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Apparently, you can't craft stuff without the parts to actually craft stuff.

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Raft evolved since its first early access release in 2018. The game now has a story mode that the developers are committed to constantly updating it with new content and even voice lines. The latest major update, and truly the biggest update Raft ever had, was the “Final Chapter” update.

Since the game now has a fantastic story mode, Raft provides quest items for each completed quest. Most are items that you will find during your search in a story-connected island or location in general. One of the essential story-connected items is the Battery Charger. This guide will help you figure out the way to craft it, the locations of its parts, and more.

Where Are the Battery Charger Parts?

Since we’ve started talking about Raft, we’ve established that there is a multitude of story-connected islands. You can find these islands through the Receiver, the one we have previously explained how to craft and use in a separate Raft guide.

To our fortune, the Raft battery charger parts are not scattered among multiple story-connected islands. Instead, the developers scattered the battery charger parts throughout one island, Caravan Island. This particular island is not exclusive to finding the battery charger parts. In fact, there are a couple of other tasks that are unrelated to the battery charger.

Regardless, since this guide is dedicated to the battery charger parts locations, that’s our focus for the next couple of paragraphs. Anyways, moving on to the first location.

First Location: The Dock

First battery charger part location, Caravan Island
Original photo via: The Official Raft Wiki

The first thing you should see when you approach Caravan Island is the massive sign that reads “Bandar Kafilah.” Besides the sign, you’re going to arrive at the main docks of the island, which contains the first battery charger part of the three. Nevertheless, please remember to anchor your raft before you leave it.

Your McGuffin is close to the “Port Office,” which is a yellow container. You will find the first battery charger part lying on the ground, as highlighted in the picture above.

Second Location: Top of the Mountain

Second battery charger part location, Caravan Island
Original photo via: The Official Raft Wiki

Okay, so you’ve finished anchoring your raft, and now you have the first battery charger part in your inventory. Where do you get to the second battery charger part?

The place right above the “Bandar Kafilah” sign, the hanging plank that carries two housing units, you’ll find a couple of stairs that will lead you up to the top of the mountain. After scaling the stairs, you’ll find a blue and brown housing unit to which the second battery charger part is adjacent.

Third Part: Other Top of the Mountain

Third battery charger part location, Caravan Island
Original photo via: The Official Raft Wiki

The third and final one is located at the top of the mountain too, but this time, you’ll have to climb up the towering trailers that have a red flag on the top. You’ll go through the wooden bridge adjacent to the tower until you find the black housing unit, which is exactly behind the three-trailer compound that has the third battery charging part.

Don’t forget that the location is highlighted in the picture at the top.

How to Craft & Use the Raft Battery Charger

The player holding the battery charger blueprint.
Photo via: The Official Raft Wiki

Alas, you’ve collected the three battery charger parts. Now you can create the Blueprint: Battery Charger, which will require you to use the workbench at the Mayor’s office first. The Mayor’s office is in Caravan Town and will supposedly require a key that you will find in the Infirmary.

Now that you’ve created the blueprint for the battery charger, you are allowed to craft the battery charger, but first, you will need the following resources:

  • 15 Plastic
  • 5 Scrap
  • 1 Circuit Board
  • 4 Titanium Ingot

After finally crafting it, you can use the battery charger to charge the batteries. The battery charger uses biofuel as its primary power source, which you should be connecting to fuel pipes. Battery charger also offers four canister slots for biofuel canisters. Also, keep in mind that the battery charger offers about two slots, and each can recharge one battery at a time.


Finally, the most intuitive thing about this scavenger hunt is the capacity light indicator. If the battery isn’t at full capacity currently, the small bulb will be lighting the color orange, juxtaposing the battery at full capacity, which should give the color green.

Raft’s Battery Charger is extremely helpful in the direst of situations. And what situation is direr than your status in an ocean on a raft surrounded by one of the water’s most brutal predators? If I were you, I wouldn’t count stepping on a lego a direr situation than this.

Anyways, as always, tell us if the guide helped you. And even more, do tell us if we missed something. We’re always eager to hear from you.

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