Resident Evil 2 ; 3 VR Mods Released

Ramses Miaco
Ramses Miaco
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There are several remake releases of the popular Resident Evil series, and good news to the fans, apparently the most recent ones, RE 2 & 3, are getting VR mods. 

If you ever wondered what it feels to be like in Leon’s or Jill’s shoes, then you should try this right away! There is also a youtube video that gives a sneak peek at the mod. Watch the video here:

VR Mods By Praydog

With the advent of multiple VR mods for different games, we have to give our respects to Praydog (the modder), who has been working hard for the past few months to provide a VR experience on the Resident Evil series. The impressive effort that the modder has made now allows anyone to play in a more immersive zombie action-adventure experience. And to make things better, the VR mod for Resident Evil 2 & 3 also provides full-motion controller support.

Resident Evil VR mods

Keep in mind that playing the game in VR requires a beefy computer because of the additional performance requirements. 

Where To download The Latest Resident Evil VR Mods?

You can download the latest mod on Github, a website for hosting software development. Here are the instructions on how to use the newest VR mod

To use VR:

  • Install SteamVR
  • Simply extract ALL of the files in the zip for your respective game into your game install folder.

Praydog also provides a VR Troubleshooting and FAQ on his post, so you don’t need to worry when you run into problems. You can also join the FlatScreen to VR Discord channel if you want to ask some questions or discuss the latest VR mods available on the internet.

What do you think of VR for Resident Evil 2 & 3? Will you install the mod for these games? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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