How to Defeat Shrewd in Remnant 2? (Boss Guide)

Watch Your Flanks!

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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Your adventures in Yaesha will have you exploring lush forests plagued by the Root. As you make it to the end of The Expanding Glade, you’ll have to face off against The Shrewd in Remnant 2. The boss has a fast moveset and can fight both at close and long range.

Let’s see how to trounce The Shrewd in Remnant 2. We’ll tell you everything about his moveset, how to avoid them, and the perfect counter for each attack he will throw at you. Shrewd doesn’t change his moveset when he is low on HP, so all these tips will apply to the entire fight.

Where to Find The Shrewd in Remnant 2?

Expanding Glade

You’ll come across Shrewd in Remnant 2 at the very end of The Expanding Glade dungeon. The arena has platforms on all sides, and Shrewd will use them for long-range combat.

There is a massive tree in the middle you can use for cover and to maintain distance between yourself and the boss. Owning up to his name, Shrewd is quite fast and will keep changing moves regularly.

He can also teleport behind you for backstabs. This should give you an idea that you’ll need to be on your toes throughout the encounter. Let’s discuss his moves in the next section of the guide.

Boss Fight

Shrewd Remnant 2

Once the fight starts, Shrewd will be found on the right side, on top of the raised platform. He primarily performs his ranged attacks from this spot.

  • The triple volley attack, where he sends three arrows in the air, and they’ll come down after a slight delay at the position where you were standing. Think of it like a mortar strike. When he shoots the arrows into the air, simply roll forward twice to get out of its range.
  • Another attack the Shrewd performs from the ledge is the flurry of arrows. In this one, instead of shooting the arrows like mortars, he will aim them directly at you and shoot after a second of aiming. This attack causes a lot of stagger and damage, so make sure you get the timing right and dodge to either side.
  • He can also perform the summoning pods move from the ledge, where he spawns several root pods in the arena. The root pods will burst and become infectors if you are not quick enough. So make sure you shoot all of them before they burst. Doing so will prevent any infectors from spawning in the arena.
  • As you are shooting the pods, Shrewd can throw an axe at you and instantly teleport to wherever the axe hits. He uses this to start close-range combat and to perform backstabs. Whenever an axe is hurled at you, just dodge and rotate your camera 180 degrees to deal with any backstabs.
  • He can also perform successive slash attacks. He will perform this attack when he is close to you and will go on to slash you thrice. Roll in any direction thrice to avoid getting caught up in the fray. Time your rolls to dodge the range of the slashes and come out the other end unharmed.

The gist is that you need to dodge a lot in this fight, so make sure you manage your stamina accordingly. Use the big tree in the middle to dodge the flurry of arrows. Keep damaging him on the ledge with your most upgraded weapon.

This way he will be forced to throw the axe and use close-quarter tactics against you. Close quarter should be easy to navigate if you have a decent SMG and dodging skills. Oh, and don’t forget to pop all the seeds that spawn before they become Infectors.

Rewards for Defeating Shrewd in Remnant 2

Shrewd 2

Dealing with the Shrewd boss will reward you with the following items in Remnant 2:

  • Lumenite Crystal x3
  • Tome of Knowledge x1
  • Scrap x500
  • Soul Silver x1 (Used for Crafting Rotted Arrow Mod)

And that’s how you beat the Shrewd at the end of Expanding Glades in Remnant 2. We hope you found this guide to be easy and to the point. For more informative guides, such as finding the Secret Salvaged Heart Relic or a bunch of more exciting topics…stick with WIG!

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