How to Defeat Faelin / Faerin in Remnant 2 (Boss Guide)

Dodge, Dodge Away!

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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Once you’ve decided whether you want to kill Faelin or Faerin in Remnant 2, the next step…is, well, to kill him. This detailed boss guide will walk you through all the moves Faelin & Faerin will use against you and teach you how to work around them.

Faelin’s attacks are flashy, but once you get used to their timings, it’s a piece of cake. This boss fight will have 3 phases, and we’ll help you effortlessly get through all of them and talk about the rewards as well.

Where to Find Faerin in Remnant 2?

Faelin Faerin Location Remnant 2

Faelin/Faerin can be found in the Losomn world of Remnant 2. Once you explore the area to find both masks and place them in the mural located in the Palace Courtyard, the main door will unlock.

After that, you only need to decide which version of the boss you want to fight (Faelin or Faerin) by using the lever on the mural and then going through the door.

Both bosses have the same moveset and difficulty. They only differ in appearance and the loot you’ll get at the end.

  • Faelin drops a part that can be used to craft Deceit (a two-shot long rifle)
  • Faerin drops a part that can be used to craft Godsplitter ( a melee weapon)

First Phase

Faelin First Phase

Faerin & Faelin’s main weakness will be their head. All you have to do is keep shooting him in the head. Faerin will immediately teleport close to you once the fight starts and start using his delayed slash attacks.

The slash attacks can have a few variations. He can do one charged vertical slash (the most dangerous), a double horizontal slash, or a triple slash (very rare).

The best way to deal with these slash attacks is to stick close to the boss and dodge into him as soon as you see a glow above his head. It’ll take you a few rolls to get used to its timing.

Besides the slash attacks, he can summon an orb that periodically shoots beams at you. The beams are easy to dodge, and the orb itself has very low HP. Just shoot the thing as soon as it spawns.

Another variation is the orb wall. It’s a wall of orbs Faelin summons that shoot beams if you get too close to them. You’ll be safe from their damage as long as you keep a little distance from them.

That’s all he can do in the first phase. Once you deplete his HP by about 50%, he will become immune for some time and go into his second phase.

Second Phase

Second Phase

You’ll know it’s the second phase when Faerin stops mid-air and raises swords around the arena. This is the perfect time to pick up any ammo you might need and top up on health. Be quick about it, though, as you need to move to either corner of the arena before the swords drop.

These swords cause a lot of AoE damage and can also stagger you. Faerin also becomes a bit more aggressive with his summoning orbs, orb walls, and slash attacks in the second phase.

The most lethal attack would be his charged or double slash attacks, as it chips away almost a quarter of your HP. Work on your dodges to avoid these attacks.

Once you deplete Faerin’s HP to the last 25%~, he will then get enraged and enter his third & final phase.

Third Phase

Third Phase

The third & final phase of your encounter against Faelin will be the most deadly. He starts zipping around the arena and dropping sword bombs on you. These sword bombs cause stagger, deplete HP, and even pull you towards the center.

And it doesn’t end here. Faelin will turn into a pair of clouds and start racing around the arena. He will then try to hit you with surprise slam and slash attacks that can almost 1-hit you.

The key here is to keep running and dodging to avoid the sword bombs while keeping an eye on both clouds in the air. You’ll know a surprise attack is coming when both clouds merge into one. Time you dodge correctly, and you should be able to avoid the attack.

Right after executing the surprise attack, Faerin will be stuck in his animation for a while. That’s when you unload your weapon into his head. The more damage and bleed you have, the faster Faelin will go down.

Try not to drag the third phase for too long because running out of stamina will almost instantly spell death for you.

Being in Co-op or having the Handler class dog with you can immensely help you in consistently dishing out damage between dodges.

Rewards for Defeating Faelin in Remnant 2

Rewards for Defeating Faelin or Faerin in Remnant 2

Defeating Faelin / Faerin in Remnant 2 nets you the following rewards:


  • Lumenite Crystal x 6
  • Tome of Knowledge
  • Scrap
  • Strange Object
  • Imposter’s Heart (used for crafting Deceit)
  • Faerin’s Sigil Ring (Increases Mod power regen by 10% for every crit. & weak spot you hit)


  • Lumenite Crystal x 6
  • Tome of Knowledge
  • Scrap
  • Strange Object
  • Melded Hilt (used for crafting Godsplitter)
  • Faelin’s Sigil Ring (Increases Mod power regen by 10% for Melee damage)

We hope this boss guide helps you beat Faelin / Faerin and continue your adventures through the worlds of Remnant 2.

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