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Scott Livingston
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If you’re looking to train your magic skill efficiently on your mobile device, this OSRS splashing guide should be of great help. Splashing is the most effective method for leveling up without requiring constant attention to the game. However, an update in 2019 by the OSRS team changed the dynamics of OSRS splashing. They introduced a rule stating that players can no longer gain magic experience if their magic accuracy is too low to deal damage in most parts of Lumbridge.

But, you can still Splash and gain EXP. You will have to do that in different areas, and you will have to click or do some type of game action every 20 minutes. Meaning you can no longer leave your account splashing for 6 hours, making this a great method for your mobile training.

There are different set-ups and areas you can use for Splashing; we will walk through some of them and divide the F2P from P2P.

OSRS Splashing Guide in F2P Worlds

F2P Low-level players that want to train their magic through Splashing should wear:

  • Full iron set (Iron Full Helm, Platebody, Platelegs, and Kiteshield)
  • Green Vambraces
  • Fire Staff

In order to achieve a magic bonus of -65, which is required to make your magic accuracy too low to deal damage, there are several steps you can take. If you do not have a 40 range and cannot use green vambraces, your best choice is to travel to Draynor Village. There, you should trade with Diango’s Toy Store and purchase a Goblin Staff. This item will help you reach the desired -65 Magic Attack bonus.

The ideal location for splashing is the chicken farm situated just northwest of Draynor Village. At this spot, you’ll find plenty of chickens to practice your splashing on. Utilizing this method, your hourly experience rate will be around 11,000gp/h, and the best part is, it’s completely AFK.

Splashing area: North-West of Draynor Village

OSRS Splashing Guide in P2P Worlds

The P2P players that want to Splash but have only a couple millions, then they can use:

  • Robin Hood Hat;
  • Rune Platebody, legs and kiteshield;
  • Rune boots;
  • Snakeskin Vambraces;
  • Smoke Battlestaff.

With a Smoke Battlestaff, you’ll have unlimited air and fire runes. If you don’t have the range for vambraces, you can once again use the Cursed Goblin Staff, which will decrease your magic attack to -64.

In the event that you can’t achieve -64 Magic attack, an excellent spot for splashing is the Edgeville Monastery. Here, you’ll find monks who can heal themselves. Even without achieving -64 Magic attack, you’ll still be able to splash effectively. This location is a popular choice among high-level magic players who are aiming for a specific account build but lack the requisite negative magic attack.

You will not splash all the time if your magic level is above 80, but it will take you about 20 minutes to kill 1 monk, which is the exact time period when you should interact with the game.

OSRS Splashing XP Details

Utilizing Fire Strike is considered superior compared to Wind, Water, or Earth Strike. The optimal staff is usually the one that consumes the fewest runes. However, if you have billions to spare, you might opt for the Harmonized Nightmare Staff. This staff is a unique choice due to its autocasting feature, which operates at a speed of 4 ticks, compared to the standard 5 ticks of other staves.

A normal staff would allow you to splash 1200 combat spells in an hour, whereas with nightmare staff you would gain more exp in an hour. Experience rates with different spells:

Wind Strike1 mind rune, 1 air rune6600 exp/hr (normal)8250 exp/hr (Harmonized Nightmare staff)
Water Strike1 mind rune, 1 air rune & 1 water rune9000 exp/hr (normal)11250 exp/hr (Harmonized Nightmare staff)
Earth Strike1 mind rune, 1 air rune & 2 earth runes11400 exp/hr (normal)142500 exp/hr (Harmonized Nightmare staff)
Fire Strike1 mind rune, 2 air runes, 3 fire runes13800 exp/hr (normal)17250 exp/hr (Harmonized Nightmare staff)
Fire Surge1 wrath rune, 7 air runes, 10 fire runes60000 exp/hr (normal)75000 exp/hr (Harmonized Nightmare staff)

Can you Splash as an Ironman?

Yes, it’s possible to splash as an Ironman. Instead of using other armor, you can opt to use the Ironman armor received from the Lumbridge tutors. If you haven’t crafted or earned vambraces yet, you will need to utilize a Cursed Goblin Staff.

However, Ironman accounts typically avoid splashing due to its inefficiency and lack of cost-effectiveness. Many players who prefer a more restrictive style of gameplay don’t mind the grind, and therefore, they tend to avoid methods that are considered inefficient.

How Many Hours Does It Take to Level 99 While Splashing?

This depends on many factors, but we will give you an estimate and consider that you will be using a combination staff.

  • Air strike will take 1973 hours and 7.1 million GP.
  • Water strike will take 1446.9 hours and 5.2 million GP.
  • Earth strike will take 1142.3 hours and 4.1 million GP.
  • Fire strike will take 943.6 hours and 3.4 million GP.
  • Fire Bolts will take 482.8 hours and 28.9 million GP.

These are the spells that can be used both in F2P and P2P worlds. But there is a slight difference in GP when combination staff is compared to elemental staff. Keep in mind that this is not a method that is considered to be efficient in any way, but it most certainly is one of the best methods to AFK.


This OSRS Splashing Guide should be able to help you out. Remember, the only restricted area within which you will not be able to splash is Lumbridge. If you’re wondering why, It is because Jagex didn’t want the new players to see all these AFK accounts splashing and looking like bots. This was a bad image for the game, so they decided to fix this with the update.

Every area in the game allows you to splash. Just remember that you will have to interact with the game every 20 minutes. Using a phone reminder helps a lot! Get your magic level up passively, and let me know if you think that the harmonized nightmare staff is worth it?

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