Need for Speed Unbound PS5 Size Revealed

Need for Speed Unbound PS5 is a decent sized game

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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  • Need for Speed Unbound file size is really convenient.
  • The game is exclusive to PS5, Xbox Series, and PC.
  • Can be pre-loaded on November 30th.

Need for Speed Unbound is releasing in a few days, and the game is currently slated to be exclusive on the PS5, and Xbox Series consoles. Making a mark for itself by being one of the few titles to be exclusive on the current generation of consoles. With that, one would expect the game to accumulate a decent file size along the way, but Need for Speed Unbound PS5 file size is anything but that.

Need for Speed Unbound PS5 Size is here

Need for Speed Unbound is the latest entry in the series and touts a lot of new features and gameplay mechanics that weren’t in the previous entries. What also makes the title stand out is the exclusivity to the current generation consoles, and leaves the PS4 and Xbox One consoles at the starting line. While many other games are having a difficult time adjust to this separation, this can also be one of the reasons why the title is able to offer enhanced visuals and a promise of 60FPS.

According to a tweet from PlayStation Game Size, the size of Need for Speed Unbound on launch will be 29.431GB.

You will be able to preload the game on November 30th, the same date as the Palace Edition release date, which lets players play the game 3 days early, and the game itself will launch on December 2nd, 2022. It will share a release date with the highly anticipated title Callisto Protocol which is also a very risky move that EA is betting on, but let’s see how both titles fare.

In the current console generation, 30GB for a AAA title is truly an astounding feat, but considering how much smaller Need for Speed is in terms of scale, it is perhaps a justifiable size. it’s worth mentioning that the title will only offer 60FPS on launch, and there are currently no options for a 120FPS mode on consoles.

Some early gameplay leaked, so if you are on the fence about buying the game, perhaps the gameplay will help cement your decision.

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