How to Defeat Primogenitor in Remnant 2? (Boss Guide)

The Place is Bugged!

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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You’ll be visiting The Hatchery in search of the keys to open the Core Tower during your escapades on N’Erud. The Hatchery in Remnant 2 is dealing with a parasite pestilence and is guarded by the Primogenitor.

Read through this detailed guide to learn about our suggested strategy for defeating the Primogenitor boss in Remnant 2. The boss is mighty disgusting to look at, and if you don’t figure out the mechanic soon, it can turn into a very long and tiresome encounter.

Where to Find Priomgenitor in Remnant 2?

Hatchery - N'Erud

The Primogenitor boss is located at the end of The Hatchery dungeon in the N’Erud world. This is one of the main bosses you’ll fight in the game if your world roll has The Hatchery dungeon in it.

The fight is relatively easy once you know which target is the real one. So, without wasting much time, let’s discuss the boss phases and how to quickly eliminate this pesky insect.

First Phase

Primogenitor Phase 1

As soon as the fight starts, you’ll see a giant, ugly-looking hatcher before you. This flying insect is not the main boss here. The Primogenitor is the size of a grasshopper, and in true parasite fashion, it can take over other insects and control them.

You’ll have to dodge the curse balls being released by the hatcher and damage it to break the body and reveal the Primogenitor. It is a tiny insect with a blue coating on top.

As soon as it comes out of hiding, it will try to cling to you and cause CURSE damage. Avoid being grabbed by the insect by rolling around and shooting it. Once it takes significant damage, another hatcher will spawn, and the boss will hide inside its body.

Keep killing the hatchers to expose the Primogenitor and damage it to deplete his HP down to the last 50% and trigger the second phase.

Second Phase

Primogenitor in Remnant 2

As his HP drops to 50%, he will start summoning two Primogenitors and hide in either one’s body. Just keep dodging away from any insects on the ground and shoot the hatchers. The hatchers should go down pretty quickly if you have upgraded your weapons.

Kill the hatchers to reveal the Primogenitor’s main body, then dodge away and shoot it. Repeat until the pest has been killed. Easy enough, isn’t it?

Rewards for Defeating the Primogenitor in Remnant 2

As expected from a pesky insect, killing it won’t drop anything but the Cracked Shell material. Take it to McCabe and have her craft you the Space Crabs weapon mod.

The mod lets you shoot an insect grenade that detonates on impact, releasing a swarm of insects that charge toward enemies and explode.

And that about covers your encounter with the mighty Primogenitor in Remnant 2. Stick to WIG if you want to learn more exciting stuff about Remnant 2, such as the location of Leto’s Stash and whatnot.

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