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"I can only get along with cats. I hate humans! It's just a devil's instinctual sort of hatred." - Power

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Out of all the anime releases that happened to come out during the spooky month of October, none was more hyped than Chainsaw Man. And that is a huge feat, considering the debut of the highly anticipated anime was around the same time as giants such as Bleach and Spy X Family returning with new seasons of their own.

It seems like the anime fraternity has already chosen their waifu of the year: Meet Power (パワー Pawā) from Chainsaw Man. 

Humans make haste, allow me to kill something! I starve for blood!

Power | Chainsaw Man

Introduction: Bow Before Her! Her Name Is Power!

Power is one of the main supporting cast members in Chainsaw Man and likely the Best Girl candidate. In reality, she’s a Public Safety Devil Hunter, part of Makima’s special squadron, which is also known as the Tokyo Special Division 4.

This particular team is more experimental than others. It includes the likes of Denji, aka the show’s frontrunner and main protagonist, and Aki Hayakawa, better known as Twitter’s new malewife. Combine that with Power being a Blood Fiend (血ちの魔ま人じん | Chi no majin), and you have a force to be reckoned with. But it’s the dynamic between the humans and the Devils, like Power, that really makes things interesting.

Power’s Appearance: Cute Lowlights, Casual Wear, and Seriously Cutthroat Fangs

I love the character designs for almost everyone in Chainsaw Man, but the way Power is created is probably my favorite. She’s not a tiny anime girl, and she doesn’t dress like it, either. Power exudes fun and charm, with the underlying threat of deadly. 

With mid-length blonde hair that dips into pink hues at the end, along with a standard dress shirt and slacks, you can almost imagine her as a salary woman on the streets of Tokyo. But it’s when you get closer that you start to see that not everything is right with the cat-loving woman. Her eyes reflect bloodlust, yellow and red intersecting in a cross pattern.

This, combined with her sharp teeth and the horns that can sprout out when she consumes too much blood, almost serve as a warning. But it’s her Devil form that’s truly predatory. A humanoid with multiple arms, a cat-like tail and an open chest that has intestines almost bursting out of the seams, she looks every bit the monster she is. After all, Power is the Blood Devil.

Power Chainsaw Man Anime vs Manga
Power Chainsaw Man Anime vs Manga

A Personality From Hell Itself

One of the main reasons Power has really popped off on the internet is because of how different she is compared to her predecessors in anime. When you think of the standard formation in Shonen anime trios, there is a formula at play. And the sole female of the trio always embodies the nagging but smart stereotype, often being boring in her selfless nature. 

Power is anything but. She is greedy, as is the nature of her Devil powers. But she’s also childish and almost single-minded in her goals, not caring about the chaos that lies in her wake. Power is wild, vivacious, and fights like she means it. However, the girl also has some serious self-preservation skills because she isn’t afraid to run when she realizes that an opponent is stronger. 

But, at the end of it all, Power loves the thrill of a good fight. She loves the attention when she’s really getting into a beatdown and shows off as much as possible. And to her, there are no good or bad sides.

She isn’t self-righteous or villainous, simply opportunistic. She bats for the winning side, and she isn’t afraid to admit it. 

But it is this exact bold nature that often leads her to come off as insanely rude. And honestly, yeah, Power is kind of a mess. Homegirl does seem to have a slight hygiene problem: she admits she rarely bathes or picks up after herself. She’s very immature, thinking others need to clean up her mess and not the other way around. She rarely takes responsibility for the havoc she wreaks. 

And then, of course, there’s the whole habitual liar thing. This plays back to her self-preservation schtick because she has no qualms about shifting the blame for her errors on others, like when she accidentally killed a Devil she wasn’t supposed to. And when Makima confronted her over it, she didn’t skip a beat to name Denji as the one who did it instead. Often she’ll shirk her duties on the pretense of being hungry or not up for it, and she also happens to be a terrible gossip.

So far, she’s the antithesis of so many female characters in Shonen anime, but that doesn’t mean she’s all bad.

Debut and Character Portrayal

Fairouz Ai has portrayed Makima in the official Japanese version of the Anime. In contrast, Sarah Wiedenheft has been responsible for the English version of the Anime.

Having said that, Power was initially revealed in the following publications:

AnimeEpisode 2
MangaChapter 4
Power’s portrayals

Power: Trauma and The Power of Friendship

The great thing about Power is that she isn’t a flat-toned character. She isn’t just some reckless party girl who shares a singular brain cell with Denji, nor is she this fearsome cannibalistic ma=onster who will devour anything in her way. 

Power, for all her supernatural qualms, is surprisingly humane and relatable. She’s lazy and a little offbeat. She might be selfish and a glutton on most days, but she would sell out her own colleagues if it meant keeping her pet cat safe. She is compassionate and loyal; however, this side of her only extends to a couple of individuals around her. 

