Next Sony Handheld Could Be Cloud Based Device

Sony's Next Handheld Could Rely On Cloud Streaming

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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  • According to a new rumor from an insider
  • May not have local hardware to run games natively
  • No official information available yet

According to a reliable industry insider, Sony could be working on a new handheld after the long absence of the PlayStation Vita. However, without sharing too much information, we are told to substantially lower our expectations as the device is expected to be a cloud-based handheld gaming solution which could be a first for the hardware and software giant.

Next Sony Handheld Could Have Its Head In The Clouds

A few days ago we did hear whispers of a mystery new hardware that is expected to release before the PlayStation Pro, and the closest thing one would think about is a potential new handheld with the immense popularity of the Nintendo Switch and the Steam Deck as proof that demand for the handheld is indeed back.

According to Jeff Grubb, they state that its highly possible that the next handheld that he has heard about is entirely a cloud-based one, and will potentially have no hardware to facilitate running games off the system without an internet connection.

Keep in mind, this is only rumors at this point, and we do not know if any of the stuff talked about such as the PlayStation Pro, or a new handheld are actually in any phase yet, but one can never be sure what the future holds.

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