Remnant 2: 10 Beginner Tips and Tricks

The Essentials You Need to Know.

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Abdul Muqsit
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If you are just starting your adventures in Remnant 2 and haven’t played the original one, this guide will be perfect for you. We’ll give you a rundown of some of the most useful beginner tips that will help you get the most out of Remnant 2.

There are many mechanics at play here. Some old, some new, and it’ll be good for you to know about them before you dive into the deeper bits of your adventure through the worlds of Remnant 2. Some of these tips you’ll recognize from the soulslike games, others from looter/shooters.

So, without wasting much time…let’s dive into the details and teach you the dos & don’ts of Remnant 2.


Choose the Right Archetype

Start With the Right Archetype - Remnant 2 Beginner Tips
The Four Starting Archetypes

First things first, let’s help you choose the right archetype (class) based on your playstyle. Remnant 2 has a total of ten archetypes.

You can choose between four at the start of the game. One is a pre-order bonus (The Sharpshooter), and the remaining five can be unlocked later in the game, such as the Engineer Archetype. So, which one should you choose between the four that are available to you?

  • Hunter: The Sniper class. Use this class if you want to build a ranged damage-based class. Hunter is a co-op suited class. You’ll need someone to stay in front of you and deal most of the damage so you can focus more on elites and hit their weak spots.
  • Medic: The Healer. The medic archetype is quite obvious. You’ll be a self-sufficient healer. We recommend using the medic if you plan on playing Remnant 2 solo.
  • Challenger: Your heavy class. Durable armor, a drum-fed shotgun, perks that help you cause shockwaves and tank damage. Perfect for a support role in a co-op team.
  • Handler: Another solo-friendly class, the Handler class has a companion dog that can take the aggro off you, revive you when you die, and attack marked enemies too. An excellent pick for solo players who are new to these types of games.


Invest in Vigor & Endurance Traits

Prioritize Vigor and Endurance

As you progress further into the game and defeat bosses, you’ll earn Trait Points. There is a whole page of different traits you can invest in and upgrade. Some are there from the start, others are tied behind specific archetypes.

Obviously, you’ll want to level up traits based on your build preferences, but we recommend that you level up Vigor (Health) & Endurance (Stamina) first. It’ll help you stay alive longer and dodge roll more often.


Understanding Primary & Secondary Archetypes

Understand Primary & Secondary Archetypes

You’ll start upgrading your character with trait points and eventually unlock the secondary archetype after spending ten trait points. Remnant 2 allows you to use two archetypes at the same time and use their skills in tandem. But there are a few points worth noting here:

  • The EXP points you earn will be divided between both classes until one class reaches level 10 (max level). After that, all of the EXP will go to one class.
  • Each class has a passive perk. For example, The Challenger archetype allows you to get revived once after dying. But you can only use the passive perk of your primary archetype (the one equipped in the left slot).

So, choose your primary class carefully.


Enable Auto Dismiss Item Prompts

Auto Dismiss Item Prompts

When you pick any item or gain a trait point, the popup you see on your screen doesn’t go away until you press the assigned button. This can be really frustrating and immersion-breaking.

Luckily, Remnant 2 allows players to customize plenty of options in their UI. Go to the Gameplay tab in the settings menu and turn ON Auto Dismiss Item Prompts. There, problem solved!


Upgrade Weapons

Upgrade Your Weapons

You’ll start hoarding a lot of scrap and other materials in your inventory if you are a thorough explorer. These resources can be used to upgrade your weapons in Remnant 2.

Upgrading weapons increases their damage, makes them more effective, and also increases your power level. Weapons can also be fitted with mods that let you get even more utility out of them. For example, you could have an SMG as your secondary weapon and use a fire bullet mod on it.

The increased rate of fire on the SMG, paired with flame bullets and the right rings will help you deal tons of damage. You can upgrade normal weapons to a +20 stat and special weapons (boss drops) can be upgraded to a +10.


Find Better Relics

Find Better Relics

Relics (your healing hearts) can be found having different healing stats and perks. If you explore the worlds thoroughly, you can find some pretty powerful ones such as the Salvaged Heart relic.

Not only that… you can also attach relic shards for added perks such as faster use time, more healing, more crit hits after use, and a lot of other options. Pick that shard that best suits your build’s playstyle.


Be a Thorough Explorer

Explore Thoroughly - Remnant 2 Beginner Tips

Remnant 2 is a massive game with intricately designed worlds and dungeons. Each dungeon is packed with puzzles, items, potential hidden rooms, alternate routes, and much more.

You’ll miss out on a lot of these things if you stick to the beaten path. When you first enter a level, your map will be covered in red fog. Golden and Purple items will be marked on your map when you go near them and don’t pick them.

Make a habit of backtracking and exploring each path that is covered in red fog. You’ll end up unlocking shortcut doors that will help you navigate the area faster during your next visit. By exploring areas, you’ll also find scrap, crystals, and other materials needed for upgrading weapons.

Some hidden rooms, such as the one in the Imperial Gardens on Yaesha, can only be accessed if you carefully scan the nearby elevator for secret symbols.

Things like these make exploration a lot more rewarding. You never know what you might find in a game where the world is randomly generated for each player. Turn over every nook and cranny!


Rest Up Before Heading Onwards

Rest Before the Next Fight
Resting at a Checkpoint

As you explore dungeons, you’ll come across smaller red stones (checkpoints). Use these to replenish ammo, recharge class abilities and get ready for the next bit of the area.

Sure, when you rest all enemies in the area will respawn, but you should have finished exploring the previous area before resting anyways. This ties in with our thorough exploration tip. Plan a route, go through the entire area, and then rest at the checkpoint before moving forward.


Reset Worlds to Farm Gear

Reset Worlds

Another major mechanic in Remnant 2 is the ability to reroll or reset your world once you beat its main boss. This allows you to get a different role, weapon drops, bosses,, and other stuff you might have missed on your first visit.

When you reroll a world, your progress will be wiped, and you’ll start over. Based on your RNG, you might start at the same location or a new one.

You’ll have to reroll multiple times if you want to collect all of the boss drop weapons, armor pieces and unlock all hidden archetypes in the game. This is why you should focus on exploring and learning each world during your first playthrough. This makes navigation a lot faster and easier the next time around.


Be Patient with Bosses

Be Patient with Bosses

You might be cruising through the world, finishing dungeons easily, and thinking that the game is easy. Yeah, no. Wait till you get stumped by a boss with an annoying mechanic or aggressive moveset.

Don’t panic, and use your deaths to learn their attack patterns. Remnant 2 is not as brutal as a game like Elden Ring, where you lose all your souls when you die. When you die, you just respawn at the nearest checkpoint (which is always outside the boss room).

Don’t panic; keep trying different strategies until one works out. I remember dying to Faelin a lot but then figured out his moves.

That covers some of the most basic beginner tips we could think of for Remnant 2. Make sure you use all of them in your playthrough and see the difference they make. We’ve covered many different aspects of Remnant 2 in detail. Do check out our other guides by heading over to WIG.

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