8 Best Weapon Mods in Remnant 2 (Ranked)

These Mods Are Built Different.

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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You might have noticed how your weapons can be upgraded in Remnant 2, and they can also house 60 different mods based on the type of abilities or build you are going for. Since there are so many of them, deciding which ones to go for might be difficult. To help with that, we have prepared a list where we rank the 8 best weapon mods in Remnant 2.

We’ve tried to focus on different types of weapon mods that offer the best utility and are also fun to use. You’ll find offensive, support-focused, and healing-focused mods in this list. Our goal was to cater this list to all playstyles. So, without further dilly-dallying, let’s get into it!

Oh, and these aren’t in any particular order. All of them are worth trying, so just try to use all of them in your builds!


Space Crabs

Space Crabs

Mod Power Requirement: 450
Location: N’Erud – The Hatchery
Crafting Requirements: Cracked Shell x1 / 5x Luminite Crystal / 500x Scrap

Yeah, you read that right. You can summon aggressive space crabs who will chomp down anything threatening their master. You get two charges, and each can launch an egg that spawns five space crabs.

They can follow you around and leap toward enemies that are within a 4m distance from them. These crabs will explode on impact and deal 60 damage each. This damage can scale based on the level of the weapon. (It can go as high as 180 damage)

This mod can be extremely useful on higher difficulties when you are overwhelmed by mobs and need breathing room. Simply throw an egg toward the mob and let the crabs do their work.

It suits players using the Summoner or Engineer Archetype, as they’ll have additional minions spawning in or have to wait for their skills to recharge. The Space Crabs weapon mod can buy you those few seconds needed to reset and reload everything.

You can acquire the Cracked Shell required for crafting this weapon mod by defeating the Primogenitor at the end of The Hatchery dungeon on N’Erud.


Stasis Beam

Stasis Beam

Mod Power Requirement: 50 per Pulse
Location: N’Erud – Zombie Cave Event
Crafting Requirements: Stasis Core x1 / 5x Luminite Crystal / 500x Scrap

The Stasis Beam is one of the best weapon mods in Remnant 2 that can be used to halt any mobs or non-boss enemies charging at you effectively. It fires a continuous beam that deals 15 damage per second and applies the SLOW debuff. This damage can scale based on the level of the weapon. (It can go as high as 45 damage per second)

After 3 seconds of application, the SLOW debuff transitions into STASIS and completely stops the enemy in its tracks for 10 seconds.

A weapon mod like this can be useful in situations such as the Crystal Elevator puzzle on Yaesha, where you need to race against dozens of enemies and an insta-kill wave of electricity.

You can find the Stasis Core required for crafting this weapon mod through the Zombie Cave on N’Erud.




Mod Power Requirement: 750
Location: Losomn – Cotton’s Kiln
Crafting Requirements: Alkahest Powder x1 / 5x Luminite Crystal / 500x Scrap

Witchfire lobs a grenade that leaves a line of fire upon impact. This line lasts for 5 seconds, deals 55 FIRE damage per second, and applies the BURNING status effect. The BURNING can cause 200 damage over 10 seconds.

The FIRE & BURNING damage scale with the weapon level. It can go up to 165 FIRE and 600 BURNING damage. Looking at these damage numbers should indicate that this is an offensive mod that can wreak havoc in smaller areas or hallways, especially when paired with rings that enhance mod damage.

You can get the required Alkahest Powder item by defeating Gwendil The Unburnt at the end of the Cotton’s Kiln area in Losomn.



Fargazer - Remnant 2 Weapon Mods

Mod Power Requirement: 1,250
Location: Yaesha – The Twisted Chanty
Crafting Requirements: Agnosia Driftwood x1 / 5x Luminite Crystal / 500x Scrap

Fargazer is a dangerous weapon mod that inflicts the MADNESS status effect on whatever you point it towards. For every 0.25s you aim at an enemy with this mod turned on, a stack of MADNESS that deals 3 damage per second is applied to them. You can apply 10 stacks at a time, and they will last for 30 seconds.

The damage each stack deals can be scaled by upgrading your weapon. The maximum damage you can deal per MADNESS stack can go up to 9.

