The Rarest Icons in League of Legends, Ranked

You might not have even seen some of these icons.

Umer Cheema
Umer Cheema
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There are hundreds of icons in LoL but some are so rare that you might not have even seen them despite playing many games. That is why we will show you the rarest icons in League of Legends.

The icons in this list are extremely rare and you might not have seen some of them at all. If we missed any rare ones, let us know as well. With that said, let’s dive right in and get started.


Radiant Wukong

While you can get this icon anytime, you must buy the Radiant Wukon figure from the Riot store. Upon buying the figure, you’ll receive a digital code you can use to unlock this icon.

Unless you are a Wukong enthusiast, chances are that you won’t get the figure – and in turn, the icon. The icon itself looks good but since it comes at a price, only Wukong mains will want to get it.


Dominion Icon

If you weren’t playing League back in the day, you might have completely missed a game mode called Dominion. It was a unique mode that developed a strong community. However, since it wasn’t that popular, Riot removed it.

To get this icon, you must have not only played Dominion but have at least 100 wins. Since not a lot of players reached this milestone, this icon is one of the most rare ones in LoL.


Great Mentor

Before the new honor system, players could see other summoners’ honor by checking their badges on their profiles.

There were different categories (Great Leader, Great Teammate, and Great Mentor). However, the most unique of these is the Great Mentor icon which is even rarer these days.


Hextech Hard Candy

This rare icon was given out to players back in 2014. During the Sugar Rush event, you had to gift another player to be eligible for this icon.

I have only encountered this icon once or twice during my matches which tells me it is quite rare.


Perfect Ascension

Players got this icon during the Ascension game mode in LoL. To get it, your team needs to ascend at least once while the enemy team doesn’t get a chance to.

Summoners had to defeat Xerath while all of their team was inside the ring. Plus, you need to make sure that the enemy team wasn’t in the ring or they would ascend as well.

Since the game mode is no longer available, getting this icon is impossible now.


Season Two Championship Icon

This icon was released back in Season Two during the World Championship Finals. Riot showed a code for all players watching their livestream that they can redeem to get this icon.

Since this icon was only available back in Season Two (which was in 2012), chances of seeing this are extremely rare.


Challenger Icon

Getting the Challenger icon itself is quite the task as you need to reach the highest rank in League of Legends and have more than honor level 2.

Since only 0.02% of the player population reaches this rank, seeing this icon is extremely rare. What’s more, is that if players reached Challenger in the early seasons, chances are that you might not even see that icon once because some players might have left the game.


Santa Baron

During the Christmas event of Season 1/2, you could get this icon by being a positive player. To ensure that you are a positive player, you must not have received any ban during the event. Plus, getting honored also boosted your chances of getting this icon.

The Holiday Nashor (or Santa Baron) is no longer available and players who played the game during the first two seasons were able to get it.


Master Beta Tester

As the name suggests, this icon was rewarded to players who helped beta test League of Legends back in 2009. So, if you see this, it means you’ve come across a player that has seen it all.

Not only that but players needed to enter the top 500 players in their regions to be eligible for this icon.


Grand Master Beta Tester

Finally, let’s talk about the rarest icon in LoL – Grand Master Beta Tester. This icon was only given to players who helped to beta-test League of Legends back in 2009.

However, to get the Grand Master Beta Tester, you must have reached the top 100 players in your region during beta testing. Since only a handful of players have this icon, the chances of seeing this one are almost zero.

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