Remnant 2 Classes: All Archetypes (Perk and Skills)

Learn about all the Classes and Archetypes in Remnant 2.

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Abbas Ahmad
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Are you curious about knowing the revamped classes in Remnant 2? Remnant: From the Ashes was well-received by players, and many had a blast with the co-op system, but it wasn’t without any hiccups. One of the many mechanics that the sequel seems to improve upon is the classes, aka Archetypes. That is why this guide will give a breakdown of all Archetypes in Remnant 2.

As of writing this, we’ve only seen 4 classes from the trailers. However, since Remnant 2 is right around the corner, more are expected on release. For now, the archetypes we know about are Medic, Gunslinger, Challenger, and Handler. We’ll keep updating the list once the game comes out. With that said, let’s dive right in and get started!

What Are Archetypes in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 reintroduces the archetypes from its predecessor but with some twists. As said earlier, we only know about 4 of them, but one thing we’re sure about is that it doesn’t restrict players to one class.

You’ll get to pick one at the start of the game, but as you progress in Remnant 2, you’ll be able to find all the other classes, letting you freely swap between them at any time. This will allow players for a variety of builds and playstyles.

Plus, each of these has unique passive perks, active skills, and signature traits, granting various effects and team buffs. With that out of the way, let’s look into the archetypes.


Challenger Trailer Showcase

The Challenger Archetype is your average hard-to-kill fighter class in Remnant 2 that likes to be up in the face of enemy hordes. This class thrives on the overall density of threats in front of it, and all of its Perks and Skills lean into that.


The Challenger perks aim to reduce enemy damage while amping the class’s stats based on the number of threats.

Die Hard (Prime Perk)

  • The Prime perk “Die Hard” grants a second wind to the Challenger.
  • At the same time, the archetype becomes immune to all damage for 5 seconds and regains max health.
  • Every Prime perk unlocks at level 5, and this one has a 10-minute cooldown before it can be used again.

Close Quarters (Damage Perk)

  • Close Quarters is a damage perk that buffs the Challenger’s melee and long-range damage by 40% when enemies are within a fixed radius.
  • It also increases the critical chance by 10%.

Intimidating Presence (Team Perk)

  • This perk activates after using a Challenger skill.
  • Enemies deal 10% less damage when active, and the effect is more pronounced when there are more enemies.

Powerlifter (Utility Perk)

  • This utility perk reduces the Stamina cost increase for each weight bracket and the Stamina regen delay by 50%.

Face of Danger (Relic Perk)

  • Face of Danger triggers after using a Relic within enemy proximity.
  • This grants stacks of Bulwark and a 10% damage buff for 10 seconds.


The Challenger has access to 3 powerful abilities, turning him into an unstoppable force. It’s pure unadulterated destruction.

War Stomp

  • War Stomp has 2 charges and a 50-second cooldown.
  • This is a good Crowd Control skill for dealing massive damage in a frontal cone.
  • It also hits enemies in all directions at point-blank range.


  • This skill grants Bulwark, increasing movement and melee attack speed by 15%.
  • It also gives a massive 50% melee damage buff and decreases stagger damage by 1.
  • The ability has a 60-second cooldown.


  • With the Rampage skill, the Challenge enters into heightened battle mode, increasing fire rate, reload speed, and movement speed.
  • Dealing high damage also grants 1 stack of rage, increasing ranged damage by 5%.
  • After reaching 10 stacks, it immediately reloads the weapon and doubles all Rampage bonuses for 20 seconds.
  • It has a long 63-second cooldown.

Challenger Archetype Trait

The Challenger archetype trait “Strong Back” aims to reduce the encumbrance caused by the heavy armor of the class. There’s a reduction in weight by -1 per level, and armor sets will function similarly to sets of lower-weight classes. This caps out at -10 for level 10.


Gunslinger Trailer Showcase

The Gunslinger archetype is the ideal class to pick up if you’re looking for a high fire rate, ammo efficiency, and excellent weapon handling. Players who love big numbers on their screens will gravitate to this class. The Perks and skills are also designed around maximizing DPS and damage.


Like every other archetype in the game, the Gunslinger has 5 specialized perks that grant unique passive effects.

Loaded (Prime Perk)

  • Loaded grants an unlimited Ammo reserve for all firearms after using a Gunslinger skill.
  • This also reloads both weapons and lasts for 15 seconds.

Swift Shot (Damage Perk)

  • Swift Shot grants a 15% fire rate, 25% ranged damage, and 5% crit change boost for all firearms.
  • This effect also scales off of the Gunslinger level.

Posse Up (Team Perk)

  • This perk provides 30% extra ammo for every ammo pickup.
  • The bonus is split evenly among team members.

Quick Hands (Utility Perk)

  • Quick Hands increases firearm reload speed by 10%.
  • The bonus is doubled if the weapon is empty.

Sleight of Hand (Relic Perk)

  • Using a Relic effectively reloads your Firearm.
  • It also bestows a 15% buff to your ranged attacks for 10 seconds.


The Gunslinger can only use one of its three skills, and it’s where this archetype truly shines.

Quick Draw

  • Pressing this skill unloads 6 shots, spreading evenly among the enemies within view.
  • On the other hand, holding down the skill allows you to aim it manually, granting massive crit damage.
  • The ability cooldown is 45 seconds.

