How to Defeat Bloat King in Remnant 2 (Boss Guide)

The Floor is Lava

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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As you fight off cultists with chainsaws, electrocuting slimes, and other disgusting things in The Great Sewers, you’ll face off against The Bloat King in Remnant 2. This seemingly dangerous and slimy boss is rather easy to beat once you figure out his one-trick moveset.

We’ll walk you through the entire fight and teach you how to deal with both phases of the boss fight while keeping an eye on the surroundings as your platforming skills will be tested in this boss arena. But first, let’s see where the boss is located in Remnant 2 and how to get there.

Where to Find Bloat King in Remnant 2?

The Great Sewers

The Bloat King is located at the end of The Great Sewers dungeon in the Losomn world. We got to The Great Sewers through Butcher’s Quarter overworld, but it might be different for you.

The dungeon mainly consists of cultists, some rabid beasts, and electrocuting slimes. The Bloat King also has a similar moveset, so make sure you are used to fighting these slimes before you attempt the boss.

(Read: Dont be standing in water when there are electrocuting enemies about)

First Phase

Bloat King Phase 1

Right, you’ve entered the boss room and met the giant ball of disgust you’ll be fighting. First, let’s get the lay of the land. You’ll be fighting The Bloat King on a few spaced-out platforms.

Falling down would mean stepping into the water, where electrocuting slimes will kill you almost immediately with staggering and chipping damage. So stay up top and jump around if you want to dodge any incoming attacks.

Now, for the first phase of the fight. Bloat King will take the most damage when you shoot the squishy orange bit on the front. But he will go into hiding soon after the fight starts and leave a plasma ball behind.

This plasma ball keeps sending damaging bolts toward you. So, focus fire on the plasma ball as soon as it spawns. Meanwhile, bloaty will come out of hiding and start hitting you with a wide-range tracking laser attack. Keep doing this until you deplete his HP down to 50%.

Move around the platforms to dodge the attacks and keep shooting the plasma ball and the Bloat King. And if you fall down, just run as fast as you can and look for a ladder around the pillars to climb back up. Don’t stand idle.

Second Phase

Phase 2

As the fight enters its second and final phase, The Bloat King will start sending two plasma orbs and increase the intensity of his laser attacks. That’s all. If you’ve gotten used to the attacks by now, this should not cause any problems.

Keep jumping around the platforms, shoot the plasma balls first, don’t fall down, and oh, shoot the boss as well.

The boss will be less bullet spongy if you are playing solo and have upgraded your weapons. The fight only gets a bit difficult if you fall down and get swarmed by slimes.

Rewards for Defeating The Bloat King in Remnant 2

Once you’ve defeated The Bloat King, you’ll be rewarded with the following items:

  • x3 Lumenite Crystal
  • Tome of Knowledge (Trait Point)
  • Scrap x1 
  • Bone Sap (Used for Crafting the Voltaic Rondure Weapon Mod)

This covers our guide on The Bloat King boss in Remnant 2. You should now be able to breeze through the encounter if you remember the points discussed above. Keep checking WIG for more Remnant 2 content.

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