Ragnarok Mobile 2.0 Eternal Love Best Farmer in Game for 2021

Santiago Guyette
Santiago Guyette
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Ragnarok Online quickly became a huge success when it was released so many years ago on the PC. There’s no surprise that Ragnarok Mobile would follow suit. Not too long ago an update drastically changed things. Certain aspects became much easier and others stayed as basically “problematic”. The biggest problem for the game has always been farming. So with the newest of updates and features (as of April 2021), the question quickly becomes who is the best farmer in-game, hands down?  Here’s the answer along with the how and why.

What’s the Perfect Character/Build for Farming in Ragnarok Eternal Love?

The perfect build for farming in Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love is one that has almost nothing for requirements. This means that you won’t be switching items, cards, stats, and everything else. You won’t need to be level 3,000! There’d be no need for all that just to fit into specific situations. Your character can handle lots of situations. You won’t be running out of SP or be floor hugging while you’re at it! You certainly won’t want to have to buy converters, pots, or anything else.

What you will need is very basic things to have the best farmer in-game. The ability to change skills for the specific situations you’re aiming for. You’ll need photos of the mobs which you should already have. You’ll need around 1 weeks’ worth of playing time (not leveling) for building your character. You’ll need a specific and incredibly versatile character. Lastly, you’ll need an elemental table to reference.

Travelers Notes Elements
Travelers Notes Elements

You can find the Traveler’s Notes book in your inventory. It won’t take long to gain. Check the Adventure Guide tab. That shows you the elemental table. Just read it from left to right and down the list. A “1” indicates standard damage done without penalties. Anything less than “1” shows reduced damage against that element. Amounts higher than “1” shows bonus damage against that element. Take the example of the first row (Air). Air vs. Water (third column) means you’ll hit water element targets harder.

When you start out in one of the 2 new servers in Ragnarok Mobile, it won’t take long (around 10-15 minutes or less) for you to become third job and already level 120. The fourth job comes on day 2. Sorry, it’s rigged that way! From there, you can spend a day or two building it up via quests. It’s highly recommended to do lots of quests. They’re not hard especially when you’re already starting at level 120! So what’s that specific character? That’d be the Ninja. Specifically, the magic-based Ninja.

Where’s the Proof That the Magic Ninja is the Best Farmer in Game?

Based on using an empty account, the magic based Ninja in Ragnarok Mobile qualifies above all else. The aim is having relaxed farming sessions. You won’t have to worry about your character while AFK for the full CT (no matter how much CT you use). Pretty much everything you need is provided via quests. Then be able to farm almost everything pretty much right from the start. The updates in the 2 new servers allow for this by starting you at level 120. So, much of the building work is already done! With a little bit of skill set up and testing, you can quickly and easily go farming bonkers with a magic Ninja.

Well that’s all fine and dandy but how about some better proof?

The Exchange

When you’re easily and willingly selling those items on the Exchange, you’re going to gain like crazy. You’ll also know you’re on to something when those items are easily gained without much building effort.


Farming can be fun and relaxing but do mind your storage!

Current Level

The magic Ninja showing above happens to be around 3 months old. It was never used for hardcore gaming sessions. Check the level in the upper left corner. Clearly leveling wasn’t the concern! All hunts were done with 450 minutes of CT available only. Make note that this currently has a zeny bought premium. You can get one or not! Check the pet Wanderer! That will get expensive in Ragnarok Mobile 2.0 when quickly built!


It might not seem like much. However, with all things considered, it was all too easy and stress free to build all that up and still have the 19+ Million zeny showing above in the inventory. Pretty lazy farming if you asked me! Then again, you should already know that these things don’t just magically appear in your account! You’ll be putting in some farming time!

How Do You Build a Magic Ninja Farmer?

Do note that the term “Ninja” here covers Ninja to Amaterasu. How to build a magic Ninja in Ragnarok Mobile is the very easy part. Again, you’ll gain a lot to work with when doing the quests when you make an instant level 120 Ninja. This already includes a set of items you can use in many situations. From there it’s a matter of the Traveler’s Notes and skill setups.

Use the Traveler’s Notes to determine the element of your target(s). Sometimes you can get away with it anyways because the magic Ninjas hits harder than your last divorce! Once you know the element of the target(s), you can simply switch skills accordingly. You’ll also have 5 elements to work to your advantage. That’s why the magic Ninja is the best farmer in game, hands down. It makes things all too easy.

Ghost Element

See the skills at the bottom? You can freely change those skills at any time. For the most part, you barely have to do that. Ninjas have an elemental converter and booster built in.

Leave It Behind

Four Souls will not only convert your element to work on your skills, it’ll also provide a damage boost. Simply select the element you want. So where’s the fifth element? That’s the Ghost element showing in the previous screen shot above.  It only lasts 30 seconds but sure enough, it works against Ghost element! It has a short CD so you can spam it if needed. Now here’s the fun part. Four Souls is only the beginning.

Naturally, a floor hugging character in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love won’t be appreciated! You need something tough as nails and lasting. The Ninjas have both covered. With the skill Leave it Behind, you’ll have few concerns about loading up massive amounts of SP Discharge. This includes those who like the “Overnight Sensation” farming. Sure enough, that skill can fully regen your HP too. So tough as nails and long lasting were never a problem for magic Ninjas.

For an added bonus, the magic Ninja also includes the extremely lazy man’s farming mode! That’s right; your Ninja barely has to do anything. With the skill Ninjutsu – Thousand Shadows, your clones can do all the farming for you. Just put that skill and some buffs in your auto-skill slots and you’re all set. The clones use all your attack skills and auto-attack. You won’t even pull aggression from the mobs unless a clone gets killed by a mob when you have Burning Prison active. To counter that, simply use the Fog Cutting skill. You’ll be invisible and still be able to attack and cast.

The last part to the magic Ninja for farming is the auto-attacking. It’s really not a great auto-attacker being a magic based Ninja. However, these skills help.

Auto Attack Skills

You’ll get extra hits in on your target with those two passives.

With all things considered and put together, you have the best and easiest to use farming character in Ragnarok Mobile 2.0 without a doubt. As long as you don’t try an incredibly bad idea, it’s pretty much unstoppable.

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