Redfall Xbox Series X Gameplay Shows 30FPS Glory

The 30FPS Is Very Apparent

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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  • Early YouTube video shows glimpses at the gameplay
  • 30FPS mode is okay presently
  • No update on 60FPS mode

Redfall is only a couple of days away from launch, and while Arkane confirmed a few weeks ago that the console version will be locked to 30FPS on launch, fans were wondering what that would look like for a title such as this. One fan has been able to get the game running earlier than expected and has shared some glimpses of the 30FPS Redfall Xbox Series X Gameplay.

Redfall Xbox Series X Gameplay Is Very Telling

Redfall is a brand new IP that is coming from Arkane Studios exclusively for the PC and Xbox Series consoles and is launching via Game Pass for console and PC. A few weeks ago, it was announced that the console version of the game will be locked to 30FPS on launch with 60FPS to follow.

Someone on YouTube has been able to launch the game earlier than expected and has shared a look at what the 30FPS on the Xbox Series X looks like. Spoilers, it’s not that good.

Here is another gameplay clip

The decision to launch a coop multiplayer FPS title at 30FPS on console has gotten quite the ire from fans and critics alike, and while Arkane Studios has a lot of talent to make what we can imagine will inevitably be a great game down the road, the early impression of Redfall from these clips has already garnered early skepticism from players.

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