Overwatch 2 Tier List: Best Heroes to Play in 2022

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Are you looking for the best Heroes to use in Overwatch 2 to help you win? Here’s our Overwatch 2 tier list for 2022 to help you out.

Overwatch 2 was launched on October 4, 2022. Blizzard gave the original Overwatch game a sequel and completely killed out Overwatch 1. Now, everyone is psyched about Overwatch 2, despite its rocky start and launch issue on PC.

Aside from transitioning to a free-to-play game, Overwatch 2 also brought with it a few new strings and some new Heroes. Overwatch 2 changed the primary game modes from a 6v6 down to a 5v5, removing one Tank hero from each team. They also revamped the maps to accommodate this change.

Because of these changes, the Overwatch meta has evolved. This is why we’ve decided to create an Overwatch 2 tier list to help you out. Using the best Heroes can definitely help you win more games and start climbing the ranks.

Here’s our complete Overwatch 2 tier list featuring the best Heroes to play in 2022.

A Complete Overwatch 2 Tier List

a tier list of all Overwatch 2 heroes divided into 5 tiers

We’ve divided all of the 35 playable Overwatch 2 Heroes into 5 different tiers. Each tier represents how good they are in the current meta.

Note: Just because a Hero is on the bottom part of our Overwatch 2 tier list, it doesn’t mean that they are unplayable. They can still be very powerful in the right hands or in the right situations. Sometimes the “off-meta” picks can be huge game-changers and win you the match.

S – Tier

These Heroes are the crème of the crop and will give you the best chance of winning the game. Of course, nothing is guaranteed. However, they are all insanely powerful and fit the meta well, making them great picks in almost any situation. You simply can’t go wrong with these S – tier picks.



D.Va laying on top of her mech in Overwatch 2

First up on our S – tier level is none other than D.Va. D.Va is a Tank Hero in Overwatch 2. She’s a Korean professional gamer who turned into a giant mech robot pilot. Her skillset fits the meta quite well. Since Blizzard decided to remove a Tank from each team, self-sufficient Tanks have risen in popularity.

D.Va does a little bit of everything from dishing damage, soaking in damage, block projectiles, and she has a mobility skill. A good D.Va player can be annoying to play against, especially because she can do a ton of damage to your team while being extra hard to kill.



Genji throwing his shurikens

Next, we have a Damage Hero in Genji. Like D.Va, Genji has insane mobility and can deal tons of damage to the enemy team. He might be squishy, but if you can kill your enemy before they kill you, who’s going to be left to finish you off?

Once Genji has his Dragonblade ultimate up and ready, you better start praying that he doesn’t dash into you and start slicing you off with his sword. Genji can easily focus on enemy Supports or Damage Heroes and keep jumping from one enemy to the other.



Sombra using her hacking skills

One thing that makes Sombra so powerful is her ability to flank enemies without them even knowing it using her Stealth. When she bites off more than she can handle, she can simply use her Translocator and teleport away to safety.

Sombra’s ultimate hacks all of the enemies within the radius and deals 40% of their current health as damage. This also destroys all barriers making it easier for Sombra to swoop in and finish everyone off.



Kiriko in Overwatch 2

Kiriko is one of the three new Heroes that Blizzard introduced together with the launch of Overwatch 2. She has seeking targeted heals, an AOE immune, increased critical damage right-click attack, and a teleport.

At this point, you can probably already tell that the meta primarily revolves around Heroes who have mobility and can deal some damage. Kiriko fulfills the Support role while completely meeting the criteria for the current meta, making her insanely powerful.



Lucio using his music to energize allies

Lucio is another Support Hero in Overwatch 2 that has insane mobility. He can bounce off from wall to wall, making him incredibly hard to hit once he gets into his groove. He can also pass the energy along to his teammates, making them faster and more mobile.

Aside from the insane mobility, Lucio also has a blast wave that knocks enemies back. His Soundwave can be tilting, especially in maps where there are a ton of ledges and bottomless pits. Lucio is a perfect fit in a meta that favors fast-paced gameplay and mobile Heroes.



Zarya using her Particle Cannon in Overwatch 2

The final Hero on our S – tier level is another Tank in Zarya. Even though Zarya doesn’t have the mobility that the other Heroes in this tier have, she does have 2 shield charges for herself and 2 shield charges for her allies. This makes it incredibly hard to kill her and her team whenever she has shields available.

