How to Defeat Mother Mind in Remnant 2 (Boss Guide)

The Floor Breaks Too!

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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As you navigate the beautiful yet hazardous terrain of Yaesha, your world roll in Remnant 2 might take you to the Nameless Nest dungeon, where you’ll fight the Mother Mind. She is controlling all the roots you see across Yaesha. Let’s look at how to defeat Mother Mind in Remnant 2.

She does lunging, sweeping, and AOE attacks. And not just that, she can also summon Root Flyers to aid her. Overall, this is one of the more challenging bosses in Remnant 2, especially if you aren’t careful. Oh, and the boss arena changes as well.

Where to Find Mother Mind in Remnant 2

Nameless Nest

You’ll be going through Yaesha in search of a way to activate the lever on the other side of the music puzzle in the Forbidden Grove. Your escapades will take you through a dungeon called Nameless Nest. That’s where you’ll fight the Mother Mind.

You’ll fight this giant Root Flyer-looking boss in a hollow circular room with platforms around the walls. Mobility is restricted, and the boss’s attacks cover the entire platform you’ll be standing on.

Timing your dodge rolls properly to avoid incoming attacks in crucial. Otherwise, each strike will take away around half your HP. Now let’s discuss the boss fight in more detail.

The Boss Fight

Mother Mind Phase One

This is another one of those intensity-based fights where the boss just becomes more aggressive as you deplete their HP. She only adds two additional attacks to her arsenal once her HP drops below 50%.


Let’s take a look at her moveset in detail and figure out a way to avoid taking damage from her attacks.

  • The first attack you’ll face is when she uses her claw to drag you into the hole. She normally does this only once but can repeat it with the other claw immediately in some cases. The best way to avoid this attack is to stick close to the back wall and do a back roll.
  • The second attack she does is the horizontal sweeping claw attack, where she covers almost 95% of the platform area. This attack deals quite a bit of damage. There are two ways to avoid it. Either stick to the wall or time your dodges perfectly and avoid the sweep in the I-frame.
  • Once you’ve damaged her enough, the Mother Mind will fly upwards in rage, become immune, and then slam the ground twice. The first slam will crack the entire platform, and that’s your cue to immediately move to any other platform on either side of the arena. Her second slam will completely shatter the platform.
  • As you move to a new platform, you might spot debris from the ceiling. Don’t stand under the debris because massive rocks will fall at those spots. They cause a lot of stagger.
  • Once the first platform has been destroyed, the Mother Mind will start doing one new attack. She will launch a volley of rot puddles at you. Note that standing in or rolling on these puddles will inflict massive damage. Your only chance of surviving this volley is to avoid all puddles altogether.
  • Lastly, she can summon Rot Flyers to assist her. You’ve dealt with them enough throughout Yaesha to know what’s up.
Mother Mind Boss Fight

That’s it for her moveset. She’ll keep repeating these attacks till the very end. Your best bet at taking her down quickly is to target the red spots on her head with your most upgraded weapon and inflict big boi damage.

Use any dragon hearts you have to top off your HP and keep it maxed out at all times to survive her high-damage swiping attacks. Keep dodging her swipes, moving to new platforms, and hitting her in the weak spots to take her down.

Rewards for Defeating the Mother Mind in Remnant 2

You’ll be rewarded with the following loot once you beat the Mother Mind in Remnant 2:

  • Lumenite Crystal
  • Tome of Knowledge (Trait Point)
  • Scrap
  • Cordyceps Gland ( Can be used to Craft the Tremor Weapon Mod)

That covers everything about the Mother Mind in Remnant 2. You can check the rest of your boss guides and find effective strategies against the meanest foes R2 offers. Keep checking WIG daily for more informative Remnant 2 content.

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