This mod works best on weapons like the Chicago Typewriter, where you don’t have to reload too often and can keep your aim pointed toward the enemy. And make sure the enemy is within 25m for the mod to work properly.

The Agnosia Driftwood crafting material can be found by defeating The Legion in The Twisted Chanty area on Yaesha.



Defrag - Remnant 2 Weapon Mods

Mod Power Requirement: 1,500
Location: Root Earth – Ashen Wasteland
Crafting Requirements: Necrocyte Strand x1 / 5x Luminite Crystal / 500x Scrap

The Defrag weapon mod lets you apply FRAGMENTED status on enemies, and once they die, they’ll leave a GLITCH behind for 15 seconds. This glitch pool can be utilized in two ways:

  • Touch it and increase your damage by 20% for the next 15 seconds.
  • Shoot the glitch to form a 5m wide virus pool that deals 25 damage per second to all enemies caught inside. This damage scales with your weapon level and can be raised to 75 damage per second.

This mod can help you neutralize mobs depending on the situation you are dealing with. In tighter spaces, you should shoot the glitch pool to entrap enemies. In more open areas, you can use it to boost your overall damage and take care of any flying mobs around you much quicker.

You can acquire the Necrocyte Strand by defeating The Cancer Boss at the end of the Ashen Wasteland on the Root Earth.



Root Lash

Mod Power Requirement: 450
Location: Yaesha – Kaeula’s Rest
Crafting Requirements: Twilight Dactylus x1 / 5x Luminite Crystal / 500x Scrap

A returning weapon mod from the first Remnant game, Rootlash has seen significant upgrades and is deadlier than ever before. This mod lets you summon a Root Lash that does 1.5% Life Steal and 30 damage to nearby enemies.

The damage dealt by the tentacles scales based on your weapon’s level. Using the Rootlash mod, a maxed-out weapon can deal 90 damage to enemies with each tentacle.

You can summon up to two Rootlashes that can follow you around. They can take the heat off of you and deal with weaker mobs with ease. This mod is useless against flying enemies. So, you’ll mostly be using it on Yaesha or N’Erud, while exploring the dungeons and other confined spaces.

You can get the Twilight Dactylus crafting item required for this mod by defeating Kaeula’s Shadow on Yaesha.



Bore - Remnant 2 Weapon Mods

Mod Power Requirement: 500
Location: N’Erud – The Putrid Domain
Crafting Requirements: Mutated Growth x1 / 5x Luminite Crystal / 500x Scrap

This one is for the CRIT damage nerds out there. Bore lets you hit enemies with a metal slug that pops a purple weak spot that grants 50% of the weak spot damage when shot at. If you shoot the slug on an existing weak spot, you gain an additional 15% ranged damage boost.

You can either use it yourself if you are running a CRIT build and create opportunities to punish enemies that don’t have a weak spot or support your teammate in Coop who might be running the main DPS build in the group.

You’ll have to defeat The Abomination boss in The Putrid Domain on N’Erud to acquire the Mutated Growth.


Astral Burst

Astral Burst - Remnant 2 Weapon Mods

Mod Power Requirement: 450
Location: Yaesha – Cathedral of Omen
Crafting Requirements: Faith Seed x1 / 5x Luminite Crystal / 500x Scrap

The Astral Burst mod blasts enemies in close vicinity with seven Star Fragments. Each fragment deals 35 damage and can bounce off of walls and surfaces. The crazy part is that their damage increases by 35% with each bounce.

This mod can be a godsend on N’Erud when you are exploring those closed-off facilities with narrow chambers and tons of mobs coming at you. You can also use this as a last resort to push back enemies in case you are running out of ammo in your main gun.

The Faith Seed needed to craft this mod can be acquired by solving the lever puzzle in the Cathedral of Omen on Yaesha in a specific order.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, folks; these were our picks for the 8 best weapon mods currently available in Remnant 2. There are around 60 mods in the game right now, and it is highly possible that we ended up missing a few more good ones.

So keep crafting and trying all the mods you come across until you find the one’s that best suit your playstyle. For more ranked lists and Remnant 2 content, keep visiting WIG!

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