Zarya also has a very powerful ultimate that sucks everyone caught within the radius toward the middle while dealing damage to them. When combined with other ultimate abilities, it can instantly wipe out the enemy team and turn the battle in your favor.

A – Tier

The Heroes in the A–tier of our Overwatch 2 tier list are a group of strong Heroes that aren’t quite OP but still outclass the others. They offer a wider variety of playstyles and characters, allowing you to choose what fits you perfectly while still taking advantage of the current Overwatch 2 meta.



Sojourn in Overwatch 2

Finally, we have Sojourn. Sojourn’s skillset isn’t anything too special. She has a power slide that can be continued into a high jump as her main form of utility. Her Disruptor Shot can pull in enemies toward that area and allow her to spray and focus them down.

What makes Sojourn truly powerful is her right-click on her Railgun. When fully charged up, it can one-shot most Heroes in the game without the enemy knowing what hit them. It does require that you have a good aim, so make sure to use the best Overwatch 2 crosshair settings to help you out.



Sigma playing with his Hyperspheres in Overwatch 2

Sigma is a solid Tank Hero to pick in Overwatch 2. He can block projectiles and protect his team using his shields. Sigma can also dish out some pretty insane damage numbers, even out damaging the main DPS Heroes at times.

Another aspect that Sigma is great at is controlling an area. Using his skills, he can push forward and force the enemy team to retreat. When he has his ultimate up, it can cause devastating damage and set his team up for success. You can’t go wrong with a Sigma pick in this meta, but he can be quite hard to learn at first.



Moira using her Biotic Grasp

Another Support Hero that excels in this meta is Moira. Moira is high in our Overwatch 2 tier list because she has amazing self-sustainability and mobility that she can use to quickly escape danger. She can keep the team healthy while sucking the life out of the enemy team.

Moira also has a very powerful ultimate that can have her sucking the enemies’ health bar for days. Moira’s Coalescence ultimate can easily get you the play of the game by simply getting a good flank and lasering the enemies down.



Orisa aiming her Augmented Fusion Driver

If you’re looking for a strong Tank Hero, you might want to try Orisa out. Orisa can deal insane amounts of damage while tanking up the damage for your team. Orisa can also zone enemies using her Javelin Spin and block any projectiles coming her way.

In a meta where playing close and trying to deal as much damage as possible is key, Orisa’s ultimate can be very powerful when timed correctly. Terra Surge can pull enemies towards the middle and channel for a few seconds to deal massive amounts of damage to all enemies within the radius.



Reaper comin out of a coffin and getting ready to fire his pistols

Reaper is another great Damage pick that belongs to the A – tier in our Overwatch 2 tier list. Like others, Reaper can dish out insane amounts of damage while having a mobility skill to help him get away from danger quickly.

Flanking is also very powerful in the current meta, and Reaper is one of the best Heroes to flank with. His ultimate can easily wipe out the enemy team and get you the play of the game if you can find them grouped up close together.



Ashe together with B.O.B.

Next, we have another solid Damage Hero in Ashe. Ashe has a long-range rifle, allowing her to keep her distance from enemies. When enemies get too close, you can also use her Coach Gun skill to knock back any enemies in front of you and launch yourself back to safety.

Even though Ashe’s Dynamite skill can cause some serious damage, her real game changer is the B.O.B. ultimate. When in use, she deploys Bob, and he charges forward, knocking enemies hit into the air and attacking them with his arm cannons. Bob can deal insane amounts of damage to the enemy team and can instantly wipe them out when matched with Ashe’s other skills.



Ana aiming down her sniper rifle

Ana is an interesting Support Hero. She has a versatile ability set that allows her to deal a lot of damage to enemies while still being able to heal the Tanks and Damage Heroes on her team. Ana can also keep her distance thanks to her long-range attacks and heals.

She can also leave a target immobilized by putting them to sleep and can cancel heals using her Biotic Grenade. One downside is that she has no mobility skills, which means that if she gets cornered, she’s pretty much dead.



Baptiste using his Biotic Launcher Overwatch 2

Baptiste is a perfect Support Hero because of all the heals and immunities built into his kit. His Biotic Launcher and Regenerative Burst are great at keeping allies healthy while they charge into battle. He can also throw down an extra Immortality Field in case his allies tiptoe on the edge of death.

