10 Rarest Items in Minecraft and How to Get Them

Let's Do Some Treasure Hunting!

Ryan Day
Ryan Day
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Gathering resources is a crucial part of Minecraft. You can’t expect to build structures and weapons without mining ores and blocks.

From basic blocks that can be found everywhere to rarer items and ores, all items in Minecraft play a significant role that can help you do and achieve more.

Like in the real world, finding hidden gems and rare resources can provide you with a big paycheck in Minecraft. 

Join us as we find out about what is the rarest thing in Minecraft.


Dragon Egg

Dragon Egg

Every player wants to get a Dragon Egg during their first Minecraft playthrough.

However, obtaining this egg may take some time as you need specific skills to get through the challenging road of finding it. 

The Dragon Egg is the rarest item in Minecraft since there’s only one for each world generation.

It also spawns in a very difficult location in the End dimension. 

Unlike other blocks, Dragon Eggs also can’t be mined. When someone hits it with a pickaxe or other tools, it will teleport to another location. 

To get the Dragon Egg, you’ll need to do the following: 

  • Create an End Portal and travel to the End Dimension
  • Defeat the Ender Dragon
  • Break the Dragon Egg by placing a piston and a lever next to the egg. 
  • Collect the Dragon Egg by walking over it. 


Enchanted Golden Apple

Enchanted Golden Apple

Enchanted Golden Apples in Minecraft are considered rare due to several reasons. For one, it can’t be crafted since it is an Epic-tier item.

They only have a 1-7% chance of spawning, making it very hard for players to find them. 

This resource grants Absorption IV to players, providing eight hearts of golden armor for two minutes.

It also gives Regeneration II or V for Java and Bedrock editions, respectively, Resistance I and Fire Resistance I. 

Players can find Enchanted Golden Apples in chests from: 

  • Dungeons
  • Mineshafts
  • Bastion Remnants
  • Ruined Portals
  • Woodland Mansions
  • Desert Temples




Beacons are among the rarest items in Minecraft since they need rare materials to craft. This valuable block in Minecraft can serve as a light source since it shoots beams up in the sky.

When placed on a pyramid base, it can also give players buffs and effects. 

Players will need a Nether Star to make a Beacon. This can be obtained from killing the Wither, which is easier said than done. 


Nether Star

rarest items in minecraft

Fourth on our rarest Minecraft items list is the Nether Star. This rare and valuable resource can only be obtained by slaying the Wither, which is considered one of the strongest hostile mobs in Minecraft. 

Although killing the Wither is daunting, knowing that you will get a Nether Star makes it all worth it. 

rarest items in minecraft

Nether Star is crucial for creating beacons, a block that projects a powerful beam skyward. Beacons can provide status effects to players nearby when played on top of a solid pyramid base made from emerald, netherite, gold, or diamond. 

Tips for defeating the Wither: 

  • Farm Totem of Undying – this item can save you from dying, which will likely happen once or twice during your fight with the Wither.
  • Carry Milk Buckets – this can come in handy when inflicted with the Wither status effect. 
  • Use Mobs As Bait – the Wither attacks all nearby entities. You can use different mobs to shift the Wither’s attention so you can attack it freely.
  • Use Armors with Enchantments – being a powerful opponent, wearing armor with some enchantments can help you last in the fight longer.
  • Bring Golden Apples – this can help you keep your health bar up and focus on killing the Wither rather than running around to heal.


Heart of the Sea

rarest items in minecraft

This rare gem in Minecraft is a crucial material for making Conduits, another valuable item that allows your character to breathe underwater, swim faster, and see clearly.

Heart of the Sea is considered one of the rarest items in Minecraft since it can only be found in hidden treasure chests. To find these chests, players must dig and rely on luck or find treasure maps in ocean ruins or shipwrecks. 




In creative mode, you can fly around your world to look for structures and resources. However, you’ll need an Elytra if you want to enjoy the same convenience in survival mode.

Elytras can only be found in End Cities in the treasure room of End Ships. 

Besides finding End Ships, it’s also important to note that traveling to the End is no easy task. To get to the outer islands, you’ll have to find the End portal gateway after killing the Ender Dragon, among the strongest Minecraft mobs. 

The Elytra is also guarded by a shulker, which you must deal with before obtaining this essential resource. 



rarest items in minecraft

The Trident is a versatile Minecraft weapon that can be used for melee and ranged combat.

Tridents can be only obtained from Drowned mobs that wield the weapon. 

A Trident is rare because only a small percentage of drowned mobs (15% Bedrock / 6.25% Java) wield the weapon. Besides, Trident-wielding drowned only have an 8.5% chance of dropping it, so expect to kill a few of them before you get a Trident. 

One of the best features of the Trident is that it can be enchanted in various ways. Loyalty and Riptide are among the best enchantments for the weapon. 




Sponges are considered rare in Minecraft since they can only be found on sponge rooms in Ocean Monuments.

These structures are tricky to find since they require big spaces and only generate in deep ocean biomes. Sponges can also drop when you defeat Elder Guardians, which is no easy feat either.

This yellow block is very useful in removing water in a particular area.

Sponges can absorb flowing and source blocks of water up to 7 blocks away in all directions. But, they don’t absorb more than 65 blocks of water, and the water nearest to the sponge block is absorbed first. 


Totem of Undying

Totem of Undying

Besides being one of the rarest items in Minecraft, Totem of Undying is also a highly valuable resource since it can save players from inevitable death. 

What makes this item rare is that it can only be obtained from Evoker.

This enemy only spawns in Woodland Mansions and Raids. Woodland Mansions are generated in dark forests and are often far from world spawn points

Regarding raids, you’ll have to play in normal difficulty to get Evokers to spawn.

Evokers spawn in the 5th wave of raids, making this option to obtain Totem of Undying even more difficult. 

The Looting enchantment also doesn’t affect Totem of Undying drops.


Skull Wither

rarest items in minecraft

Besides being one of the rarest items in Minecraft, Skull Withers are also one of the most dangerous materials to obtain.

There are several reasons why Skull Wither is considered rare.

For one, it only drops from Wither Skeletons, hostile mobs that are found in Nether Fortress. This item also only has a 2.5% chance of dropping when you slay a Wither Skeleton. 

Wither Skeletons are very strong opponents and can inflict you with the Wither effect. Due to this, it’s crucial to plan a good strategy when farming Skull Wither. 

Tips when fighting Wither Skeletons:

  • Use bows to fight Wither Skeletons. While you can get away with powerful swords, Wither Skeletons wield swords as long as yours, so the chance of you getting hit is very high. 
  • Bring Golden Apples or Enchanted Golden Apples. This should provide you with Regeneration and Absorption status effects that can help fight the Wither effect. 
  • You can also bring buckets of milk to remove the Wither effect immediately. 


Rare items in Minecraft are not just elusive treasures that make the game more difficult. These resources represent challenges that you need to conquer to progress your gameplay. From the Dragon Egg in the End dimension to Enchanted Golden Apples, these items add depth and excitement to your entire experience. 

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