Can You Change Hairstyle in Remnant 2?

Your Hairstyle is Here to Stay.

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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You’ll have to create your character as soon as you start playing Remnant 2 and decide how they’ll look and what markings or facial features they will have. That’s when you’ll also pick what kind of hairstyle your character will have. But what if you are unhappy with your decision and want to change your hairstyle in Remnant 2?

No, you cannot change your hairstyle during a playthrough in Remnant 2. Once you go through the character creator and start the campaign, you are stuck with your choices unless you want to wipe the character and your progress with it.

Let’s talk more about the character creator and the rules it follows in Remnant 2 through this quick guide.

Character Creator in Remnant 2

Change Hairstyle in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 offers a very basic character creator, rather too basic, considering it’s 2023, and games have already been offering much more detailed creators.

Anyways, you can choose your gender, face type, and skin tone and then add cosmetic changes such as hairstyles, facial hair, markings, scars, and colors for each option.

I went with an old and experienced-looking character—someone who is used to traveling between worlds and understands the overall situation of the Remnant universe. While I don’t feel the urge to change my character’s hairstyle and facial features in Remnant 2, some players do.

Can You Change Character Appearance in Remnant 2?

Once you decide your character’s looks at the start of the game, you cannot change them again. The only option you have is to delete your character and create a new one. But that obviously means wiping your campaign progress as well.

The game has some shortcomings, such as not having crossplay support and a rigid character creator system. But overall the game is pretty good. You can read our Remnant 2 Review and decide for yourself. We hope Gunfire Games fixes these issues with future updates and makes it more accessible for newcomers.

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