Side Winder

  • When Side Winder is activated, it increases movement speed when aiming down the sight by 50%.
  • It also allows for blistering weapon swaps and fully reloads the weapons cycled through.
  • This lasts for 20 seconds before the 50 seconds cooldown kicks in.

Bullet Storm

  • Bullet Storm lasts for 20 seconds and makes all your firearms fully automatic.
  • Bows and Crossbows, on the other hand, gain extra crit chance and arrow speed.
  • You can also expect a 20% fire rate and a 50% reload speed increase.
  • The skill has a 56.4-second cooldown.

Gunslinger Archetype Trait

The Gunslinger archetype trait “Ammo Reserves” enables the class to increase ammo reserves up to 100%. This will ensure that no combination of weapons or skills will leave you running dry on ammo.


Handler Trailer Showcase

The Handler archetype traverses the desolate world with a trusty canine sidekick. This class is perfect if you’re playing solo or want to fill in the support role to augment your teammates in battle. Luckily, your furry companion can never die; a few pats will help it regain health.

The Handler is the jack of all trades, which is quite evident in its perks and skills.


As you would expect, the Handler’s perks are tailored to grant team-wide utility buffs.

Bonded (Prime Perk)

  • This is the class’s cornerstone perk allowing the companion to revive the Handler.
  • It can also revive allies, given they have a Dragon Heart.
  • There’s a 50-second Cooldown before it can be used again.

Pack Hunter (Damage Perk)

  • The Pack Hunter grants a sizable boost to your ranged and skill damage when your furry friend is near you.
  • It also increases the ranged and skill critical chance by 5% when your companion is near you.

Spirit of The Wolf (Team Perk)

  • The Spirit of the Wolf Team perk increases the team’s movement speed by 10%.
  • In addition, it also reduces the stamina cost of all actions for everyone.

Teamwork (Utility Perk)

  • Teamwork allows the Handler and the canine Companion to revive allies more efficiently.
  • While reviving, the Handler and Companion take 25% less damage and reduced stagger damage.

Best Friend (Relic Perk)

  • After using a Relic, the Companion fully heals itself, gaining a 25% damage buff and 55% extra damage resistance.


This is where the Handler deviates from the other archetypes, as instead of skills, it uses Behavior abilities to command the Companion during battle.

Guard Dog

  • This behavior allows the Companion to draw enemy aggro and take 20% reduced damage, thus acting as a tank.
  • You can also hold the ability to trigger a howl, giving a team-wide defensive buff.
  • This ability lasts 20 seconds before going in a 90 second cooldown.

Support Dog

  • This behavior grants a passive heal over time to nearby allies.
  • Holding the ability boosts its effectiveness and radius and grants a buff to movement speed.
  • Again, it lasts for 20 seconds, and the cooldown duration is 90 seconds.

Attack Dog

  • This ability increases the damage dealt by the Companion by 20%.
  • The effect is imparted to all allies by Holding the ability.
  • It also lasts for 20 seconds, and the cooldown duration is 90 seconds.

Handler Archetype Trait

The Handler archetype trait “Kinship” reduces friendly fire damage dealt and taken by up to 80% at level 10. This shouldn’t take a lot of convincing, but this will be critical later on in the game while carrying explosive weapons.


Medic Trailer Showcase

The Medic archetype is the ideal class in Remnant 2 for players looking to support their allies and keep them in tip-top shape. They provide the most potent form of healing across any archetype in the game, and they do it much more efficiently. Their Perks and Skills are designed around keeping the team alive in the fight.


The Medic has access to 5 perks designed around team survivability. The Medic is always ready to help his allies, thanks to these perks.

Regenerator (Prime Perk)

  • The Medic’s Prime perk allows the entire team to restore a Relic charge after healing an ally for 250 HP.

Invigorated (Damage Perk)

  • This Damage perk grants a 25% buff to all Damage types and an extra 5% Crit Chance.
  • It also scales off of the Medic level.

Benevolence (Team Perk)

  • Improves the healing potency of the Dragon Heart by 15% while also healing nearby allies for 30% of the total healing value
  • When an ally’s health is critical, its efficacy is increased by 60%.

Backbone (Utility Perk)

  • Backbone allows the Medic to tank 2 extra hits before losing Grey Health.

Benefactor (Relic Perk)

  • The Medic’s Relic perk increases the speed of Relic Use and reduces stagger damage.


The Medic uses some powerful healing skills, which speaks of the class’s playstyle in Remnant 2.


  • Wellspring sees the Medic punching a small hole in the ground, creating a well that heals 10.5 Health each second.
  • This lasts for 15 seconds before going in a 52.5-second long cooldown.

Healing Shield

  • This skill shields all allies inside the Medic’s area of effect.
  • In addition, allies will also regenerate 30% of their max health over time while the shield is active.
  • It lasts 10 seconds, and a cooldown of 70 seconds is tied to the ability.


  • This is the ultimate healing ability, reviving all downed allies and restoring a massive portion of their health.
  • While the skill has a 126-second cooldown, revived allies won’t benefit from the skill for another 150 seconds.

Medic Archetype Trait

The Medic archetype trait “Triage” improves the efficacy of your heals. For instance, if one of your skills heals for 30% of the player’s max health, Triage will effectively boost that to 45%, cementing the Medic as the master of health recovery.


That’s all for all the classes and archetypes in Remnant 2. Knowing about the 4 different classes before the game hits the shelves will give you a significant edge as the Soulslike shooter is known to be challenging.

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