New Pokemon Snap Preview Shows New Features Of The Game

Hatem Amer
Hatem Amer
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Pokemon Snap is a game you either love or don’t care about. It is too wholesome for anyone to actively dislike. And that’s when the original game came out and camera (and game) technology wasn’t all too great. The game could be summed up as go on a tour, enjoy the cute ‘mons, take pictures, and come back. And if that was your thing you should be really excited because the New Pokemon Snap is bringing that back and a lot more, too.

A 5-minute game preview from Game Informer today showcased how the upcoming game is going to look like. The video took us through a short – but packed – tour of the game and a lot of its new bells and whistles. New Pokemon Snap may not as hyped as the more traditional pokemon games, but maybe this preview can change minds.

New Pokemon Snap Features

The New Pokemon Snap preview is about 5 minutes long, so it is definitely worth a watch. But if you’d just prefer to read the recap, then here it is:

In New Pokemon Snap, you can choose the time of day on which to go on your tour. This will not only make taking dramatic shots easier, but will also allow you to see different pokemon at different times of the day.

Routes are no longer set like the N64 game – well, not exactly. For each map there are a number of route variants you can go on. The different routes showcase different scenery and, as you would expect, different pokemon.

But what do you do when you have finished all the routes and the maps? You go see them again, because in New Pokemon Snap the more you play the more pokemon appear. So, you are very unlikely to see everything you can in a couple of runs.

Additionally, in this age of Instagram, you can edit photos you snap and even “upload” them to the in-game social media. You can also export and share the photos to actual social media if it is ‘gram worthy.

Add to that that you can interact a little more than just tossing apples at pokemon, and you can see that the game is going to be a lot more than its predecessor. New Pokemon Snap is coming out on the Nintendo Switch on 30th of April. So, you’ll have to hold tight before you can take the game for a spin yourself.

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