The First Resident Evil 8 PS5 vs PS4 Comparison Is Finally Here

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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For a brief period a few hours ago, Resident Evil 8 was playable for PS5 and PS4 users via a literal timed demo. While the idea was hard to grasp and fans were able to enjoy the demo, there was also an ability of fans to make comparison videos to show the differences between the Resident Evil 8 PS5 vs PS4 versions of the game.

Resident Evil 8 on PS5 vs PS4 – Who Wins?

The Resident Evil 8 demo recently went live and allowed players to spend 30 minutes in the Village within a limited time frame. While such a thing is a first in the world of gaming, fans were able to get a good idea about the game.

NA was the first to experience the demo live and fan reactions were full of joy as they explored the new entry and got to explore the village infested with Lycans and other monsters.

In addition, Capcom also released the following details about the resolution and visual differences between all the versions of the games, except for PC.

The Base PS4 can run the game at 900p at 45FPS, and the PS4 Pro can run it 1080p at 60FPS with the option of going 4K (with HDR) locked to 30FPS.

The PS5 can run the game in a couple of modes. With Ray Tracing on, the game will run at 4K (With HDR) at 45FPS, and without Ray Tracing, can run the game at 4K (with HDR) at 60FPS.

Here is a visual comparison gathered by the YouTube channel that compares the PS4/PS4 Pro/PS5 versions of the game running the same Village demo.

The most interesting part of the video is the loading times from main menu to loading the demo.

  • PS5: 1.86 seconds
  • PS4 Pro: 33.86 seconds
  • PS4: 46.26 seconds

The rest of the video compares lighting, visuals, textures and the whole nine yards when it comes to comparing the demo across all 3 consoles.

On April 24th, we will be able to explore the Castle demo and that would be another great opportunity to compare the console versions once more.

It’s good to see that Resident Evil 8 on PS5 vs PS4 is still an enjoyable experience on both consoles, and Capcom has indeed put out a quality version of the game.

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