Best Hunter Build in Remnant 2 (Playstyle and Stats)

The Deadliest Hunter Out There.

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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The Hunter archetype is a very popular pick with new players starting Remnant 2 who want to stay on the Crit Damage side of things. This archetype can be paired with a variety of sub-archetypes, weapons, and ring combos to attain a deadly build. This guide will brief you on one such Hunter build in Remnant 2.

We’ll tell you which archetypes, weapons, relics, and rings to use and why we selected each part. Then we’ll also discuss the intended playstyle for this build. This hunter build was made with solo players in mind, who need to be good at DPS and avoid enemies. It will work flawlessly in co-op too.

Space Ninja Hunter Build in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Hunter Build Overview
Overview of all the gear pieces you’ll need for the Space Ninja Build.

The Space Ninja build will make you go invisible, teleport around enemies, and use a bow & sword combo to inflict crazy CRIT damage. You’ll be dusting bosses like nobody’s business.

Alrighty then, let’s get started. Most people who are accustomed to the ways of Remnant 2 will get an idea of the entire build from the image above. For the others, let’s first talk about each part of the build before we tell you how to use it.


  • Hunter: Obviously, the Hunter archetype will be our main class & we’ll primarily be using the Hunter’s Shroud skill for this build. Once the player exits the shroud, they’ll deal 50% more Ranged and Melee damage.
  • Invader: The Invader archetype will be used as the secondary class for this build because of the Wormhole Skill. This skill allows you to teleport forward and deal 300% more damage for the next 5 seconds after teleportation.


The weapons you’ll be using for the Space Ninja Hunter build in Remnant 2 are:

  • Crescent Moon: This bow will be our main weapon for the Space Ninja build. Using the Supercharger mutator will allow for a 30% faster charge speed and greatly increase your DPS numbers.
  • Nebula: A decent handgun to get you out of sticky situations. Use the Harmonizer mutator to increase mod damage by 20%.
  • Spectral Blade: Eh, it goes with the Ninja aesthetic of our build. Use the Dervish mutator to deal 40% more melee damage when used with any skills in use.


Use the Ankh of Power Amulet to increase your overall damage by 15%. You’ll gain a 30% damage increase if used with the relic in tandem.


  • Probability Cord: Increases Crit Damage by 30%.
  • Archer’s Crest: Increases Projectile Speed by 20% & Reduces Weapon Draw Time by 25%.
  • Zania’s Malice: Increases Weakspot Damage by 10% for 7s every time you hit a weak spot.
    ( Stacks 3x)
  • Faerin’s Sigil: Crit and Weakspot Hits generate 10% additional mod power.


We’ll use the Shielded Heart Relic for the Space Ninja Hunter Build in Remnant 2. This relic provides a 100% shield on use that lasts for 20s or until it is broken by enemy damage. Use all the Crit Damage / Ranged damage boosting fragments with it.


You can use pretty much any armor set you want. Just be sure of the weight limit you are targeting. We use a mix between the Fae and Technician armor sets to get that G.I Joe futuristic ninja vibe.

Space Ninja Hunter Build Playstyle

Hunter Build in Use

With the build components out of the way, let’s discuss what kind of playstyle this build targets. The Space Ninja build is all about CRIT and Weakspot damage. You should start each encounter using The Hunter’s Shroud skill and deal as much damage with your bow as possible.

Once the enemies know you are there, use the Wormhole skill to teleport close to them and use your Melee weapon (which will now deal more damage since you used a skill beforehand) to finish them off. You are applying a mutator to your sword that boosts damage whenever you use a skill.

All of your rings are focused on increasing damage and reducing weapon draw time to make your bow deal tons of DPS. You will get a good sense of speed and destructiveness while using this build, which was its original intended style.

Bosses like the Mother Mind, who have many weak spots, will go down instantly if you use this build against them. That covers our best hunter build in Remnant 2. We hope it was easy enough for you to follow and use. Stick with WIG for more things Remnant 2!

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