Power Trauma

However, the most interesting aspect about her is how she dealt with the suffering she has gone through over the course of the manga. After her brief stint in Hell, where she came across the Darkness Devil, she was left traumatized. To her, the Darkness Devil was this entity that was going to consume her whole. For Power, who was so used to being on top of the food chain, this was a shock to come to terms with. And for a while, she had a severe case of PTSD.

And this is where she learned to depend upon Denji and Aki for comfort, with them helping her even with the most menial of tasks like eating and bathing. Despite how strongly we are led to believe she is vulgar and obscene to everyone, a lot of it is simply her nature. To her, the taste of blood and flesh overrides basic human emotions. She’s instinctual and animalistic at times, but that doesn’t mean she is incapable of making friends or unworthy of familial affection. She gets Denji birthday cakes and even puts herself on the line to protect him.

Professional Affiliations

Power has worked as a Peace Officer and Devil Hunter with Public Safety. She has currently affiliated with the following organizations:

  • Tokyo Special Division 5 
  • Public Safety Devil Hunters

Power And Her Relationships

Despite her ‘peculiar’ habits and way of living in Chainsaw Man, Power has conjured up a fair number of relationships. Whether they’ll work well for her or not is a separate story altogether. 

With that said, here’s how her relationships work:

Denji (Chainsaw Man) And Power: Platonic Soulmates

Denji (Chainsaw Man) And Power: Platonic Soulmates

A particular article about Chainsaw Man actually had to do with a very specific scene in chapter 71, where Denji and Power both take a bath together. But there is no sexual tension, no ulterior motive behind the act. 

This is surprising, considering how Denji was obsessed with being in a relationship and wanting sexual intimacy. But with those two, it was clearly platonic. Denji is being intimate with her in a familial way providing comfort in a time of clear distress. She had just faced the Darkness Devil, a near primordial being that is likely as old as humanity itself. And so, even someone as loud and proud as Power is shaken up beyond belief. 

But Denji comforts her and helps her navigate through all the fear that’s causing her to go numb. They are truly beyond just friends, going as far as to be a family. Both are traumatized by the things they’ve experienced and the supernatural oddities that they have become. 

Of course, their relationship wasn’t always like this. In the beginning, Power didn’t really care about Denji at all or vice versa. She would actively make him the scapegoat or leave him out to dry when a fight stopped going their way. However, all of that changed when he helped save Power’s kitty, Meowy, and the two have been thick as thieves since. 

In general, the two are very alike. They are chaotic, kind of dumb and bicker-like siblings. It’s honestly pretty refreshing to see an opposite-sex friendship that is so wild and wacky. And yet, it ends up being endearingly wholesome at the same time.

Meowy: Quick Meal Turned Literal Furbaby

Quick Meal Turned Furbaby

Look, Power has never hidden just how much she doesn’t care what source her food comes from. Meat is meat, whether that’s beef, human, or some other animal. All Power wants is to devour, and she doesn’t really discern between the creatures she preys upon.

Except when it came to Meowy. At first, she raises and cares for Meowy solely to fatten him up and make a good meal out of him, like that witch in Hansel and Gretel. But somewhere down the line, I guess the little guy dug his grubby little paws into Power’s heart. And since then, the two have been inseparable. Power went as far as to implicate Denji. Just so that she could save

Meowy from being killed by the Bat Devil, and when she thought Meowy was dead, she even contemplated dying herself. So, clearly, Meowy isn’t just a pet to her, but closer to a child.

Aki Hayakawa: The Reluctant Big Brother Figure?

Aki Hayakawa

By now, we can all agree that Denji and Power are not only inseparable but also insufferable. Don’t get me wrong, they make for a very dynamic duo, but you always need a little balance in your life. And that balance and grounding come from Aki.

When Power has to start living with Aki during the Public Safety arc, they quickly realize that the two are very different personalities. With Power, she just loves pushing Aki’s buttons alongside Denji, and that leads to situations where it feels like Aki is doing damage control for their antics. But it’s become quite clear that Power and Aki are close. The two have started caring for each other, having each other’s back during struggles. 

Aki and Power are very much like a responsible big brother taking care of his bratty little sister who is high on sugar, and it’s very exhausting but cute. 

Power Up, Power: Abilities Of The Famed Blood Devil

Power is a Blood Devil fiend capable of bending blood to her will. Here’s how her abilities work:

Power: Fight Like A Girl!

Power holds nothing back; I think we’ve established that by now. She is rowdy, loud, and duking it up with the best of the best. And why wouldn’t she be when she’s practically immortal?

