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Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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If you are a trophy or achievement hunter like myself and aim to get the platinum in Modern Warfare II, the 3 spec ops missions will probably be the last parts of your journey to earning that sweet 1000G/Platinum trophy. What makes this guide unique is a tried and tested method that has made me get each of the 3 stars in nearly half the time needed, and all you need is good planning, a friend, and a little bit of luck.

Low Profile 3 Star In Spec Ops

To get Low Profile 3 Star In Spec Ops, you just need to complete the mission in less than 15 minutes.

Stuff to know before you start the mission:

  • You can split up and get the nuclear material in B & C at the same time with little to no trouble.
  • When headed for extraction, make sure you have a good ranged weapon, but also an AR or good SMG.
  • The game creates a checkpoint every time you pick up an objective item, so by picking the two items up rapidly, you create an artificial checkpoint.
  • When you die, you will respawn at the last checkpoint, i.e. the last objective item you picked up.
  • A is a house full of traps. You have to clear enemies where you can and go prone under the lasers, and disable a device to get clear of the security for that floor.
  • All 3 intel items are easy to find once you have enough practice.
  • The recommended route is to tackle A last, as the exfiltration point is nearest to it.
  • Even if you die and there are dog tags in your place, you can still be fully revived by your teammate.

The Loadout

While this can vary from one player to the next, my friend and I just took Assault and took turns dropping armor plates. When I had armor plates ready to drop, we stocked up and then would switch turns until the end of the mission.

If you are looking for pure run-and-gun experience, you can also try a composition of Assault and Medic, with the more skilled player being the medic, and the gung-ho partner being the Assault. The Medic revives faster and can also revive from a distance.

A look at Low Profile when you land.
The Low Profile mission in Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops.

The Strategy

Normally, you would think sticking together is the best strategy, But if you want it done quickly and easily, divide and conquer. The more skilled player should head to C, and locate the radioactive material. The lesser-skilled player should drop to B.

If you run into a Juggernaut and they down you, restart the mission. Ideally, you each can take 2 to 3 minutes to location the radioactive material, but not longer.

After you have material B and C, simply head on over to A. Breaking stealth is easy in this game and the gunfights are laughable at best if you don’t run into a Juggernaut.

After getting the material from A, just make a straight rush for the exit, a small shootout sequence, and a clean escape will earn you 3 stars.

Locating the Objective

When you drop into the houses marked A, B, or C, you will have to look for Silo heads that have an object in them as shown below.

Locating the objective item

There will also be empty silo heads around, and your Geiger counter will also point you in the direction of the objective via a needle in the reader.

Make note of the Giger counter to ensure you get the Low Profile 3 Star In Spec Ops
You can see that the needle is on the R of Danger

In the above image, you can see that the Geiger counter is taking us to the right of the map.

Making the most of death

The idea here is to deliberately die and learn the possible spawn locations for the radioactive materials at B and C. Whichever one you pick up last will be your spawn location for when you die.

If you do die in the mission, you will be shown a total of your time. This is your total mission time tracked, and not real-world time. However, if you want to be sure to get the trophy/achievement, you should consider rinsing and repeating this mission until you have both objective items within 3 minutes.

By the 3-minute mark, you both should be on your way to A.

As soon as you enter A, it is a house full of laser traps. These can instantly down you if triggered. To disable them, you have to go prone below the lasers and disable the C4 Like device on the wall.

How to disable the traps in A

And here is a closer look at the device.

Disabling the trap is a part of getting the Low Profile 3 Star In Spec Ops
You must go prone to the device, and get close enough to interact with it.

Just be vigilant of the lasers here and make sure you don’t run into any of the lasers.

When you do get device A, make a quick dash for the exfiltration point. When you do reach the exfiltration point, you are free to go loud. Pick up any gun you feel can help you fight as you have enemies running at you on foot, and also caravans of armored vehicles. Soon, a scripted scene will occur where the helicopter there to extract you levies fire on the ground forces, and lands on the ground to help complete the mission.

Keep in mind, getting device A automatically sets your checkpoint to that final objective, and your next objective will just be to exfiltrate the mission.


In short, try to learn the spawn points of the object in B and C, as A should be your last priority. It is a trap-filled house and should be the one you give the most attention to. Ideally, by the 3-minute mark, you and your teammate should be headed toward A.

If all goes well, both of you should have completed the game well under 15 minutes, which is what you need for 3 stars.

Replicating this strat with my friend, the lowest time I got was 8 minutes, and the longest was 12 minutes, with our carelessness causing our deaths to make us spawn again at A or B, but mostly at A.

We hope this guide was helpful and that were you able to get Low Profile 3 Star In Spec Ops. Share your thoughts and results in the comments below.

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