New Resident Evil 8 Village Details Leaked by Ransomware Attack

Ashleigh Corcoran
Ashleigh Corcoran
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Some new Resident Evil 8 Village Details Leaked as a result of a Ransomware attack on Capcom earlier this month. The attackers released 60GB worth of files and most of the files contain private information, but also some behind the scenes details on upcoming projects, such as Resident Evil 8 Village.

Resident Evil 8 Village Details Leaked – details on pre-order, demo and more

It seems that some new Resident Evil 8 Village Details Leaked from the recent Capcom Ransomware attack.

Some of the details that are currently minor details but some new things as well.

A brief summary is:

  • Game is scheduled for an April 2021 release date (tentative)
  • Game will have a demo 3 weeks before release date
  • Pre-orders begin in January 2021
  • The game will be a cross-generation release

Here are the leaked images:

As usual, the game will feature multiple editions, physical and digital.

A pleasant surprise is the news of Resident Evil 8 coming on PS4 and Xbox One.

Previously Capcom said they would consider the venture, but its good to see that they are taking the current-gen version into consideration, considering the immense size of that install base.

All in all, Resident Evil 8’s new details just confirm the pre-order details, incentives, and the last image also states other goals from the game, including having a lifetime sale of 10 million units.

The images also detail the other versions of the game and do list them for the PS4/Xbox One, but also the PS5 and Xbox Series X version.

We have seen first-hand with the Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 Remake the new engine is very versatile and performs spectacularly.

Hopefully the engine smoothness translates well for the cross-generation venture for Capcom.

With the next-generation consoles still at their launch phases, we still have a good year or two of developers supporting the two generations side-by-side, but eventually there will be a bottleneck which can only be removed by stopping development for PS4 and Xbox One games.

Hopefully we hear more about Resident Evil 8 Village at an upcoming event, perhaps The Game Awards?

What are your thoughts on the new leaked media for Resident Evil 8 Village? Let us know if your interest is further piqued with the new details.

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