A Newly Discovered Nier Automata Secret Has Been Discovered

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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Nier Automata is a game that may need little to no introduction depending on who you ask. It’s a game that significantly changed the gaming landscape in 2017 and was well received by gamers and is easily the most iconic entry in the Nier series for a very long time. The creator of the series – Yoko Taro lamented how every possible secret in the game had been found, but this new mystery is literally opening a new door into another hidden secret.

A Major Nier Automata Secret discovered

Nier Automata is known for many things, but what it was most known for was housing several hidden secrets disguised by the developers for players and fans alike to discover. While the community took its time do it, the hunt ultimately ended with the help of Lance McDonald in early 2021 by finding the final secret in the game which had been confirmed by the official Nier Automata Twitter handle and even Yoko Taro.

The series creator confirmed this in their tweet:

With that, fans thought that all possible secrets of the game had been unearthed and the ardent Nier community can finally put the game behind them when it came to secrets.

However, by accident, a new secret has been discovered a Reddit user that has once again taken the community by storm. A new area in the game was completely discovered by accident, by a player who was unable to progress in the story and shared their frustration on Reddit. What they were hoping for would be an answer on how to proceed turned out to be striking a match on an old flame that is now burning brighter than ever.

Keep in mind, that the Reddit user has yet to come forward and share how they did their discovery or how to replicate it. This has sent the community into chaos as they try to figure out the new area and the secrets it holds.

The thread on /r/Games does an apt job to summarize the situation, but for fans of the gaming easter egg community, this has rekindled the curiosity of many fans who are now wondering what other secrets are in the game?

What are your thoughts on this mystery? Let us know in the comments section below.

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