RUMOR: Potential Spider-Man 2 News Incoming Tomorrow

It seems that potential Spider-Man 2 news could be incoming tomorrow.

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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  • Venom voice actor hinting for some news tomorrow.
  • Does not directly hint at Spider-Man but is liking tweets related to it.
  • No new State of Play announced by Sony.

This could be a stretch, but it seems that the voice actor and motion capture behind Venom in the upcoming Marvel Spider-Man 2, may be hinting at some news coming for the title in a very vague tweet, but is also going on a liking spree for anything talking about Spider-Man 2 or Venom, so this could mean anything, but perhaps a shadow drop of news for Spider-Man 2?

Spider-Man 2 news could be incoming tomorrow

UPDATE: False Alarm

So far, the only media we have seen of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was the reveal trailer shown for Spider-Man 2 in September of 2021.

Ever since the reveal, Sony and Insomniac games alike have been silent on showing or talking about the game further, particularly at any of the State of Plays. While this doesn’t indicate that there could be problems with the title, it could also mean that either did not have anything worth showing, or at least something to show without creating controversy (insert mandatory puddlegate here).

Tony Todd was confirmed to be the motion capture and voice actor for Venom, who seems to be the antagonist for the latest entry in the game, and while the year-long silence has been something for fans, this was largely ignored due to the volume of games we got this year, so it was easy for fans to give Sony and Insomniac time to breathe.

Tony Todd tweeted out this news, and would retweet the following tweet showing off Venom in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

In addition, going by their likes, the news could also be from one of the other projects the talent could be working on, so it’s best to take this with a grain of salt.

It also does not make sense for Sony to just drop an announcement for a title like this with no pre-text, i.e. a State of Play. So keep your expectations tempered for news tomorrow.

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