RUMOR: Horizon Forbidden West Has Been Delayed to 2022

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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Horizon Forbidden West is still one of the most sought after PS4/PS5 titles that is expected to be released in the new console generation, but it seems that the game could be missing its 2021 release window and move to 2022. We already were in for a year of delays, but this could add to Jason Schreier earlier report that 2021 will be a year of delays.

Sorry folks, Horizon Fordbieen West will be swimming your way in 2022.

Jason Schreier is a known video games industry authority who has a meticulous track record. At the start of the year, he stated that 2021 would be the year of delays, starting with Hogwarts Legacy.

It comes as no surprise that we should be prepared for more, but these would also include more prominent names like the God of War sequel.

However, while we do know that God of War will not release in 2021, it seems that we can add Horizon Forbidden West to the list as well.

And while we can’t give Jason the credit for this, there is someone equally known for being right twice before.

Anton Logvinov is a known Russian gaming blogger who has been right twice in the past. He was the first person to state that Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn would come to PC before any of the english publications or journalists picked it up.

In the main tweet, someone has listed games that are releasing in 2022, Anton chimes in with a reply stating to add Horizon Forbidden West to the list.

While Sony held their State of Play yesterday and showed relatively good titles, the only title that is holding its 2021 release date so far is Returnal. It seems that there is little hope for us to see the God of War Sequel or Horizon Forbidden West release in 2021, and a 2022 release date is more likely.

As unfortunate as it might seem, it is very likely that many studios are still not recovered from the pandemic and will need more time to properly work on the games if they are to avoid another major industry debacle.

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