Rainbow Six Siege Is Finally Solving Its Biggest Problem on Consoles

Rainbow Six Siege Finally Talks KB&M On Consoles

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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  • The new update could solve the keyboard & mouse issue on consoles
  • Full announcement on February 18th
  • Biggest announcement for the console community yet

For years, the console versions of Rainbow Six Siege have had their fair share of problems and troubles. While the consoles aren’t marred by hackers as badly as the PC version, another problem that has existed since the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game could finally be resolved – the issue of Keyboard and Mouse players on consoles. Hallelujah!

Rainbow Six Siege Could Finally Deal With The KB&M Problem on Consoles

After what feels like years of shouting at the clouds, Ubisoft has finally heard the long prayers of the Rainbow Six Siege console community. In a cryptic tweet earlier today, the account tweeted out what could be the news fans have been waiting for.

The Icon shows a mouse with a symbol that’s often associated with ‘has stopped working’ on Windows, and this could be the sign that console fans have been waiting for. As someone who still plays the game on a console, the higher ranks in the game, especially diamond and above, are plagued by keyboard & mouse players.

These players have unusually high KD ratios, and despite reporting them to Ubisoft in-game, and making in-game tickets, Ubisoft support would often pass the ball to Sony, and Sony in turn does not care about the issue. With a plethora of third-party accessories available for Sony and Microsoft consoles, many controller console players would be content with hitting Platinum as going higher will mean just hitting keyboard and mouse players.

Hopefully, Ubisoft shares further news on February 18th, and hopefully talk about how they are planning on tackling one of the biggest issues related to the game after so many years of uproar from fans.

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