Resident Evil 8 Ending and In-Game Screenshots Leaked In The Wild

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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Resident Evil 8 is the game that keeps on leaking, even if it doesn’t mean to. We just reported some new boss images and it seems that shortly after that, the game has had even more leaks. Some in-game screenshots and Resident Evil 8 Ending are both out on 4chan.

Resident Evil 8 Ending and in-game screenshots are leaked

Resident Evil 8 is a game that many were anticipating, but unfortunately due to an unprecedented data breach which Capcom and Ubisoft were victims of, the entirety of Resident Evil 8 has almost been leaked for all its worth.

Here are some fresh images released of the game, they may or may not contain spoilers.

In addition, the ending has been leaked and has been verified by us. It has been posted on 4chan, and the users on the forum are also posting corroborating the ending with supporting evidences.

The game has yet to have further official updates from Capcom but the unfortunate data leaks have made it difficult for Capcom to keep up with all the events happening to their game.

The company is working on finding and prosecuting the hacker group, but it seems that the damage has been done, and day by day, is being done at a steady pace for each day they are not being arrested by the authorities.

Modern day video games have a hard time avoiding in getting leaked, with the most recent example being Last of Us Part 2 which faced a similar leak in which pertinent plot and story details were posted with in-game cinematics, and while there were impressions that the ending had been leaked too, thankfully the game hadn’t reached that length.

While what is happening with Resident Evil 8 is unfortunate, Capcom is already in full damage control, but once the ending goes viral on the surface web, it will be a hard time keeping up with people posting leaks in the comments section of YouTube videos, as responses to tweets and other outlets.

For now, if you are looking forward to the game, you will have to brave the storm for a few months. So far all the images we have posted are all minor spoilers to the game, just confirming the enemy type and in-game visuals, let’s hope no major leaks occur in the near future.

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