Rocket League free to play will still need Xbox Live Gold to play online

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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Rocket League free to play is set to launch later this year, and maybe even later this month. However, Psyonix has shared the news that reminds fans how Rocket League free to play on Xbox will still need players to have an Xbox Live Gold account.

Rocket League free to play – not so free

Given that Rocket League is set to go free to play later this year, and even rumored to do so later this month, Psyonix let out a blog post highlighting all the content to come, and toward the end, also reiterates how Rocket League free to play is still incoming.

It has been confirmed that as a free to play game, Nintendo and PlayStation won’t require you to use Nintendo Switch Online Subscription and PlayStation Plus respectively to enjoy a free to play game.

However, the same case won’t be with Xbox Live users, who will still need the gold subscription to play the game.

Amidst rumors a few months ago, we were under the assumption that by now Microsoft would at least ease their hand on free to play games, but in a world where people have to pay $60 a year to play Fortnite and Apex Legends on an Xbox One, this comes as no surprise.

While we still don’t know a fixed date of when Rocket League will launch the new model, Psyonix did confirm it will first become free on PC via the Epic Games Store, with the console version launches to follow shortly after.

Rocket League going free is a massive power move for Epic Games as Fortnite already dominates the console Battle Royale scene, and to combat this, PlayersUnknown BattleGrounds (PUBG) is even the PS+ game of September 2020.

Fortnite is already set to launch alongside the PS5 and Xbox Series X whenever the consoles do release, giving Epic an early start on dominating the online multiplayer scene.

With the stringent requirement from Microsoft still going strong, we can hope that after so many years, Microsoft can relax their hand on free to play games with the upcoming console generation.

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