6%.

Viego is a strong champion that can easily snowball as the game goes on. In team fights, he shines thanks to his passive and ult resets. Use that to stomp the enemy and climb the ranked ladder.


Maokai (Support)

Pick RateWin Rate

Maokai has been the best support for multiple patches now and this is evident in his win rate. You might expect his pick rate to be much higher since he is doing so well right now but due to his ban rate being 28.3%, picking him is almost impossible.

If you do manage to get your hands on Maokai, he is a strong champion who can carry the bot lane due to his engage potential and poke. Plus, his ultimate perfectly sets up any gank your jungler might want to do.


Aatrox (Top)

Pick RateWin Rate

Aatrox is not the top laner I was expecting to be played this much but he has a 13.6% pick rate with a respectable 49.26% win rate as well. Unfortunately, he also has a ban rate of a whopping 18.3% which means you won’t be getting him in most games.

If you do get him, Aatrox is a solid champion who can do well against most comps. While certain champions can completely ruin his laning phase, picking him is still a safe bet against most enemy teams.


Caitlyn (ADC)

Pick RateWin Rate

Caitlyn is one of my favorite champions to play due to her long range and high damage. While her pick rate is high this patch, her win rate sits at 48.64%. At the same time, she is banned a lot as well so if you want to play her, chances are that you won’t get her every game.

Overall, she is a safe pick thanks to her range and traps. Since she is a snowball-type champion, you will have a great time if you’re ahead. However, if you are behind, playing her feels like a nightmare.


Senna (Support)

Pick RateWin Rate

Despite certain other supports having a higher win rate, the most played support in this patch is Senna. She has a 15.67% pick rate with a 51.02% which is quite nice. Since most players don’t like her endless scaling, she gets banned a lot – this is evident from her 12.36% ban rate.

Senna is a good pick right now as you can collect souls and scale in the late game. Since games tend to go longer in lower elo, you can become a beast after collecting enough souls.


Miss Fortune (ADC)

Pick RateWin Rate

There are a lot of ADCs on this list (and this won’t be the last time, either). Miss Fortune is one of the strongest picks in recent patches due to how well she works with lethality. Even if you aren’t too ahead, all you need to do is position yourself properly in fights and land a good ultimate.

Plus, her win rate is also high due to how much impact she has on team fights. If you want to play MF, keep in mind that her ban rate is at 16.52% so you might not get her in every game.


Yone (Mid)

Pick RateWin Rate

Seeing Yone in my games makes me sad if the enemy has him. Since I’m an ADC player, Yone makes my life a living nightmare. Unfortunately (for me), his pick rate sits at 17.31% which is quite high in this patch.

While his win rate is below 50%, Yone is suitable against most comps these days. Since he is doing superbly in this patch, his ban rate sits at a whopping 18.68%. I am happy knowing I am one of the people who ban Yone in almost every game.


Ezreal (ADC)

Pick RateWin Rate

Ezreal is being played a lot in the latest patch due to having a good synergy with various items. While his win rate is a bit low right now, you can expect to perform well in almost every game you pick Ezreal in.

He is one of the safest ADCs you can pick thanks to his E and some of the tanky items that you build as well. His ban rate is decent so you can get him in most games and climb up the ranked ladder.


Smolder (ADC)

Pick RateWin Rate

Finally, let’s talk about the most-played champion in League of Legends right now – Smolder. While some of his pick rate can be credited to him being a new champion, Smolder is quite strong and extremely simple to play as well.

While his early game is weak, once you have enough stacks, you can easily carry the game. However, his win rate has dropped a bit recently, sitting at 49.71% right now.

Plus, his ban rate is at a whopping 42.9% which is some of the highest I’ve seen in LoL.


Those are the most-played champions of League of Legends in the current patch. Keep in mind that we discussed champions in relevant roles and not extremely off-meta picks that only a few players play.

Which champion do you like most out of the ones mentioned? Is there a champion you think deserves to be played more? Let us know in the comments below!

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