Thanks to the power granted to her by being the Blood Devil, she can reincarnate time and time again in Hell, much like the Other Devils. But that doesn’t mean she’s getting offed anytime soon. The girl is seriously powerful, with enhanced durability and speed. She also happens to be wicked fast, dodging and running when the going gets too tough. 

But it’s her ability to be a humanoid bloodhound that’s really unique, with a sense of smell that is much stronger than most out there. Her contract with Denji also allows her more power now, helping them in stopping Makima from regenerating. 

The Blood Devil: Bloody Powerful! 

Blood Devil Bloody Powerful

When it comes to the Blood Devil itself, you already know Power’s got her abilities on lock. Much like every other Devil in existence, there are just some traits that are only accessible by the Devil that inhabits a certain trait. 

With Power, that happens to be the ability to manipulate blood upon will. Think Bloodbending from Avatar: The Last Airbender, but somehow even scarier. She can create weapons with it, use hers to regenerate someone else or heal them back to health. Hell, she can even consume more blood in order to bring herself back up to speed when she’s at her weakest. But that’s also due in part to the fact that she is the Blood Fiend. And those tend to have better, faster regenerative processes when compared to other Devils. 

As long as there is even a drop of her blood out there, she can basically revive herself from scratch. This is exactly what happened when she was killed by Makima, and Denji was able to bring her back thanks to the little bit of her blood he had consumed beforehand.

Character Appearances

Power has been a part of the following arcs in Chainsaw Man:

Intro arc
1Dog & ChainsawAbsent
2The Place Where Pochita IsAbsent
3Arrival in TokyoAbsent
Bat Devil arc
5A Way to Touch Some BoobsAppears
7Meowy’s WhereaboutsAppears
8Chainsaw vs. BatAbsent
13Gun DevilAppears
Eternity Devil arc
14French KissAppears
15Endless 8th FloorAppears
16The First TasteAppears
17Kill DenjiAppears
18Chainsaw vs. EternityAppears
19Nobel PrizeAppears
21Taste of a KissAppears
22Cola-Flavor Chupa ChupsAbsent
Katana Man arc
25Ghost, Snake, ChainsawAppears
26The Gun is MightierAbsent
27From KyotoAbsent
28Secrets & LiesAbsent
29Perfect ScoreAppears
30Bruised & BatteredAppears
31The Future RulesAppears
32Over and Over AgainAppears
33Mission StartAbsent
34Full TeamAbsent
36Katana vs. ChainsawAppears
37Train, Head, ChainsawAbsent
38Easy Revenge!Appears
Bomb Girl arc
40Love, Flower, ChainsawAbsent
41Before the StormAbsent
42Teach Me How to SwimAbsent
43Jane Fell Asleep in the ChurchMentioned
44Boom Boom BoomAbsent
45A Fine Day for ExplosionsAbsent
46The Melody of a MassacreAbsent
47Luck With WomenAbsent
48Kaboom Kaboom KaboomAbsent
49Shark HurricaneAbsent
51Dark DivingAbsent
52Lost Love, Flower, ChainsawAppears
International Assassins arc
53In a DreamAppears
54To Go to EnoshimaAbsent
55Let’s GoAppears
56A Curse and A FistAppears
58Yutaro KuroseAbsent
60Quanxi and Fiends’ 49-Person MassacreAppears
61News ReporterAppears
62Super MessAppears
63Trip To HellAppears
64Welcome To HellAppears
65The Darkness DevilAppears
67The First Devil HunterAbsent
68Dark PowerAbsent
69Shining PowerAbsent
Gun Devil arc
72All TogetherAppears
73Everyday Life No MoreAppears
74What the Waves SayAbsent
76Don’t Open ItAppears
77Ring Ring RingAppears
78Snowball FightAppears
79Play CatchAbsent
Control Devil arc
80A Dog’s FeelingsAppears
82Always Eat A Hearty BreakfastAppears
83Death, Resurrection, ChainsawAppears
84Hero Of HellAbsent
85Bloody Good Gut FeelingAbsent
86Date ChainsawAbsent
87Chainsaw Man vs. the Horrifying Weapon HumansAbsent
88Star ChainsawAbsent
89Go Get ‘Em, Chainsaw ManAbsent
90Super PowerAppears
91Power, Power, PowerDeath
92Zombie, Blood, ChainsawAbsent
93You & Crappy MoviesAbsent
94Chainsaw Man vs. the Weapon HumansAbsent
95Chainsaw Man vs. Control DevilAbsent
96This Kind of TasteMentioned
97I, Love, ChainsawAbsent

Power Wallpapers

Note: We don’t ‘own’ any of the following materials. All rights are reserved for their respective owners

Power Mobile Wallpapers

Power Desktop Wallpapers

All in all, it’s not hard to see why Power has been winning the hearts of weebs and casuals alike. She’s just a cool little freak, and she’s clearly here to stay! 

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