PS5 April Update Will Bring a Plethora of New Features

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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Sony has just announced some major updates in the upcoming PS5 April Update. While we still won’t have themes or folders just yet, the update will allow players to do a lot more things and expect new features with this update setting the pace for it.

PS5 April Update – an update to look forward to

Sony has just talked about the PS5 April Update on their offiJoincial blog. Here are the key takeaways from that post:

  • You can now transfer PS5 games to an external storage but can’t play them from it. You will have to copy them back to the internal SSD to play them.
  • You will need a USB 3.0 or above HDD (minimum of 250GB and up to 8TB)
  • PS5 users can now share play with PS4 users
  • Cross generation Join Game Session possible in certain games
  • Improved Game Base that will let you chat with friends and parties more swiftly
  • Disable game chat and adjust player volume in party
  • Updates will automatically download in rest mode if enabled by the developer
  • You can now hide and show games in the library
  • Screen zoom is back
  • The trophy and stats screen has gotten a significant revamp

Lastly, the official PlayStation App is also getting some new features:

  • The ability to save products in a wishlist
  • Get notified when a friend is online
  • Change console online status

In the future, the app will also be able to join a gaming session on PS5 from the app, managing the PS5 storage, compare trophies with friends and sort/filter the PlayStation store selection.

You can read more details in the official blog post, but this is certainly some exciting news that PS5 owners can look forward to.

While Themes, folders and a lot of other features are still on the waiting list from fans, its good to see that Sony is improving the mobile experience as well which is something that Microsoft has already done with their mobile app and the Xbox Series consoles.

While a release date hasn’t been specified yet, keep an eye out for the system update in this month.

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