Aside from healing, Baptiste also has some great mobility for himself. His ultimate also doubles the damage and healing projectiles passing through it, making it perfect for a meta where damage and mobility are key.

B – Tier

Next on our Overwatch 2 tier list is a collection of Heroes that are “perfectly balanced, as all things should be.” Thanos quotes aside, the B-tier Heroes are the middle ground and aren’t too powerful nor too weak for the meta. They are still great picks and are entirely viable without putting you/ your team at a disadvantage.



Tracer using her Blink ability and aiming her Pulse Pistols in Overwatch 2

You might be wondering why Tracer is in the B-tier of our Overwatch 2 tier list. She can deal a ton of damage, has mobility, and is suited for the fast-paced meta. Unfortunately, she has a learning curve and requires players to have good mechanical skills.

Tracer is difficult to play and harder to master, which isn’t great for the growing number of Overwatch 2 players that are new to the game. Other Damage Heroes like Sombra, Genji, and Reaper can replace Tracer’s mobility and damage but are much easier to pick up for new players.



Zenyatta using his ultimate in Overwatch 2

The final Hero for our B-tier category is Zenyatta. Like most of the Heroes within our B-tier, Zenyatta requires a different playstyle to be successful. He’s actually quite strong and can deal quite the punch, literally.

Zenyatta requires you to balance your damage and your heals. He also requires you to have an aggressive playstyle but doesn’t have a reliable mobility skill to use when he’s in danger. This is why you’ll have to find the perfect ratio of aggressiveness and playing defensive.



Cassidy smoking a cigar and holding his revolver

Cassidy is a high-risk, high-reward type of Hero in Overwatch 2. He has a revolver that shoots slow and only has six bullets in each magazine. But it does deal a ton of damage, especially when you can lock onto heads. When combo-ed with his Magnetic Grenade, Cassidy can instantly delete squishy enemy Supports and DPS.

He also has a bit of mobility, allowing him to roll out of danger when needed. Overall, Cassidy isn’t actually that bad. He just has a slower-paced gameplay that doesn’t fit in the meta. However, if you have good aim and consistently use an aim trainer, he can still be very deadly.



Mercy aiming her primary weapon

Mercy is the original true healer in Overwatch. Most of her skills are geared toward fully supporting and healing her team, doing whatever it takes to keep them alive. She can also resurrect a fallen ally, which can shift the momentum in your favor when timed correctly.

Unfortunately, in the current fast-paced and damage-based meta, Mercy isn’t that needed. Most Heroes that are usually picked have great self-sustainability, only needing healers to complement their skills. She can also get focused quite easily. Although, When paired with a great Tank like Zarya, your team can stay alive for days upon end, making Mercy still a viable option in the meta.



Echo using her Focusing Beam in Overwatch 2

Echo has great damage, a low-cooldown AOE ability, and some solid mobility. So why is Echo so low on our Overwatch 2 tier list? Unfortunately, she requires a ton of mastery over the game to unlock her fullest potential. Echo’s ultimate allows you to literally copy an opponent’s Hero and use their skills for a few seconds.

If you aren’t familiar with all Overwatch Heroes, then your ultimate will be useless. You won’t have the time to read what each ability does and how you can effectively use it in-game. Echo also has a slower-paced gameplay, at least when compared to the other top-tier Heroes, making her fall off a bit. But in the right hands, she can become a monstrous force.



Winston embracing his wild side and firing his Tesla Cannon

Winston is a beginner-friendly Tank Hero to use. His electric laser attacks have an insanely wide hit range, which means that they will hit the target even if you aren’t aiming directly at them. He can also cover a large amount of space using his Jump Pack ability while damaging enemies he lands on.

The problem with Winston is that his shields are a bit too weak for a Tank. This means that he requires a different approach than the other Heroes in the game. Winston becomes a pretty solid pick if you can come up with a great strategy.



Torbjorn riding on top of his turret in Overwatch 2

Torbjörn is in the B-tier mostly because he’s a niche Hero. His whole kit is centered around his turrets and requires you to give them a majority of your attention in-game. Like Echo, Torbjörn requires a bit of mastery because his playstyle isn’t like most Heroes in Overwatch 2.

However, Torbjörn can deal loads of damage when played correctly and feel like an unstoppable force in the game. He also suffers from the fast-paced playstyle meta because he needs to deploy his turret to unlock his full potential. But, Torbjörn is very powerful if you end up playing on maps that require you to defend areas.



