RUMOR: Fable 2020 twitter account hints at imminent announcement

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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Earlier today, we reported on a Prince of Persia Twitter account, it seems that a new Twitter account has also come of the ranks. What can only be titled as Fable 2020 for the time being, now has a Twitter account. While the account has a lot of similarities to the Prince of Persia Account, there is a difference, this account has a mysterious follower.

Fable 2020 twitter is prepping for a major announcement

It seems that a new Fable account has surfaced. The account is currently known as Placeholder and has the username of @fable.

Similar to the method employed for Prince of Persia, doing a recover account request yielded that the account does indeed belong to Microsoft.

There are 9 asterisks after the m, which fits Microsoft perfectly. This account was made in March 2020 while the Prince of Persia account was first made in May 2020.

What makes this account stand out is how this account has a single follower. However, the settings have made it impossible to see who is following the account. Many fans speculate that it could be Playground games, the rumored developers for the latest Fable entry.

Microsoft has a digital show that is set to take place in July. This is about the same time as Ubisoft’s digital show where hopefully we will see a full reveal of Prince of Persia as well.

After Sony’s digital show held earlier this month, Microsoft has a lot to deliver if they’re to show that the exclusives on the Xbox Series X are not to be taken lightly. With a new Fable game, that could be just what fans need to cement their purchase of the new Microsoft console.

While details on the twitter account and its owners are scarce, it’s still worth mentioning to treat this as a rumor. The timing is very convenient and all but in the end it is still a rumor. Someone could have also made an email that lines up with Ubisoft / Microsoft spelling and used that as a way to register the twitter accounts.

What are your thoughts on the potential of a new Fable? Let us know in the comments section below!

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