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Ali Hashmi
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Palworld is releasing in early access on PC through Steam, and we had a lot of fun with the survival and crafting title. The game supports both keyboard and mouse as well as controllers on PC, and if you need a reference to the Palworld controls, we have you covered.

Palworld Keyboard and Mouse Controls

Here are the complete controls for the keyboard and mouse.

Palworld Keyboard Controls
Keyboard Controls for Palworld
Right Mouse ButtonAim
Left Mouse ButtonAttack
Mouse ScrollChange Weapon
Move (Front)W
Move (Back)S
Move (Left)A
Move (Right)D
Summon Pal / Ride Skill 2E
Throw Pal SphereQ
Partner SkillF
Crouch / Slide / Ride Skill 3C
Change Pal (Left)1
Change Pal (Right)3
Change Sphere2
Pal Commands4
Camera Rotation: RightL

Palworld Controller Keybinds

Here are the complete controls for the default Xbox controller.

Palworld Controller Keybinds
Palworld Controller Keybinds
Summon Pal / Ride Skill 2LB
Throw Pal SpehereRB
Partner Skill / ReloadX
Roll / Crouch / Riding Skill 3B
Change Pal (Left)Dpad-Left
Change Pal (Right)Dpad-Right
Change SphereDpad-Down
Pal CommandsRS
Change WeaponY
Attack / Riding Skill 1RT

Palworld Supported Controllers

Palworld has native support for Xbox controllers, but if you have a PlayStation controller you’ll need to enable Steam Input.

If you want to improve performance overall, make sure to check out my handy guide for it.

We hope this guide was useful, and that you have familiarized yourself with the complete Palworld controls. Are you enjoying the game so far? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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