Brigitte using her shield to block incoming projectiles

First up, we have a Support Hero who does a little bit of everything. Brigitte is one of those jack-of-all-trades characters that can do anything her team needs her to do. She’s got healing, she’s got a shield, she’s got a dash, she’s got a knockback, and she can even provide extra health and speed to her allies.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly why she’s at the lower ends of our Overwatch 2 tier list. Other Heroes can do most of the things she can do but better. Do you need shields? Take Zarya or Sigma. Need heals? Take Kiriko, or Baptiste. Need speed boosts and heals? Take Lucio. Other more specialized Heroes simply outclass Brigitte, which is why she’s in our B-tier.

C – Tier

Now, we’re moving on to the lower sections of our Overwatch 2 tier list. These Heroes can still be viable but will mostly depend on how good you are at them. They also have better alternatives that fit the current meta. However, they’re not completely trash and can still be helpful in certain situations.


Soldier: 76

Soldier: 76 launching his Helix Rockets

Soldier: 76 is a good DPS Hero to use for beginners. He has some great damage, decent mobility, and good sustain. Like most of his kit, his ultimate is also very easy to use because it literally auto-aims for you, allowing you to get some insane damage within the duration.

Unfortunately, he’s a little too basic for the current meta. He’s also a lone soldier and doesn’t have any skills to help his team out, aside from his AOE healing through the Biotic Field. Not to mention that Sojourn can pretty much give you what Soldier: 76 does and more.



Junkrat using his Rip-Tire ultimate in Overwatch 2

Next up in our Overwatch 2 tier list is another interesting Hero. Junkrat can dish out some insane damage, especially when he has his ultimate up and ready. Maneuvering your ultimate towards a grouped-up enemy team will easily bag you the play of the game. He also has some decent mobility using his Concussion Mine.

What sets Junkrat back is his difficulty to use. It’s hard to become effective on Junkrat, especially in the current fast-paced meta. However, if you know how to play Junkrat and have mastery over his mechanics and movement, you can become unstoppable.



Bastion aiming his weapon

Everyone’s favorite bird-loving robot is the first Hero in our C-tier. Bastion can deal insane amounts of damage, especially after his rework for Overwatch 2. Unfortunately, he has 0 mobility. If you’re caught off-guard by a flank or someone pushes you, you’re pretty much dead unless you have someone supporting you nearby.

However, Bastion can really be useful when you’re on a map that requires you to defend. His Reconfigure skill allows him to switch between being a literally moving turret and his default form. When matched with his ultimate, Bastion becomes a force to reckon with on defense. Unfortunately, he becomes quite the liability on offense and lacks self-sustaining skills.


Junker Queen

Junker Queen posing while holding her shotgun

Junker Queen was one of the new Heroes added together with the launch of Overwatch 2. She has some decent damage, an AOE health increase, and a gap closer. Unfortunately, she just isn’t that useful in the current meta. If this was the old Overwatch with 2 Tanks, she might cause some crazy damage.

There are simply other better Tank options like D.Va if you’re looking to focus on damaging and creating space or Zarya if you want to become a good old-fashioned Tank and Support hybrid.



Hanzo getting ready to fire an arrow while leaping in Overwatch 2

Hanzo is Overwatch’s own bow-wielding Hero. He’s equipped with multiple arrows that are useful in different situations. He requires the precision and accuracy of a true archer to become effective and know what and when to use your arrows.

He’s a great medium-range sniper that can kill enemies from afar. Hanzo has some great mobility that allows him to get to higher locations and create unique angles. However, his overall playstyle just doesn’t fit the current meta, making it hard to recommend him.



Roadhog standing with his hook

Next up, we have Roadhog. Roadhog is actually in a similar place to Junker Queen. They both have short-range burst weapon shotguns, both have hooks, and both have decent sustain. Unfortunately, they both suffer from being held back by the meta.

It can be difficult to land Roadhog’s Chain Hook because of all the mobility present in the current meta. He can still work, though, but requires a specific comp, and you’ll have to be accurate at hooking the Supports and DPS Heroes to be fully effective.



Widowmaker swinging from her Grapplling Hook in Overwatch 2

The problem with Widowmaker is that she requires precision and accuracy above anything else. This can be hard even for the best aimers in the world because of all the insane mobility that gets used in the meta. She also has a slow fire rate and an even slower charged sniper shot, making her fall off the meta.

