A Beginner’s Guide to Palworld (5 Things to Do First)

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Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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If you’ve just started your Palworld journey, chances are that you are a bit overwhelmed by the game’s mechanics and don’t know what to do. Fret not if that’s the case because we’ve come up with a handy beginner’s guide that will provide tips to help you start off in Palworld with the right footing.

These tips will ensure that players focus on the more important things first and get their base up and running quickly. Once you have the basics down, you can start venturing deeper into the map, and face off against the more powerful Pals. So, let’s take a look at some tips for beginners.


Catching Pals

Catching Pals

Palworld is a survival game where you catch Pokemon, I mean Pals and use them to build, reinforce, defend, and attack bases. To utilize your army of Pals, you first need to catch them. Let’s take a look at how you can do that:

  • First, you need to craft a Pal Sphere.
  • Once you’ve crafted a Pal Sphere, you need to find a Pal to capture.
  • Once you’ve located a Pal, damage it a few times to drain its HP and tire it out. (Doing so increases your chances of capturing a Pal).
  • Then aim the Pal Sphere (press & hold E on PC) and throw the ball at it. If done correctly, the Pal will get captured.

Bonus Tip: Approaching a Pal from behind gives you a “Back Bonus”; further increasing your chances of successfully catching them.


Best Stats to Level Up in Palworld

Stats Palworld
Focus on Weight & Stamina.

Our Palworld beginner’s guide will also brief you on the Stats menu in this game. You can also level up your character’s stats by accumulating XP points. The skill tree is pretty basic. Here’s what each skill reflects:

  • HP: Denotes your character’s maximum health.
  • Stamina: Represents your character’s maximum stamina. Stamina is consumed while running, climbing, attacking, and basically doing any kind of physical effort, such as farming for resources.
  • Attack: How hard your character hits per hit.
  • Defense: How resilient your character is, and how much damage they take per hit.
  • Work Speed: This skill represents how fast your character can build, forge, and craft stuff while you are holding the crafting button.
  • Weight: Signifies your character’s ability to hoard stuff in their inventory. The more your weight capacity, the more resources you can farm per run and not worry about being encumbered.

We suggest that you fully focus on increasing your Stamina and Weight to make traversal and farming a lot easier during the early hours of the game.


Get a Rushoar


It is in the name. Rushoar is a Pal you can get fairly early in the game that will help you in farming ores quickly. This Pal uses a dash attack that lets you hit ore deposits and extract large amounts in seconds.

You can find this Pal in the middle-ish region of the map, location estimate marked in the image below.

Rushoar’s utility doesn’t end there. You can also use this Pal as an early game mount by crafting a saddle for it (unlocked at Level 7 in the Technology tab). This will make exploration a lot more convenient and fast for you.


Base Management

Once your base starts to look somewhat like a base, and you’ve already placed your crafting bench, repair station, campfire, a bunch of beds for your pals, a cabin for yourself, a chest, and a food box as well, we can start placing some extra stuff.

Wood and Stone are this game’s two most fundamental and excessively used resources, especially early on. So, we need to start auto-farming them.

  • Stone Pit: This will give you access to a stone mining pit in your base that your Pals can use to constantly mine for stone.
  • Logging Site: This will give you access to a wood-cutting site in your base that your Pals can use to constantly farm for wood.

Once the Logging Site and Stone Pit are set up, you need to assign Pals to each one. Each Pal in this game is good at farming or doing a specific task.

You can take a look at a Pal’s stats from the base management menu and see what they are good at in the right corner of the screen. Assign the ore farming and wood cutting to the relevant Pals.

You can pick and throw Pals that are roaming around the base towards the site where you want them to work, and they’ll start working there.

Pal Work Suitability - Palworld Tips
As an example, you can see how this Foxparks is good at Kindling.

Bonus Tip: If you place a chest between the logging site and the stone pit, your Pals will farm the resources and automatically place them inside the chests.


Get a Foxparks

Similar to the Rushoar, we recommend that you catch and befriend a Foxparks as early as possible. This powerful fire-type Pal will help you a lot during the early hours when your base gets raided or you simply need a reliable Pal that deals a ton of damage.

Foxparks can be found roaming around the starting area of Palworld. This Pal can picked up and used as a flamethrower to annihilate enemies. All you need to do is craft its Harness (which is unlocked in the Technology tab at Level 7)

When starting in Palworld, you should follow the tips in this beginner’s guide to get a feel for the game and then start venturing deeper into the map, expanding your base, increasing your Pal workforce, and becoming a legendary pal trainer. God Speed!

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