Overwatch 2 Free to Play Hinted by New Leaker On The Scene

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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Among a lot of expectations that fans have for the upcoming sequel to Blizzard’s hero shooter, no one had the Overwatch 2 Free to Play on their bingo card. However this could be the reality as the newest leaker on the block who is making a name for themselves has now made a prominent tweet hinting at the very real idea of such a scenario happening.

Overwatch 2 Free to Play – Can it happen?

While Overwatch hasn’t gotten a new hero or major update in a while, since we know that Blizzard is working full steam ahead on releasing Overwatch 2 for 2023, a new leaker on the scene who so far has a 2 for 2 track record may have dropped what is potentially the biggest game changer for the title – yet.

Meet insider_wtf, aka The Snitch on Twitter. The user started off their career with leaking the entire State of Play a day prior to their official announcement, and while many were skeptical at first, they would later on confirm the release date and PC version of Last of Us Part 1, a day before the leak occurred for that as well.

Prior to this, The Snitch had our attention, now they have our interest.

Continuing on their hot streak, The Snitch has given us what could be the biggest change for Overwatch 2, and perhaps one of the biggest surprises for the game … yet.

In this rather weirdly worded tweet, they end with We are free to play. These lines are all from the Overwatch Theatrical Teaser, aptly titled – We Are Overwatch.

It seems that Overwatch 2 going free to play could be the literal hail mary that the new entry could need to survive. Considering the beta reception for the game was met with a lot of mixed reception, we may get an announcement for the shift from paid to free to play sometime in the future?

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