PlayStation Could Announce Spartacus In February 2022

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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It seems that PlayStation could announce their rumored competitor to Game Pass codenamed Project Spartacus as early as this month, potentially. A change to the fine print on the artwork of the latest PlayStation Plus line-up has opened up a can of speculation on the subject.

PlayStation Project Spartacus – is it coming?

PlayStation’s Project Spartacus is the rumored Game Pass competitor that Sony is planning on announcing, and we know about it from an early report from Bloomberg, written by Jason Schreier.

Here’s why we think there is a strong likelihood of it being announced very soon.

Upon further reviewing the latest line-up for February 2022 games, aside from disappointment, there was a small note that caught our eye a day later.

Other diligent Twitter users also pointed this out:

It seems that the text on the artwork has been changed to say something else, but if you look at the text from previous artworks over the months, and maybe even the years, the text on the image has changed.

You can have a look for yourself at the official PlayStation Blog.

Here is another close-up.

February 2021 PS+ Lineup
February 2022 PS+ Lineup

Notice how the first image for February 2021 PS+ Lineup states “For PlayStation Plus Members“. However, when we look at the text below February, it says “Available this month at no extra cost“.

Notice the entire elimination of PlayStation Plus from the wording, this alone has made fans speculate that PlayStation’s rumored Spartacus plan.

Even when the layout of the artwork changes, such as the games announced for October 2020, “For PS Plus Members” is still prominent on the art, and in the months of Jan, Feb, March, and April 2020 free games, the text for “Free Games for PS Plus Members” is prominently there.

The omission of the text is indeed suspicious and may have indeed flown well under everyone’s radar as this is something that barely anyone will likely notice, if at all.

We could be grasping at straws here, but with the recent news of Microsoft acquiring Activision/Blizzard, and Sony’s stock plummeting a whole 12% on that day due to the news, it wouldn’t be beyond imagination to think that Sony may be looking to announce Spartacus soon.

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