Widowmaker also has a slow movement utility through her Grappling Hook, which is mostly just useful for climbing up ledges. However, she can still become effective if you can consistently hit your charged-up sniper shots. Aside from that, she just isn’t fit for the meta, which is why she’s in the C-tier of our Overwatch 2 tier list.



Reinhardt holding his hammer

In Overwatch 1, Reinhardt was actually a solid Tank Hero, one of the best. Unfortunately, he’s a slow-moving guy with only melee attacks, making it hard to push enemies back. He also has a shield but can’t attack while using it.

Reinhardt has a charge that can deal insane amounts of damage if you can manage to pin enemies to a wall. But it’s quite hard to land because he doesn’t have other mobility in his kit, especially in a meta where almost everyone has some sort of escape tool. This makes him a lower-tier pick.


Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball getting ready to attack

Next, we have the cute and lovable Wrecking Ball. Like the other Heroes in our C-tier, Wrecking Ball’s main downfall is his difficulty to play. He requires you to have solid mechanical skills and great timing to fully utilize his kit.

He does have a decent primary attack through his Quad Cannons. Wrecking Ball can also protect his team using his Adaptive Shield. However, his Piledriver can be hard to use without properly timing it with your Grappling Claw. It just takes too long to set up, which is a big no-no in the current meta.



Pharah using her Barrage in Overwatch 2

Pharah is one of the few Heroes that can fly in Overwatch 2. She mainly uses a Rocket Launcher as her primary weapon, and most of her skills deal AOE damage. She has amazing aerial mobility and can stay up there for days. Overall, her kit is actually well-rounded.

Unfortunately, Pharah is only strong when she’s in the air. Once she lands, you’re going to have a bad time. If you don’t properly peel for your team and stay up in the air to deal poke damage, you’re going to be useless as Pharah. However, she does have an insanely powerful ultimate, as long as you can ask for help from your healers since she’ll be immobilized for the whole duration.

D – Tier

We’re down to the D-tier. This group of Heroes are at the bottom barrel and, quite frankly, aren’t that good. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t usable at all, but it simply means that you’re better off using literally any other Hero we’ve mentioned above. These Heroes only typically work if you have specific strategies in mind or have complete mastery over them.



Mei aiming her Endothermic Blaster

Mei is one of the unfortunate Heroes that was ruined when she was reworked for Overwatch 2. Ironically, Blizzard limited Mei’s freezing powers to only herself. Before, she could freeze other people, making her annoying to play against. She still has her ice wall, which you can use to block other people off.

Unfortunately, Mei’s main gimmick is gone. She isn’t as fun as before and isn’t a great fit for the meta. If she still had her freezing abilities, she might still be a viable but niche pick in Overwatch 2.



Symmetra getting ready to use her abilities in Overwatch 2

The final Hero on our Overwatch 2 tier list is none other than Symmetra. Symmetra is actually a pretty solid defense Hero. Her Sentry Turrets can deal a ton of damage when enemies pass through and can help teammates get away from danger using her Teleporter. She also has a decent ultimate that can help protect your team.

Unfortunately for her, defense isn’t as strong as it was in Overwatch 1. With the loss of one Tank from each team, it’s harder to peel and create space for your team. This is why damage and fast-paced gameplay are the two main components of the meta. If you don’t have good positioning of your Teleporters and Sentry Turrets, you will not succeed as Symmetra.



Doomfist posing in Overwatch 2

Most of his hype came from being a new Hero and not exactly his skills in-game. He’s widely regarded as one of the worst Tank Heroes in the game and is no longer that popular.

The whole idea behind Doomfist is that he’s an engage-first Tank. This is why his unique Passive grants him temporary health when using abilities to damage opponents. But it’s hard to consistently fight enemies when your base health is only at 450, and you lack any damage-mitigating skills. Other Tanks can do what Doomfist does but with a lot less effort, making him a pretty niche pick.


That’s the end of our Overwatch 2 tier list. We’ve mentioned every Hero’s strengths and weaknesses and why they fit or don’t fit with the meta. Of course, following the meta won’t always be the best choice. Sometimes sleeper picks are the best picks if you know how to utilize them properly.

Who is your favorite Overwatch 2 Hero to play? Comment it below.

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