Red Dead Redemption Platinum Trophy Is Going To Be A Grind

"I Have A Platinum John, I Just Need Time"

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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  • You have to work twice as hard for the platinum now
  • Undead Nightmare is now in the base trophy list
  • You have to beat RDR 1 and Undead Nightmare for the platinum

The upcoming release of Red Dead Redemption on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch was met with a lot of criticism over its price, quality of the port, and more, but now it seems that the matter could have gotten better or worse, depending on what side of the trophy hunting team you are on. You are now required to beat Undead Nightmare in order to obtain the Red Dead Redemption Platinum trophy.

Red Dead Redemption Platinum Will Make You Work

Red Dead Redemption is coming out in today and according to exophase, the game has now roped in the trophies for Undead Nightmare to be included in the platinum trophy. The hardest trophy in the list from the DLC is getting Level 5 in all of the challenges, and getting a 100% completion in that game mode too.

Screenshot from the original RDR
Screenshot from the original RDR

Red Dead Redemption is set to release today for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch for the first time since its release in 2010 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Normally a port like this would come with some sort of tweaks or improvements such as upscaled textures, higher framerate or something, but so far, Rockstar has called this a revision which is almost a 1:1 port of the PS3 version. No extra bells and whistles, just the base game and Undead Nightmare in one package.

The game already did not have multiplayer included which is where we think that the DLC trophies were added in to replace that.

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