Rumor: PS5 users with external hard drive and PS4 games facing issues

It seems that the PS5 is having another fairly successful launch, but there are a flurry of complaints from an array of issues stemming from the system. A lot of these have to do with the PS5 being difficult with external storage and PS4 games.

PS5 users are facing issues with the old school

It seems that a lot of PS5 users are reporting issues with connecting external hard drives or running PS4 games on their systems.

One of the main features of the PS5 was for the system to run PS4 games, which was an added incentive for PS4 owners to switch to the new console.

However, it seems that the transition isn’t working too well. Many users also reported the systems or games crashing, particularly with Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War On the PS5 and Xbox Series X, but it turns out the game was installing the last-gen version of the game on the relevant system that was the culprit.

There have been an overwhelming number of reports which suggests the system also has a hard time with external hard drives.

If you are currently facing any issue with the system, we recommend that you either disconnect any connected external hard drive, and if you have a PS4 game installed on the internal SSD, to uninstall that as well.

Sony has yet to acknowledge or affirm the existence of the issue, as such we don’t have a window for when we can expect a new firmware update to rectify the current situation with these problems.

This launch the PS4/Xbox One launches are showing relatively similar failure rates in consoles, which is commendable considering the pandemic that has enveloped the whole year.

Many fans have stated that the QA could have been much better to avoid this mess, but when mass quantities of the console are being produced, the QA generally slips between the cracks as well.

For now, if you aren’t facing issues, continue using your PS5 as you were, and if you are facing issues you can try the following:

  • Don’t put the system into rest mode for downloads, and ideally avoid entering rest mode for the time being, especially if you are facing frequent rebuild database errors.
  • Don’t play or install PS4 games if you are frequently facing the rebuild database error
  • Unplug or remove any external hard drive if you are facing the rebuild database error

With these tips, let us know how your PS5 is faring.

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